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DMalual in Richmond, Virginia

97 months ago

I am have trying real hard to start up as a technician in the field of computer newtwork management. There are always big challenges out there which distract people. Things like: YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, AND WHAT YOU PROVE TO DO THE JOB... But it seemed that the journey is going the dead end. How would I get back to the road? What can I do to connect myself and have the job come to my way? Your clear answers to this questions will be appreciated.

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pearson1288@*****.*** in Atlanta, Georgia

79 months ago

I've graduated in 2008 started putting in resumes and applications on line 2007. I lost count of the number of times online thing. I really feel like they sold me this trade like it was a used car. Made me pay for it and kicked me off the lot. I am really igore to learn more about this field Because I aint the best. I want be happy until I become one of the best. So if you could help it be appreciated. Thank you Byron G. Pearson.

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Dmalual in Richmond, Virginia

79 months ago

Thanks for responding to my message bro. I wrote this note when I had a bad day after many hours of job searching. You can tell through language fault used here. I have been trying to find the edit option to change some words in this note. In closing though, if we the new technicians in the field are not given the chance to invest in work experince, how in the world will we get those demanded experiences? Your take please!!!!

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tech in Sylvania, Ohio

69 months ago

A lot of times employers put certain things in their job requirements to weed people out. However, if your qualified for the position but lack the experience you should still apply. Think about it would you hire someone with experience who will be retiring in 4 years or would you hire an inexperienced person that you can train up to speed and get 15 years out of them. Don't get discouraged, go against the grain and stand out to employers.You need to show confidence in yourselves.Determine your future don't let nothing determine your future for you

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