Thoughts about seeking employment

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Future Hope in Narragansett, Rhode Island

83 months ago

I strongly encourage a candiate condsiering a BS in Paralegal Sudies to do their homework first, if want a successful carrer! Be smart and ask yourself what are your short and long term career plans. Are you willing to relocate? This profession can be rewarding if you can get your foot in the door...but, it will take much more then a strong cum., and internships. The old saying, "It is not what you know, but who you know." Also, remember to consider if you will be content with a ladder plateau,and no other opportunities. What do you to continue your career success, monetary success, and personal success? Many of the paralegal students including myself planned to continue on to law school. This plan would offer you much more carrer opportunities...including teaching, another financial resouce, to supplemental financial lncome later years. For myself, plans took a diffent direction out of my control...I had an injury, required emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the doctor made multiple mistakes, dominant shoulder to hand. So for the past 6 yers, after 2 more surgeries, intensive therapy, 19 hours/24 hours/7 days, I have been officially diagnosed permanently disabled. I NO LONGER can practice my paralegal career. Remember, we are in a technological age, so this eliminates many career options. Well, after haveing my medical record reviewed for a malpractice case, no compensation...due to the "Boys Club." Finally, I am continuing with my career plans for law school. But, why I am writing to all of you? I cannot seek local employment, so I have extended my search to the Virginia/D.C. venue social service employment. If I can obtain a job, I will take a room, work, go to law school nights, and return home as able. I am not hearing from employers,or being used for statistical purposes with interviewing process, and then said, thank you, but we have selected somebody else or due to over qualified/underqulified. I welcome your comments. Thank you.

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