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Updated 2 hours ago

STUDY GUIDE that will make you pass state board!!! - 772 Replies

I would love your study guide! i failed for the first time and i reallly need to pass! thank you for the help thank you...


Updated 4 days ago

Licensed Cometologist but wants to become a esthetician - 30 Replies

[QUOTE who="Shauntelly Gonzales in Mesa, Arizona"]Are you ready to trade in your black salon uniform for an aesthetics white lab coat, part time?...


New Book!

Hey guys, check out this new book. It's really great and I think that you would like it a lot! If you're looking for a great way to make some extra...


Updated 8 days ago

Are there male Estheticians? and Do they have problems finding a job? - 25 Replies

I have been out of school now for a year and have not found a salon that is willing to have a male esthetician on the east coast. Saying that their...


Updated 15 days ago

New Jersey State Board Exam - 257 Replies

Hi Air ! This is Lynn . I'm going to take my NJ esthetician practical test next week. Can u please help me traning for the practical?? Or please...


Updated 18 days ago


[QUOTE who="sandra_ann in Los Angeles, California"]***TEST ADVICE*** Hi everyone! I just passed my test yay!! And came across this forum. I studied...


Updated 22 days ago

do i have to wax to get the job? - 42 Replies

We can specialize. I do eyelash extensions and chemical peels. Some estheticians won't touch those. We can be professionals and not do Brazilians....

Cidesco Diplomat

Updated 28 days ago

Average starting salary - 387 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ginger123 in Tempe, Arizona"]I'm a teacher and earn 43k after 7 years in the profession. Can soemone tell me what I'm looking at...


Updated 28 days ago

RN Nurse or Esthetician? - 641 Replies

Hi, Kerri - First, let me preface my answer by telling you that I am not an attorney and therefore am not licensed to practice law. I can ,...


Updated 1 month ago

Practical Exam pointers - 251 Replies

[QUOTE who="SANDRA F in Morgan Hill, California"]DO YOU WANT ME TO FAX THEM TO YOU?NEED YOU NUMBER[/QUOTE] Hi Sandra in morgan hill,...


Updated 1 month ago

EUROPEAN WAX CENTER -??? - 17 Replies

I currently work at EWC and have been employed here for over a year, having been an esthetician for over 7 years. EWC is a great company to work...

LashSpot SF

Updated 1 month ago

Advanced Waxing Courses. - 38 Replies

[QUOTE who="Leslieestevez in Las Vegas, Nevada"]I need to take a course or classes in relation with Brazilian wax. Pls!!!! My email is...


Updated 1 month ago

Ma License for aesthetic and nail technicians - 2 Replies

Nancy thank you for your answer, I understand all you said, I'm just sad because when I was in Europe my education was enough for a American company...


Ma License for aesthetic and nail technicians

I work as aesthetic for 8 years in Europe and just moved to Massachusetts, I'm trying to find a job as aesthetician but I'm not able to because I...


Updated 1 month ago

Esthetician Schools in Charlotte NC - 8 Replies

Does the Esthetics program at Rowan Cabarrus teach you about makeup application as well? I'm interested in becoming a makeup artist as well as...


Updated 2 months ago

Laser Certification? - 19 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lori in Leesburg, Florida"][/QUOTE] This is not true in Florida. Legally you much have an Electrology License, CCE and CME then take...

Jolee Nick

Updated 2 months ago

Transfering an Esthetics license - 172 Replies

I am a certified esthetician in ontario does any one know if I need to be licenced to operate a business where I make my own facial products with...


Updated 2 months ago

las vegas schools - 48 Replies

hello everyone i have am appointment to meet up with marlino and gskin still not sure which one should i choose for esthetician school but reading...

Nicole MarieC

Updated 2 months ago

Is being an Esthetician as bad as everyone is making it sound? - 110 Replies

R1305, i am wildly interested in becoming successful in this career, I am starting school in october and im already trying to make sure that i am...

Abdul khader mohammed

Jobs for Esthetician, Cosmetologist and Eyebrow Threader.

Hi All, We Miracle Eyebrow Inc. have job openings in the following locations. Vista Ridge Mall, Lewisville TX. Ashland Town Center, Ashland...

Abdul khader mohammed

Updated 2 months ago

Resume - 247 Replies

Hi, We (Miracle Eyebrows Inc.)have opening in following locations. Vista Ridge Mall, Lewisville TX. Ashland Town Center, Ashland KY. Leawood...


Updated 2 months ago

Esthetician or cosmetologist? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ariana"]The personality type of a hairstylist is definitely another big factor for me. I'm not a chatty person, I never have been, I'm...


Updated 3 months ago

Master Esthetician exam - virginia - 161 Replies

Anyone have clue or help me with master written exams.


Updated 3 months ago

Wanting a career in Vegas – is the National Laser Institute a better career starter than and esthition license? - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="vegasgirl in Las Vegas, Nevada"]I am too planning on attending NLI in Sept. I am so excited for a career change. thanks for all the...


Updated 3 months ago

Esthetician job troubles - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="squidgetpj in Kannapolis, North Carolina"]I just graduated from Esthetics in May 2014 and I'm really having a hard time trying to find a...


Esthetics programs offered at colleges in Canada

Hi there, I'm looking for people who attended esthetics and cosmetology programs at privately-run colleges in Canada to take a short survey about...


Experienced esthetician to skin care sales rep advice

Hello, I've been an esthetician for about 5 years now. I started my career at small corporate spas and moved up to high end hotel spas. I have an...

Updated 3 months ago

advanced skin care schools in south florida? - 7 Replies

Don't know her. Expensive in key west. Expensive in savannah. More affordable in Myrtle Beach I here. Also jax beach is affordable.


Updated 3 months ago

Difference between medical esthetician and others - 626 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brandy Kathleen in Hampshire, Illinois"]@src@spabizboard-yes, what most of us are referring to is a licensed esthetician working in...


Updated 3 months ago

Laser hair removal technician - 21 Replies

If you are reading this and considering becoming a medical esthetician/laser tech please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a career!! I...


Updated 4 months ago

Licensed medical esthetician - 265 Replies

I have been in the industry for 30 years doing facials with many product companies who train our employees to perform treatments. That's how they...

Mary T

Medical Esthetician?

I'm interested in enrolling myself to attend a Cosmetology School in hopes to becoming a licensed Esthetician. My question is will I be able to...

Shauntelly Gonzales

Updated 4 months ago

Schools in AZ - 101 Replies

AILS is looking to fill 3 more spots for aesthetics school. The hours are Mon-Thurs 9-5... You will be done in 4 months. Looking for motivated...


Updated 5 months ago

High Frequency - 164 Replies

I use and recommend this one:

soapysister in Charlotte, North Carolina

providing services for office workers, teachers, etc

I set up shop in my old classroom for teacher appreciation week. I am a former teacher. The response was unreal. I hooked the room up just like a...

Diane Buccola in San Rafael, California

Updated 6 months ago

Great chat site for estheticians - 72 Replies

Hi ! I dont know if any of you know of a great message board that has been a huge asset to my practice in esthetics. Its called Spa Biz Board ...

Lourdes in San Jose, California

Updated 7 months ago

Best school for Esthetician in San Jose area - 4 Replies

I am looking for a good school for aesthetics in San Jose area. So far I saw the Marinelli, Academy for Salon Professionals and San Jose City...

Lourdes in San Jose, California

Updated 7 months ago

Academy for Salon Proffesionals in Santa Clara or other Esthetician program near San Jose - 15 Replies

Has anyone gone to this school or know anything about it? Or do you reccomend another esthetician program? I would really appreciate any thoughts. ...

Admissions in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 8 months ago

Schools in Maricopa County, AZ - 18 Replies

Looking for input on a good Esthetician school in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria or Glendale. I would like to hear about your experience with your...

SmoothSkinDiva in Sacramento, California

Need help with Brazilian Waxing! Online Class??

We have had tremendous success with our online brazilian waxing class called the 7-Min Brazilian 30-day Bootcamp! We breakdown in multiple videos how...

Cynthia in Great Falls, Montana

Eyelash Extensions

I recently obtained my esthetics license in California and am in the process of transferring my license to Montana. I'm interested in waxing and...

Kim in Glendale, Arizona

Updated 8 months ago

Esthetics in the United Kingdom/England - 23 Replies

Does anyone know anything regarding estheticians from the U.S. transferring to the U.K. and if transferring is possible? Does anyone know what the...

nynarri in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 8 months ago

Esthetician Training - 4 Replies

Im in my 30s worked retail/sales for past 12 years and going back to school for Esthetics. I love the idea of working on the medical spectrum of this...

Shellysantafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Updated 8 months ago

What is needed to verify cosmetology license in US if I studied in Portugal? - 1 Reply

I m moving to Portugal in a month or so to study cosmetology for two years and get some experience in that field. A year or two after I m finished...

Samundra Subedi poudel Washington state in Bellevue, Washington

esthetician exam study guide

Can u please send me the study guide poudelsamu

Faddu in Mckinney, Texas

Continuing education

I am new to TX and my license transferred. Anyone know any good places to take continuing education classes? My license expires in April. I want to...

JohnDoeHemmingWay in New York, New York

Straight man as a Esthetician?

Forgive the reference to being straight. But this is a serious question. What if a straight man in his early 50s wanted to change careers to become...

Mikhan in Falls Church, Virginia

Updated 10 months ago

Spectrum Beauty Academy in Alexandria, VA - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm currently looking for a good esthetician school in northern virginia. Woodbridge area. I found Spectrum Beauty Academy in Alexandria, VA. ...

En in Santa Monica, California

Updated 10 months ago

CA State Board Exam Uniform Requirements? - 669 Replies

I just got my date to take the California State Board Exam and the instructions say that you must wear a uniform, but they don't specify what the...

Esthetician in Culver City, California

Will be finishing course work and want to be Medical Esthetician

Hi I was hoping someone may be able to help answer a question about medical esthetician study and hiring. I will be finish with my course work from...

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