I am making a career change and am looking for some info

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cyn in Pomona, California

105 months ago

Hello all,

I am at a crossroads--I have work in the marketing field, because like so many, I thought this was the field for me...but as it turns out, it is not for me. I have a BA in sociology, off all things, but have decided to look into an animal related career. I know this means MORE school but am hoping someone out there can help me out...I am not sure what route to take. For a long time I thought I wanted to open a sanctuary or shelter, but am not sure what this requires. Also, if I were to pursue a career as a wildlife biologsit (for mammals), what would you recommend I do?


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Jessica Yadon in Tulsa, Oklahoma

96 months ago

Hey dude. You sound a lot like me. I graduate in two weeks with my BA in Sociology. I currently work in mental health, which luckily, I have found I really enjoy. But Animals are my passion... in hindsight, I should have chosen to become a veterinarian, as even though science is not my thing, I know I could have dedicated myself to the coursework and made it.

SO here is my solution. I am going to grad school (luckily, i love school and am not at all burned out) for Animal Assisted Social Work at the University of Denver. At this point in time, it is the one University in the country that links animals and therapy in one program.

I will come out with a general MSW which means I can be a therapist, but I will additionally be certified and well-learned concerning the use of animals as a therapeutic tool as well as the link between animal cruelty and human violence.

The specific route I plan to take with the MSW is to become liscenced in my state, attaining the stature as an "LCSW," Liscenced Clinical Social Worker. This, again, is a therapist, and gets paid really well. Escpecially if you open or work in a private practice, which is my intention.

Good Luck!

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