Financial Analyst day to day responsibilities

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vaibhavi in Enfield, Connecticut

65 months ago

Hello SFA, Thank you for the reply. I don't think they have provided me with any description for the job. Basically it says its a Accounttemps job for the recent graduates a perfect fit. I hope I do well in the assessments + interview. This way it I'll be able to start gaining some experience and put it in my resume. And again thanks for the heads up for what to know.

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Some Guy in Eugene, Oregon

64 months ago

Bobby in MKE - If you are far enough along in your studies in econ & math and that is what you are going with, look into qualifications for 'quantitative analyst' positions. They are a tougher to find (try Chicago), but I suspect that you will find that these jobs weight math & econ theory over business skill sets for qualifications.

Most FA positions in the corporate environment will stress qualifications in accounting, ERP system knowledge, work experience and likely require a few letters (CPA/MBA). It will be tough to work around the accounting requirements in finding an FA job. Accounting/Econ and pursuing a CPA isn't a bad route to pursue if you are interested in these careers. Public accounting sucks, but provides solid experience to make the jump. Good luck! Go Brewers!

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Bobby in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

61 months ago

How different is it to work in an FA position at a retail type store (like a Kohls, or a Target) compared to other types of businesses? Is the salary much different? I'm assuming the job duties are a bit different, and perhaps so are the working conditions? I really don't know. Anyone out there that can answer my questions?

Thank you for your time.

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Deluth in Woodbridge, Virginia

59 months ago

Hello all,

Everyone here has provided ample information in regards to an FA's day to day grind. I present you a question that has been nagging me recently. I recently accepted a job as a financial analyst working for a govt. contractor company which performs "financial-assistance" to a Department within the federal government.

What kind of role do you think I will play in this job? Budgetary only?

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Chad in Saint Paul, Minnesota

54 months ago

I am a recent college grad and have an interview for a Cost Accounting Analyst. My course work did include both a intermediate cost accounting class and an Advanced cost accounting class. I excelled in my coursework and enjoyed the cost side of accounting quite a bit. Just wondering what types of skills they will be looking to see and questions I should be prepared for in my interview.

Any ideas of bookwork I should brush up on would be very helpful.



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nyc analyst in NYC, New York

37 months ago

Always good/important to brush up on your financial modeling skills. There are a bunch of free course available online. This is the best one I've found:

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