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pinkbird in Houston, Texas

medical exams/test for being a flight attendant

Hello does anyone know what is involved in the medical part of qualifying to be a flight attendant? What I mean is once you are offered the Cu J&A...

SammyBanks in Columbus, Ohio


I'm still in college and don't graduate until May. I know that a lot of airlines are hiring right now and I don't want to miss my opportunity but I...

lifesuxthenufly in lexington, Kentucky

Updated 8 months ago

How are you contacted for second video interview etc. - 1 Reply

Okay, that wasn't my last comment from Lovelaughlive! I wanted to know if anyone knows if they contact you by phone, email or some other way for a...

Roxanne in Duluth, Minnesota

Updated 8 months ago

DELTA Flight Attendant Video interview - 86 Replies

Ok so. about one week ago i filed the application on line for a Spanish speaking flight attendant position. I was a little baffled when i had to...

Lovelaughlive2323 in Little Rock, Arkansas

process to get hired

I'm waiting by my phone and check emails everyday. I'm so nervous b/c I want this so badly like everyone else. I would appreciate any advise.

author in Florida

Updated 9 months ago

Flight attendend to tall? - 1 Reply

As the topic states, I am interested to hear from people in the field on if there is a flight attended height limitations. I am currently a 6'5" male...

author in Florida

Updated 9 months ago

Return of Eastern Airlines~Calling all old Eastern Flight Attendants - 65 Replies

Exciting News Legacy Carrier Eastern Airlines is coming back! Did you fly for Eastern if so we want to hear from you. Would you go back? Are you...

london in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 months ago

DELTA Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2013 - 18154 Replies

Welcome Aboard!!! DELTA Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring posted 12/12/2012. Please Be Respectful, Professional, Honest, and Polite.

FlightGal in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 9 months ago

Delta Flight Attendant Face to Face Interview 2013 - 1868 Replies

Hello everyone, I think that each one of us should post something about ourselves on here. First I should congratulate each one of us for getting...

Ready4wings in Orlando, Florida

Virgin America F2F -Chicago

Who all will be attending the f2f October 26th in Chicago?? Can't wait to meet everyone!!! Email me jdschateau@hotmail.com

Kevin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Breaking into the Airlines Industry

Please, can anyone give advice as to getting my foot into the door of the Airline industry. Web site after web site redirects you to another web...

Pamster in Safety Harbor, Florida

The Training

I know a certain grade percentage must be maintained while in training. Is this an 80 0/0 with any Airline?

CNH2009 in Auburn Hills, Michigan

Passport renewal for f2f?

I see a LOT of people asking about needing their passport, which in the case of my F2F, we do need to have. Mine was set to expire this month, so...

julie in Savannah, Georgia

JetBlue Interview October 16 2015

Is anyone going to this BlueReview in Orlando, Oct 16th?? Thanks!

julie in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 9 months ago

JETBLUE Interview October 27,2015 - 1 Reply

Does Anyone knows where the LOCATION for the interview is in Fort Lauderdale, FL ? My email says TBT for October 27,2015. Thank u

RJ in Pittsburg, California

Updated 9 months ago

Flight attendants based in SFO. How did you do it? - 2 Replies

Been interested in FA career and have done extensive research into what it takes to survive in this career. How exactly can you survive being based...

RJ in Pittsburg, California

Updated 9 months ago

United Hiring Fall 2015 - 48 Replies

Hello, Wanted to start a new discussion Here's my timeline so far... Applied 9/17 Video Interview invite 9/18 Did video interview 9/22 Now to...

MrBoJangles001 in Astoria, Oregon

Updated 9 months ago

Delta F2F October 26th - 1 Reply

So I just got the email, Ill be flying out to Atlanta on the 26th for my face to face. Just wanted to see if anyone else will be heading out there...

aroundthe globe in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 9 months ago

Orange Air - 6 Replies

Is anyone out there a Fight Attendant for Orange Air?


Updated 9 months ago

Delta Air Lines * After the F2F * 2014 - 1100 Replies

This forum is for everyone who has received a CJO for January, 2015 training! This is a place where you can make friends, ask questions, and...

MrBoJangles001 in Astoria, Oregon

Updated 9 months ago

Delta Flight Attendant Training 2015 - 19 Replies

Anyone in the September 14th class??

Nikkib322 in Kissimmee, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

Delta Airlines Interview Process - 86 Replies

Hi! I applied to Delta on 8/25 and did my assessment a week later, was told at that time that I would hear from a recruiter soon. I didn't hear...

Ava in Calgary, Alberta

calgary sunwing interview follow up

hi all I have attended on 3rd of September 2015. made two interviews.. im just waiting for the ultimate result.one of my friends got a rejection...

Amanda Betty in Rock Hill, South Carolina


hello , guys , new here ,thanks

LeScotcia in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 10 months ago

Delta Non-LOD F/A Forum - 458 Replies

Hello Fellow Applicants, Let's see if we can share info's about our application- DL/FA - Non-LOD. I submitted my application Aug 27, finished...

Bmsda in Decatur, Georgia

JETBLUE Interview October 27,2015

Does Anyone knows where the LOCATION for the interview is in Fort Lauderdale, FL ? My email says TBT for October 27,2015. Thank u

Rene in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 10 months ago

ORD Craspad - 7 Replies

Crash pad available in Chicago Oct. 1st near O'hare International Airport. You can email me at jmo217@yahoo.com if interested. I have three spots...

Susan in Redondo Beach, California

Re: studio rental near LAX by the beach

Hi, for any flight attendants or pilots looking for a nice studio rental by the beach available Oct 1 https://grandharborpm.appfolio.com/listings/list...

WatchTheVideo in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 10 months ago

Has anyone ever failed a Flight Attendant training? Tried again and Successfully passed? - 6 Replies

Hi! I recently went through a flight attendant training program for US Airways. I was there for 4 weeks out of the 6. I got an 87% on the Airbus...

globaljob in Almaty, Kazakhstan

GLOBALJOB.US.COM. One search - All jobs.

Find here millions of jobs from thousands of company, websites, job boards and newspapers. <a href="www.globaljob.us.com">GLOBALJOB.US.COM</a>...

Harleygirl seattle,wa

Alaska Airlines hiring process

Last month I completed the webcam interview questions and was called the next day by Melinda Bryan recruiter for Metlife (?) confusing. She wanted to...

LaTasha Jefferson in Forest, Virginia

Updated 10 months ago

Roommates - 5 Replies

Is there a website for flight attendants looking for roommates? Thanks

missv2u in Sacramento, California

Updated 10 months ago

Delta Airlines *After the F2F* 2013 Hiring - 433 Replies

This is a page made just for our experiences after the F2F with Delta. Date of your F2F: Have you heard anything since? Did they offer anyone a...

WestCO in Telluride, Colorado

Updated 10 months ago

United airlines Flight attendant interview - 9 Replies

Hey is anyone going to interview on Sept. 3rd in Houston? Please let me know

SandFlysBy in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Updated 10 months ago

What is it like being a flight attendant? - 1 Reply

I want to become a flight attendant for a private jet company (that's the ultimate goal), and am in the process of saving up so I can start training...

NativeTexan in Austin, Texas

upcoming Delta f2f interview

I've been reading this board and it has been extremely helpful. My f2f is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15th at 12:30pm. I'm flying out Monday...

Azulita45 in Kissimmee, Florida

Blue Review JB

Hi you guys congrats on your BR, I know you did great !!!! Hope you had lots of fun and made today and yesterday a Blueeeuutiful day, And my sweet...

mandisa in Durban, South Africa

unemployed social worker

Hy social workers. I am unemployed in SA, how are the chances of getting jobs in other countries?

DreamingOfPlanes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 11 months ago

GoJet Airlines! - 1 Reply

Does GoJet fly you out to the interview? I'm hearing yes they do and no. Can someone be accurate with me? Also, I really want to be a Flight...

FAsmurf in District of Columbia

Updated 11 months ago

TBNT - so what, not done till WE reached our goal the waiting game begins (again) - 1 Reply

Just received my TBNT from DL so I guess I will use the time to prepare better to be ready in 6 month, guess we could create a waiting/standby for...

Laughing Larry Johnson in Chicago, Illinois


Just putting this out there for all of you FA hopefuls...NOW GO GET YOURSELF SOME WINGS (and I don't mean Red Bull)! The following message has...

HopefulX in Belleville, Ontario

Updated 11 months ago

Air Canada Rouge 2015 - Toronto Interviews - 2 Replies

Hey Everyone, I just got my first call from a recruiter with ACR, had a short phone interview - 4 english questions, 1 french. She said that...

angelagonzales in Philippines

Updated 11 months ago

what are the qualifications to become a flight attendant here in the philippines? - 334 Replies

i just really want to know the qualifications because im really interested.

Sareha in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 11 months ago

Affording your F2F interview - 2 Replies

Well, I got a call from Horizon Airlines, my top choice because they are looking to base people out of Portland, Oregon and we will be moving there...

FA13406 in Athens, Georgia

Updated 11 months ago


This forum is for those of us that received our CJO and are awaiting background checks and training dates. I'd first like to begin by informing...

ocean sky in Mexico Beach, Florida

Updated 11 months ago

Background checks - 1 Reply

Has anyone ever been hired then let go due to omissions in employment history ?

Carrkristin08 in Buford, Georgia

Updated 11 months ago

Spirit Airlines Interview - 50 Replies

Hello!!! So i'm attending the Spirit Airlines open house in Las Vegas this weekend and I was wanting to hear from either Current employees or people...

Adventurous in Seattle, Washington

Updated 11 months ago

I want to be a flight attendant - will I be able to keep my apartment? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I'm a 24 (almost 25) year old female in Seattle. My current job just isn't cutting it for me. I understand why the 9-5 office job...

LegendaryFA in Lenexa, Kansas

Updated 11 months ago

Something you wish you could've told yourself as a new hire? - 1 Reply

For all of the experienced FA's out there, what is something you wish you could have told yourself when you were just starting out? I just graduated...

Shash in Satellite Beach, Florida

Updated 11 months ago


Don't let OLD DELTA TRICK YOU WITH THEIR NEW TRICKS. I went to one of their interviews. I walked into a big conference only to see we've been...

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