Online Schools for Event/Wedding Planning? Business Tools upon completion?

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ArmyWife in Fort Benning, Georgia

76 months ago

I want to start my own event and wedding planning business but I wanted to get certified and go through the training, I would prefer for it to be online unless there is a school within 20 miles of fort benning that I can attend. Anyway I was wondering which online courses were the highest recommended and if any of the school also included all the things you need to start your own business like portfolios and things like that? I hope that makes sense! Also how in the world do you attract customers to this kind of business and is it a profitable business?? I am not real concerned with becoming rich by any means but I do want a reliable income but I really want to get into this field because I love to plan events, I soon want to become a certified dj and a certified travel agent! =) Figured all three could go together!!! Any advice would be great! I am considering applying for business loans and grants possibly to get this real going, what are some esstentials things I need to really get my business going?? Thank you so much!

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

75 months ago

Army Wife

There is no need to take out a loan. Do not go into debt to become an event planner. There isn't any type of necessary certification required. Take an online line course and read the book How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Wedding Consulting and Planning Businses by John N. Peragine Jr. You don't need to spend more than say $800 tops for a course, I paid less. If I were you I would skip the DJ training and stick with wedding planning and I can see how being a travel agent could help if you want to assist your brides with their honeymoons. If you want to get into something else wedding related look into floral design and event design. That will be a big help for your brides and having multiple certificates and training in these types of fields will make you stand out from the other planners as you can asssit your brides with more and therefore charge more too.

Good luck just do not go into debt it is truly not necessary for this field.

Angie in Brooklyn, New York

75 months ago

Oh and it won't take much to get going it isn't really to terribly expensive to get started. So you really won't need a loan especially if you plan to work from home. If not look into having a virtual office it can be a great inexpensive way to get started until you can get a full office.

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