Event Planning

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Sarah Chrapek in Eliot, Maine

84 months ago

I'm currently trying to get into event planning but because I don't live near major cities I'm finding it difficult. I was looking into some inn's and hotels but becasue I don't have experince I'm finding it difficult. I'm going to be doing volunteer work this coming August.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Kari in Tyler, Texas

84 months ago

The volunteering is what I've found is the most crucial to breaking into the event planning world, so that's great that you're doing that! I had the same problem with the hotel thing. There is only 1 hotel in my town that has a conference center and needs an event staff, but they weren't hiring. I think you might have better luck going through a non-profit organization. There are several of them in most cities, so you'll be more likely to get a job through one of those.

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