Does your title matter to you?

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ilc in Toronto, Ontario

95 months ago

Does anyone understand the importance of titles? My last two jobs (including my present) are as an Executive Assistant (EA). Due to the economy, my job will be eliminated in the near future and I have applied at another nearby location. The EA position was filled, however, an Administrative Assistant position was offered to me instead.

I would like to think I could stay for a long time in the role, however, realistically; I could have to search for another job in the future. How would I explain on my resume the change in title? I worked very hard and for a long time to progress to an EA.

The hiring location is not willing to keep my present title. There are other factors that that add up to my rejecting the offer, however, I would like some feedback on how others feel.

I started out in administration as a secretary, than an assistant for a long time before landing jobs as an EA. I feel the level of management I support, along with the salary is different as well.

Thoughts anyone?

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Rooskie in Dublin, Ohio

95 months ago

I totally understand! could easily mirror your comments because I'm in the same situation (downsizing, etc.) I, also, worked up the chain like you and feel title does mean alot. Particularly, on a resume. New employer will wonder why and unless you get the opportunity to explain yourself, it will look like a demotion (which is not the case). Hopefully, you will get an opportunity to apply for a EA position, should one open up. (That's what I would do.) My job is going away in the next few weeks. I have 25 years experience as EX to Presidents, CIO...I've been looking but rarely see a EX position, just Admin. Asst. It's quite frustrating going backwards but at the end of the day, it's a paycheck.

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