Which school is the best for wedding/event planning?

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Taylor in East Peoria, Illinois

25 months ago

Hello everyone! I want to become a certified wedding/event planner. I want my main focus to be on weddings but I'll also do other events. I have looked into U.S. Career Institute, QC event school, and Sheffield. I don't know which school to go with!! I don't want my money to go to a scam or to be wasted. I want a good school with BOTH the business and decorating aspects offered. HELP!

Clhillgray in London, Ontario

24 months ago

Sheffield is having 500 off until may 31 and includes 6 great bonus books as compared to 1 at QC. I've been looking too. I was going to go with QC but they haven't tried as har as Sheffield for me as a prospective student in the way of email, calls, or mailings.
I find that if a school doesn't help answer questions before registration I have no faith in once I register. Good Luck

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