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ted gallese in Muncy, Pennsylvania

114 months ago

i was one. one of the best. lost it because of joe budi last year .i am waiting to get called back ,talked to micheal several months ago he said i could have my job back this season. anybody you ask will tell you i went the extra mile always plant essentials was my life for 5 years i loved the work . you wont find field coordinators that pulled his weight like me. i am 54 ,good phisical condition ran my own snap on tool dealership for 20 years you dont do that without self motorvation. if any one needs a guy like me,to do a job like i did for micheal haeflein ,owner of plant essentials please call me 570 713 7561, or call michael haeflein 215 275 9001 i feel i gave plant essentials my all!micheal will agree he,wrote me a letter of recomondationon sept 05 2007 thanks everyone for taking for me. ted gallese

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Sunny818 in Mount Clemens, Michigan

54 months ago

I worked as a merchandiser for Plant Essentials in Michigan in 2012.I had my own sign business for 25 years.I am extremely hard working with a great work ethic.I am a mother of two boys,14 and 11.I drive my boys to and from school every day and still manage to get to work on time. Some days to get my hourly quota in for the week,I worked 12 hour days,usually on truck days.I took a store that was a disaster and turned it into a showplace.The store and department managers had high praise for me.I was let go early in August because I had a dispute with my field coordinater.He was supposed to work 10 hours at each of his 4 stores.He worked maybe 2 hours a week at my store.I use the term "work" very loosely.I had no other help.The day before a walk through from Plant Essentials,there was a torrential thunderstorm.The outdoor garden center was already in perfect condition,including the clearance section.My FC came in,gave me a plastic garbage bag poncho,and told me to move our remaining trees,again.The Lowes employees were told to stay inside because of the storm.The storm was supposed abate in a couple of hours,I was told to move the trees now.My FC told me he would help,but as usuall,he had to take "an important" phone call.He came back out two hours later when the rain had stopped and said that he had to go solve some problems at one of his other stores.One that was a disaster on a regular basis.I was soaking wet and freezing to the bone.It was the coldest August storm on record.I got a little upset with my "boss".I didn't yell,but I did let him know how upset I was.He asked me if I was quitting and begged me to stay.I was starting to cry from extreme fatigue,cold,and frustration with the situation.We talked it out,he left.I lost my job the next day.He took all the credit for my perfect dept.I want my job back this season.I earned it.The district coordinater won't return my phone calls.Does anyone have Micheal Haefleins e-mail address?I want to send him pictures.

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