Need to dig out my qualifications as financial analyst now.. emergent!!!

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EmilyZ in Houston, Texas

76 months ago

Here I have a question about my career mapping. I am trying to know how long I have to go before I qualify for the FA position(not straight accounting, just much more about analytical workload).

I am looking for internal finance department in a company, a kind of big picture job dealing with financial projection and planning or valuation, not directly with wall-street job of various securities.

here is my background: MS in accounting, in the middle of CPA (but now I need to financially stable to get higly focused on review , so I have not started yet now, just sit in CPA exam now.), almost fresh graduate in 2008, currently advancing study by taking Information System class while marinating with job hunting in this worse economic downtime.

My BA is in English literature. While pursuing master degree in school, I was also working as research assistant for my professor's paper and publications in accounting and financial management, a 2 -year heavy workload trained me well in data processing and a set of delicate skills.

Another work experience is to work as a staff accountant for a short term in a large medical associate (5 hospital, 2 insurance firms), only more than one month. but I am fast learners and very observant, and immediately got to know what a typical day of staff account looked like. after that, there is more than one year time gap: I started to studying information system in a local community school.

This summer I am working as manager assistant in a small company in the commercial wholesale universe, the manager is tough in cost control, so I do a lot of thing ranging from accounting, financial analysis, inventory management, marketing, sales, website construction.

both in working place and school, I did some simple financial analysis using excel based modeling : setting formula, auto count, pivot table, Vlookup, hlookup. Never use PV,FV....

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EmilyZ in Houston, Texas

76 months ago

Now I am kinda confused if I am getting further away from the FA job, but I do like analytical position, rather than those straight accounting, eg. Journal entry, reconciliations. now I don't know how to demo that I have qualifications as a FA by the above experience.

Seems most company requires experience and skills in financial modeling. so I bought a book"financial modeling" to rapidly make up this skill.
I am not sure how helpful this book is for my job hunting for a junior FA position.

Anyone can help me find out what FA qualifications I have? so I know how to demo them in my resume and interview.

Any reply is greatly appreciated.

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nyc analyst in NYC, New York

37 months ago

Here's a quick way to brush up on your financial modeling skills, free online course, about 5 hrs of tutorials

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