Britsh Sweater designer needs New York internship/job advice...

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loistrew in London, United Kingdom

103 months ago

I'm not sure whether this kind of question has been asked before...but i guess i'll ask it anyway.
I graduated for school last summer. During school i interned for a company in New York for 6 months, working in sweater design. I have been interning in England since graduating, but my definate aim is to return to New York, and have been applying for assistant design jobs for months/posting my portfolio on things like, but with no luck. I have approached the company i used to intern for, but they dont have any openings at the moment. I'm thinking that another internship might be the best route to take (what with the global economic crisis etc etc)? My problem is who to approach and how? And whether the fact that i need a visa to work in the US would immediately put people off? I would also need some kind of salary(i wouldnt expect anything massive obviously...just enough to live off) if the position was going to be for more than say, 2 months? I specilised in knitwear/sweater design for 4 years at school, so have excellent technical knowledge of that side of things, as well as knowledge of computer programs such as photoshop/illustrator/web pdm/micrographics. would any of those things be unique selling points worth using?

I'm sorry this post is so long...i just wanted to give enough info in the hope that someone might be able to help.

Any advice at all would be massively appreciated!


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lagal in Los Angeles, California

80 months ago

Lois , there are plenty of Americans with knit and sweater experience in NYC. Frankly a lot of NYC designers don't appreciate English designers coming to the US to work, especially now. The English designers tend to undercut the US designers on salary and therefore take jobs. NYC is a very expensive place to live so be careful about your salary request . Due to the economy a lot of places won't sponsor people without a work visa. I hear it happening more and more. I agree with the above post. Go to Italy and work for a big name, you stand a better shot. Re A & F that may be true, but you have to live in Columbus , Ohio and that's a far cry from NYC.

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