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Randy Berry in Albertville, Minnesota

112 months ago

I interviewed for a field service job that may be offered to me tomorrow. I would like to do it but would like to know the impact of the travel from people who have been doing it. If anyone could help and give me some advice It would be great.

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Senior Citizen in Alpharetta, Georgia

112 months ago

I spent about fifteen years in a field service position. Here is what to expect... You will have a lot of fun, meet a great many new people, have a challenging career and be offered a lot of additional training seminars and schools. The downside is you will be like a doctor on call. You will find yourself having to get out of bed just when you have laid your head down and be expected to perform at 100% when you are half asleep. You will not be able to plan ANYTHING personal for sure (even on week ends) and you might (after you get to the expert level) find yourself spending more time in hotels and motels in other cities than in your own home. I actually owned a fairly new Porsche 911 but spent the greater part of those last five years driving Hertz rentals from airport to clients' offices in some other city. After a while, I had trouble remembering what city I was in and if the airport was on the north or south side of it. Not a good job for a married person if you are. :)

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ed0328 in Apollo, Pennsylvania

89 months ago

I agree with Senior Citizen for the most part. I have done this for 30 years, some local some regional. You have not said which. If it is local , its not to bad. Sometimes you share ON CALL, one week on some weeks off. The off weeks is when you plan things, but things may change, be flexable. If its regional or national you will some extras. A Garmen is a must. You do not need the best model. I used mine at the local level also and stored the names, address and phone No# in it of the customers, you will forget what city your are in and in what direction to go. You will get lost, keep it in your carry on if you fly. If you fly short notice be prepared to get searched. Do not complain, it will only make it worse. I did work for the FAA and had a FAA ID and the TSA searched me. Make sure your laptop will boot up (battries charged) and no sharp objects. All tools in checked bags, and pack them in good cases, no cheep plastic, you can also send them Fedex or UPS. Join all of the hotel clubs, stay in good hotels if they pay for them (you may need internet) you can get them from your Garmen or the 800# from your hotel club cards. Be nice to hotel people, it will get you the best rooms and help. Spend a min. and talk to them. Stay in the the same ones when you find ones you like, they will get to know you. Ask for first floor or near elevators since you may heavy bags. If you drive, make sure your car or truck is ready. If it is a company vehicle treat it if it was your own. Keep it clean. When you park in a customers parking lot ask were to park, or if it is ok to park were you did. Always back in if you can. Always tell the customer the truth , maybe not all of it , but the truth. If you do not know admit it. Say you will find out and do it. Do your best the first time, make sure it works, and that the customer is happy. Take your time. Try for zero call backs.
I been married for 36 yrs. Your wife must be ok with what you do, and must be ready to do many things herself.

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roundtheworld in Scottsdale, Arizona

85 months ago

First of all Congradulations for landing a field service position. I have been in the field for about 9 years and I enjoy it. Calling in sick in the field normally doesnt happen unless you are really SICK. Travel 80 to 90% is not uncommon. Not sure if you are local or a true road warrior. Living out of hotels and airports you get use to. I normally fall asleep before the plane pushes back from the gate. It can be fun when you have some time off when traveling, espically if there are sights to see. I have covered every state in the US except Maine and Hawaii, plus international trips. If you like to travel it is A GREAT job. If you dont like being gone from home a lot, then I would rethink the job. All in all, I enjoy traveling and once you get use to being in field service, it is hard to go back to a 9 to 5 desk job. good luck

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Jihad in Kuwait, Kuwait

73 months ago

i wrked as service engr: just for less thn one year. it was a mixed exp: fr me. i like it wen i m trvlln to gud sceneric places and vice versa. real happiness cums wen we rectified the fault. u will get lot of respect and appreciation if the machine is costly. travelling to different cities and staying in diff: hotels are a part of fun in this job. worst is tht u will not hav a off. to reach a place in monday you hv to travel perhaps one or two days before, so we cant tell anybody wen will be in hme or not. sumtimes it invites grudge from the family and relatives being not able to participate in their special occasions like mariages , death functions etc.

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edwardbidinotto in colorado Springs, Colorado

72 months ago

I have field engineering experience from IBM however I would love to know how to break into the field eng travel jobs in Colorado.

education, companies etc...


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