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Updated 1 month ago

Online Schools? Which ones are worth it? - 658 Replies

Has anyone taken the event management certificate program of George Washington University of DC? If yes, what do you think of? I would like to get...


Updated 1 month ago

how to find a job as an assistant wedding planner - 19 Replies

Good afternoon I m a italian girl ( 29 years old)with a lot of passion for organize events and with a really good customer service. I been working ...


Updated 1 month ago

Becoming Certified - 205 Replies

Extremely helpful information! Thank you. [QUOTE who="Freelancer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]There aren't any schools that offer...

SimplyUniqueWE in Erie, Pennsylvania

Wedding Planning in NYC & Surrounding Areas

Hi Everyone! I am looking to branch out more with Wedding Planning in the NYC & surrounding areas. Since starting my Wedding Planning business...

DarellChristensen in Newmarket

Updated 5 months ago

Best Advice for getting into Event Planning - 2 Replies

I have a couple of years experience in event planning and LOVED it! After I graduated with my bachelor's I started pursuing event planning careers,...

DarellChristensen in Newmarket

Updated 5 months ago

Wedding Planning - 1 Reply

I'm an inexperienced wedding planner. I don't have my own business or anything like that. I've done planning for family members and friends before. I...

Kristin in San Jose, California

Updated 6 months ago

Is Preson bailey wedding & event design online course worth? - 9 Replies

They offering this signature programm with wedding planning institute online on $11,95 and you have 6 months to complete that to get certified.I was...

Terri in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

Becoming an Event Planner - 311 Replies

Okay, so I am surrently in the process of studying wedding consulting & event planning. I am very outgoing, friendly, organized and creative. I...

Claire in Bingley, United Kingdom

Updated 8 months ago

Has anyone been certified by QC Event and Wedding Planning? - 116 Replies

I'm about to enroll in QC Event and Wedding Planning and was wondering if anyone has done this? If so, do you recommend it or not? I don't want to...

Samarah Taylor in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 10 months ago

Entry-Level Event Planning Jobs - 74 Replies

I have a friend that recently moved near Los Angeles and is looking for an Entry Level Position in Event Planning. If anyone has any tips on finding...

Specialevents in Lilburn, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

Start up wedding planner - 2 Replies

I am currently looking to start my own business or to join a company as wedding planning! Other than planning my own wedding, I have helped friends...

Katya in Orange, California

Updated 15 months ago

Wedding Planner Volunteer Information - 3 Replies

Hi all I'm around these boards from time to time and I like to pass on information as I find it for others to benefit. I see lots of post offering...

cliff in Central District, Hong Kong

Updated 16 months ago

How to become a top wedding planner/Sharon Hill e-book? - 5 Replies

Is anyone familiar with it and have any feedback? It like like a really good deal & tons of info. I just can't seem to find any reviews.

Mary Stratton in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 22 months ago

Finallly a Wedding Planner willing to share and offer help to newbies! - 7 Replies

While searching online for various answers to questions I found this site and found it very helpful. She offers helpful advice and answers questions....

Mary Stratton in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 22 months ago

Looking to gain experience in wedding planning/volunteer opportunities - 4 Replies

I am currently enrolled in an event planning course through Temple University's STHM; the Event Leadership Certificate Program. I just started and...

Mary Stratton in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 23 months ago

Event Planner with some experience seeks advice. - 3 Replies

I'm an Event Planner who's trying to build a porfolio in the Dallas metro area. I recently moved here from Los Angeles. I have experience in...

Mary Stratton in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 24 months ago

How to get into the Corporate Event Planning field - 3 Replies

Hello! I was just seeking some advice on how to get my foot in the door for corporate event coordinating positions? I have done a few internship...

Mary Stratton in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 25 months ago

College Student looking to start a wedding & events business, tips? - 1 Reply

I am currently in college working toward a marketing major and events minor. I want to start my own business after college as a wedding and events...

Chrisharmen in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 25 months ago

Wanting to Become a Wedding Planner, looking for internships to help my get a feel for the Business - 10 Replies

Im attending College in Texas. Im 19 years old. I have thought about becoming a Wedding Planner and looking for avenues to get me started. What has...

Mary Stratton in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 25 months ago

Looking to start an event planning business in Burlington County NJ - 5 Replies

I have recently been laid off and am looking to follow a new career path.Event planning is the part of my last job that i enjoyed most and i am...

Jennifer DeLuca in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 29 months ago

The Wedding Planning Institutes Hands on Training,,,,, - 1 Reply

I am ready to registered myself for ''The Wedding Planning Institutes''in class course.It is once a week, 10 weeks class in local college here in...

Jennifer DeLuca in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 29 months ago

how to become an event planner. I could use some help - 9 Replies

Hello - I live in Atlanta Georgia and I am very interested in becoming an event planner/coordinator. For the past 11 years I have been planning...

Jennifer DeLuca in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 29 months ago

Aspiring wedding/event planner! - 1 Reply

I have not yet been able to take classes to become a certified planner because I haven't gotten the money to do it. So right now I am trying to find...

rthomson in Forest Park, Georgia

a little guidance please?

Hi... I'm about to start and online class to become a certified Wedding Planner but I know there is only so much I can learn online. So if anybody...

mypartyproduction in Tarlac, Philippines

Updated 30 months ago

Event Management - 3 Replies

I am interested in Events Management, no work experience in this field, i am highly self-montivated, honest and flexiable. i completed matric and...

vanessabuilo in Venice, California

Updated 32 months ago

Assistant Wedding Planner - 167 Replies

Hi, I just got married last month and got very very interested in wedding planning. Anybody interested in hiring an assistant/junior wedding...

MakeItHappenEvents in Waynesboro, Virginia

New and Upcoming Event Planner Needing Advice

I am new to the world of event planning but it has definitely always been a dream of mine to achieve. I am very outgoing, friendly, organized and...

CSchultz132@*****.*** in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Looking for professional wedding planners in my area to let me shadow or start an internship with them.

Hello, my name is Cheyenne Schultz. I am interested in the Wedding Planning Business, I would love for someone to let me shadow them, or become an...

VV in Toronto, Ontario

How much should I charge?

I was wondering if I can ask you for some advice. I've been offered a job for a company that does event management to construct floor plans for...

Clhillgray in London, Ontario

Updated 37 months ago

Which school is the best for wedding/event planning? - 1 Reply

Hello everyone! I want to become a certified wedding/event planner. I want my main focus to be on weddings but I'll also do other events. I have...

Angela in Paris, France

Updated 37 months ago

Networking with International Vendors and Event Planners - 6 Replies

I am currently busy getting my Bachelor in International Marketing and Communication and already work as a freelance PA. I'm currently...

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 44 months ago

The Wedding Planning Institute??? - 1 Reply

Has anyone went through their certified wedding planning course and can give some feedback?

Tristan Pereida-Rice in Santa Monica, California

Event Planning Pains

Hello everyone, I'm looking to learn about some of the pains and problems associated with the event planning profession. What are some of the...

bmsindowe@*****.*** in Botswana

Updated 46 months ago

Wedding Planner,Bridal consultant - 3 Replies

I am currently looking for a good college where I can study this course prefferably in Botswana or South Africa any help or information will be...

jennie in Nepal

Updated 46 months ago

Event Planner/ Coordinator - 5 Replies

I have been an Event Coordinator for many years. The first wedding I planned was my own in 1995. Since then, not as a profession, but a hobby, I...

Needinfo in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 48 months ago

Anyone buy the toolbox from Planner's Lounge? - 1 Reply

http://www.plannerslounge.com/wedding-planner-tools/ I am tempted to buy it. I am just don't want to throw any $$$ away if it isn't good, so I...

Mickey in Italy

Updated 48 months ago

Wedding Planning - 27 Replies

I have coordinated several large events and a couple weddings and have a real desire to begin my own business in wedding and event planning. I'm...

needinfo in Aurora, Colorado

S-corp or LLC for Wedding Planner/Event Planner

I was wondering for those who are starting their own business or already have a business if they are a LLC or S-corp?

david hersh in st.petersburg, Florida

Updated 49 months ago

Event Planning - 8 Replies

I am always trying to look for a job in event planning or looking for any kind of information to help me out...I didn't realize how many of us are...

Want to be an Event Planner in Downey, California

College Grad that wants to be in the industry

I am a college grad with a degree in Communications-Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. I absolutely love events and have done...

Anitha in Chandler, Arizona

Updated 49 months ago

entry-level event planning job in Phoenix - 16 Replies

I recently moved back to the Phoenix area and am looking for a job in event planning. I went to school and got my associate's degree in...

Christine Johnson in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 49 months ago

Getting my feet wet in the events planning industry - 1 Reply

I am currently in the middle of a drastic career change, I have always wanted to do events planning but just never pursued it. If there is anyone in...

Jessicauk96 in Fleet, United Kingdom


I am in my final year in school so going to be going to college in september, to do law but i have decided not to do that and go on and try to do...

Caitlyn D in Camp Pendleton, California

Event Planning Opportunities- Camp Pendleton/San Diego Area

Hello. I am looking for anyone that has any advice or knows of any opportunities in the event planning industry. I currently am working on my...

Tienthuyho in Hayward, California

Updated 50 months ago

Looking to volunteer or intern for a wedding planner around Lawrence or KC area - 1 Reply

I am a college student currently taking sometime off from school and am looking to volunteer or intern for a wedding planner in the Lawrence or...

Sirena Evans in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 51 months ago

How to start my party planning career? - 1 Reply

I'm a junior in high school and I want to be a party planner when I grow up. I want to eventually create my own business and plan parties and events...

JLinares in Bronx, New York

Looking for Entry Level/Volunteer/Internship position in NYC

Hello Everyone, I am looking to break into the industry and wondering if you had any leads in finding an Entry Level, Volunteer, Internship in NYC....

Psalm150 in Newburgh, New York

Updated 51 months ago

Becoming an Event/Wedding planner - 20 Replies

hi i am currently attenting a junior college and my goal is to become an Event/Wedding planner. i was wondering what i should major in to help me...

BecomeAnEventPlanner in Orlando, Florida

New Solution Ahead For Event Planning Courses

Stand by for one of the most comprehensive event planning courses. We are putting as much effort as we possibly can into combining experience and...

Regina Hayes in Elmhurst, New York

Gaitlin Education

Has anyone heard of this school or taken any of their courses? They have wedding and event managment courses that I would like feedback on from...

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