Is Preson bailey wedding & event design online course worth?

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61 months ago

They offering this signature programm with wedding planning institute online on $11,95 and you have 6 months to complete that to get certified.I was wondering how different this programm than the others way cheaper online they offering.Anyone taken this course and think Preston bailey is going to share his trick n technioques in planing and decor?
I am curious to know if its just the name of preston and nothing special than other programms are online in $400/500.You will do the assignment and if pass will get certified.
I am interested in that but i am thinking if there is nothing special why we take this programm and pay more money...PLZ share .
Any guidline will be greatly appreciated.

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Angie in Brooklyn, New York

59 months ago

Has anyone ever heard of Event Design Academy or IWED. I saw them both on Youtube and searched the website. The fee for the Event Design Academy is about 2,499 but I would preferr to just take the fabric draping design course for $899 the thing is its in florida. IWED sort of hops all over from state to state but their course price is ridiculous total cost $7,000 with each course costing $799. They both seem a little shady to me and I have been searching for reviews and checked the BBB but they weren't on their site at all.

I just emailed the Wedding Planning Institute to ask if the Preston Bailey course that is given in a classroom setting offers the topics I will list below because that is what I would really like to learn. For some reason I get the feeling that his course is mostly fluff and advice. I will come back when I receive an answer.

This is the Event Design Academy- What I like about this is that it is hand on in a real venue setting and you are allowed to take photos of what you created for your portfolio.

Courses Included
IWED 201 – Introduction to Room Draping and Head Table Backdrops
IWED 202 – Pipe and Drape Systems
IWED 203 – Room Decorating and Design
IWED 204 – Room Draping and Lighting
IWED 205 – Head Table Backdrops
Introduction to Table & Ceiling Draping Mastery
IWED 302 – Head Table Types & Styles
IWED 303 – Lighting and Fabrics for Head Tables
IWED 304 – Ceiling Placement & Design
IWED 305 – Ceiling Lighting and Fabrics
IWED 306 – Ceiling Centerpieces
Introduction to Chair and Table Decor
IWED 402 – Table Linens
IWED 403 – Chair Covers and Accessories
IWED 404 – Head, Cake and Receiving Tables
IWED 405 – Centerpieces
IWED 406 - Accessories, Candles and Lighting
– Introduction to Ceremony Decor
IWED 502 – Ceremony Types and Traditions
IWED 503 – Runners and Aisle Draping
IWED 504 – Pew Markers and Altar Arrangements
IWED 505 – Arches, Chuppahs, Mandaps and More

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Angie in Brooklyn, New York

59 months ago

Here is Preston Bailey's course outline

Chapter One – Daring to Dream
a. Intro video
b. Welcome video – Preston Bailey welcoming students, sharing his passion for the industry, why he is offering his course and what it means to be a Preston Bailey Certified Designer.
c. Industry History and Evolution
d. Preston Bailey’s Story
e. Definition of event design
f. Difference between Designer and Planner
g. Fundamentals of design styles: traditional, modern, eclectic
h. Case Study
i. Assignment – Inspiration projects & reading from Preston Bailey’s books
Chapter One Quiz

Chapter Two – Defining the Dream (Creating the clients dream event)
a. Video – Preston Bailey explaining his philosophy and techniques for working with a client to uncover and define the client’s dream event desires.
b. Preston Bailey’s Design Statement
c. Formulas for Event Design Planning: D4, A6, E3, EA6, Layers of Event Design
d. First Client Meeting – Conceiving and Creating Brilliant Strokes of Inspiration
e. Design Intuition – Building a bond and rapport, asking the right questions
f. Presenting design options and upsell/enhancement opportunities
g. Tools and Resources
h. Case study
i. Lessons Learned
j. Assignment – Project: Floor Plan, Questionnaire Worksheets reading from Preston Bailey’s books and usage of tools and resources
Chapter Two Quiz

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Angie in Brooklyn, New York

59 months ago


Chapter Four – Delivering the Dream (Working together to put on the perfect show)
a. Video – Video of Preston Bailey events with Preston Bailey discussing what went right, wrong, and unexpected. Focus on what it takes to deliver the client’s dream
b. Vendors and Service Providers – Building a reliable, talented team
c. Event Design Production – Planning, execution, removal, and accounting
d. Production Services – Pre-event site planning, event management, event and set elements, event operations, food and beverage management, floral consultation, event day production, accounting, and miscellaneous services
e. Tools and Resources – Vendors, Production Crews, etc.
f. Case study
g. Lessons Learned
h. Assignment – Implementation of Design Project & Reading from Preston Bailey’s books and usage of tools and resources
Chapter Four Quiz

Chapter Five – Living the Dream
a. Video – Preston Bailey discussing his perspective on success – with clients, with career, and with life. Include Career and life Lessons Learned as well as advice directly to the new PBSWED graduate
b. Budgeting
c. Cost Analysis
d. Pricing a Project
e. Case Study
f. Lessons Learned – Additional advice and recap of Lessons Learned throughout the curriculum
g. FAQs – Frequently asked questions from clients, vendors, and service providers
h. Industry Trends – Where the industry is heading and Preston Bailey’s vision of the future of event design
i. Final Project – Student demonstrates understanding of curriculum including tools, resources, and fundamental skills and techniques by walking through steps 1 – 3 to design and present to Preston Bailey. Top designs will be posted on Preston Bailey’s website.
Final Exam – Questions based on learning objectives for each chapter.

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Angie in Brooklyn, New York

59 months ago

Sorry guys I'm kinda tired. The Event Design Academy is a Wedding Plannign school in AZ I think the decorating school is called Event Decorating Academy. Sorry

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Angie in Brooklyn, New York

59 months ago

Hi all some updates

I got an email from the school about Preston's course. <<This course is more related to how Preston designs overall. From "Concept" to end result. The specifics that you are asking about are not specifically address in this course.
We are maybe planning on adding "mini" courses in the future that are more specific.>>

There was also an error on the website that was doubling the cost of the course for IWED so the total for that Event Design course is $3,999 for the five day course and its 8hrs a day. I think I might actually do this course when they come to my area in March. They have a payment plan of $399 to make it easier.

Good luck to all on your choices of education. :)

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Robin in Austin, Texas

55 months ago

When will you be in NY.

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Isis in New York, New York

54 months ago

Hi Angie,Thanks for all of the info! I am from Brooklyn as but live in NJ currently. Was wondering if u decided to take any of these courses? If so, which one/s? I am contemplating on taking at least one myself.

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trangvu in Hanoi, Vietnam

53 months ago

Hi Angie in Brooklyn,

Have you decided to join any course in wedding event decoration/design yet? I'd like to take an online course in this field, too. However, I don't know which one is the best for me.

I have decided to take the Wedding Planner course at Penn Foster as The International Institute of Weddings did not reply my emails. After that, I will probably enroll on an online wedding event decoration/design course. Now I'm looking into the Floral Design course at Penn Foster as it's ranked first on many websites. Its fee is quite reasonable, too. At the same time, I will consider other courses especially one which is up to date with the latest trends and styles. Therefore, any of your suggestion and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Many thks,

Trang Vu

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Kristin in San Jose, California

11 months ago

I just finished the IWED 500 course and it is not a fluff course this was a very well delivered learning experience.
I feel I got my money's worth by the second day of 5. I went home exhausted but totally exited every night.
This was the best investment and purchase I have made ever. So if you wand hands on Technics and event knowledge do i!!!

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