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Janet in Essex Junction, Vermont

F2F on 1/7/13--Others who have that date, let's chat...

I have a f2f scheduled for Jan 7 and would love to chat with others who have one on the same date. Who are you? Where are you from? Are you as...


Updated 4 months ago

Etihad Airways comes back to the United States :) - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Leslielove in Camarillo, California"]Sorry,I do not know much about men being hired except from how it sounds they hire more men that...

lisajokster in Jacksonville, Florida

Us Airways phone interview questions 2013

Hi does anyone know what interview questions Us Airways asks on the phone interview????

JobSeeker2013 in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 4 months ago

Sunwing Flight Attendant 2013/2014 - 115 Replies

Sunwing posted (closing date has past for all bases I believe) ads for seasonal flight attendants for the upcoming winter season in July. I applied...

Alex in Columbia, Missouri

Fight attendant candidate

Hello, I have been for the past month sending my resume to the airlines to get a job as a flight attendant; I haven’t been contacted at all, only...

Hoping... in Los Angeles, California

Updated 4 months ago

No Response at All - 2 Replies

Hi All, 2 months ago I applied at both AA and Us Airways. I not gotten a call or an email yet. BUT, my status is showing under review. Anyone...

JW in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Air Transat is hiring! (Toronto/Vancouver)

For my Canadian friends who are also FA wannabes... Air Transat is hiring! It would be my dream to work for them b/c of all the European...

lisajokster in Boston, Massachusetts

American interview face to face question

Hi has anyone ever been contacted by American after the face to face if they did Not get fingerprinted, I had mine on December 3rd and haven't...

frankie in Miami, Florida

Delta Airline Phone Interview

hey guys, so i have a phone interview with delta airlines and im not sure what number to call, does anyone know? plus if you had taken the phone...

Tenaccious2Travel in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 4 months ago

PSA - 1 Reply

has anyone ever applied to PSA Airline. what is the 411 on them?

Blessed_Angel in Minnesota

Updated 4 months ago

Waiting for the Academy date for Delta Airlines... - 58 Replies

Hi...I just had my interview last feb.12 at 7:30 a.m. & i got in...right now,i'm waiting for them to finish my background check so that i can get my...

AviationFA in SJU, Puerto Rico

Updated 4 months ago

US Airways Employees being Fired for No Good Reason - 3 Replies

US Airways has been firing employees especially FA's for NO GOOD REASON. Although there is AFA union but the union has been USELESS especially for...

beckerson in Orlando, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

Airlines hiring at 18? - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm really want to be a flight attendant after I graduate high school in june . When I turn 18 in July I'm going to start applying to airlines...

Arianna1 in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Airlines hiring at 18?

Hi, I'm really want to be a flight attendant after I graduate high school in june . When I turn 18 in July I'm going to start applying to airlines...

Suggestion in San Diego, California

Updated 4 months ago

tattoos - 1 Reply

i was invited to an OH a couple of weeks ago and ended up feeling very dejected because they would not even interview me because of a small tattoo on...

FormerCoExGal in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Updated 4 months ago

Continental Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants in 2011? - 8101 Replies

Has anyone heard if Continental Airlines will be hiring Flight Attendants in 2011?

kbnhachicky in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 4 months ago

Size of FA - 44 Replies

My dream is to become a flight attendant. I am heavyset right now and am working on losing weight. I understand that I must be weight/height...

Hopeful in GSO in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 4 months ago

Republic Base Comparison GSO vs DCA - 1 Reply

Based in PIT on reserve and thinking about transferring bases to either GSO or DCA. Any opinions on one vs the other? My priorities are the ability...

Laveada in Cape Coral, Florida

Updated 4 months ago

Private planes and Jets - 55 Replies

Does anyone knows how to apply to be a flight attendant on private charter planes or jets?? I looked at a few private carriers websites but they...


Updated 4 months ago

American Airlines and US Airways Merger - 5 Replies

Please this forum is set up in order for anyone to share their thoughts about the Merger of American Airlines and US Airways. It will great for...

Hoping... in Los Angeles, California

Updated 4 months ago

Open Skies - The new and Innovative Airline from British Airways - 2221 Replies

I have seen numerous inquires regarding the new start-up airline 'Open Skies' to be based in the New York area celebrating the new air-services...

Hoping... in Los Angeles, California

Updated 4 months ago

Alaska invites - 1 Reply

Has anyone received an invite to Sea this Wednesday?

FormerCoExGal in Bristol, United Kingdom

Updated 4 months ago

British Airways hiring Mixed Fleet Flight Attendants - 12 Replies

For those that have a European passport or have legal right to work in the EU and/or UK, British Airways is currently hiring flight attendants for...

Joe in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Air Transport International - 94 Replies

I noticed another job site that this company is hiring flight attendants. Does anyone out there know anything about this company? Where are the...

FormerCoExGal in Bristol, United Kingdom

Updated 5 months ago

FA - 2 Replies

Hey Guy, I'm based in the England... I would love to work as a Flight Attendant with the US Airline but I just want to know if they recruit people...

Ekern_Kristina in Royal Oak, Michigan

Discriminatory Screening of Massage Therapists - Rochester Hills, MI

Michigan Massage Therapists - beware of Omega Health Network (dba Omega Premier Team) and their discriminatory screening for LMT openings. I was...

Harald in Berlin, Germany

Salary / Working Hours Etihad / Emirates / Qatar Airways correct?

Hi guys, I have been looking for some information about the salaries and rosters for Etiad, Emirates and Qatar. I found this website...

BrZzY in Stockton, California

Updated 5 months ago

United Airlines Applicants for opening posted November 5, 2013!!! - 202 Replies

Has anyone else put forth their resume/application yesterday with United Airlines? Just wanted to start a forum to keep in touch regarding phone...

Hankmeister in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 5 months ago

Tips or Suggestions on how to pursue a Flight Attendant Career. - 7 Replies

Hey guys.At 20 years old Ive finally decided to pursue my dream of becoming a Flight Attendant.I know this is what I wanna do and I know I will be...

Flylover2013 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 5 months ago

Vision Airlines - 495 Replies

Anyone applied for Vision? What do you know about this airline?

Aimee in Largo, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Flight Attendant - 3 Replies

I was just invited to the Flight Attendant Recruitment Event for Allegiant Air in Florida at The Westin Lake Mary, Orlando North on Nov 15th. Anyone...

Yannah in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

US Airways city code test for Flight Attendant Training - 4 Replies

Do they test you on all the city codes for US Airways and US Airways Express? Is the test multiple choice? Headed to PHX July 1, 2013 for training...

long haul in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Updated 5 months ago

United Flight Attendant Interview - March 2013 - 59 Replies

Who is scheduled for an interview in March with United? I will be flying in on March 4th, to interview on March 5th (Tuesday). raven@ravenrose.u...

EliseeeS in Santa Ana, California

Updated 5 months ago

Spirit Hiring 2013 - 6 Replies

Spirit Hiring 2013or LAS 3/14 to the spirit.com job posting, received an email link 3/19 to fill out official application. To my understanding once...

flygirlmkb in Bowling Green, Ohio

Updated 5 months ago

DELTA Flight Attendant CJO/Training Dates 2013 - 3 Replies

Hello, I just wanted to start a new thread for those who had a CJO on the spot or were called afterwards for CJO. Also those who now have a training...

Tenaccious2Travel in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

why so hard to becomes a fligth attendant - 17 Replies

please somebody help me , i want to becomes a fligth attendant , i when to fligt attendant school, now i being looking for job , every airlines ask...

Fajacs in Spokane, Washington

Updated 5 months ago

After first phone interview, how do you know if you passed? - 7 Replies

I had a phone interview tonight. They asked me my passport info and etc and then asked me if they could proceed with some more questions. They were...

Grounded FA in SFO, California

Updated 5 months ago

Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Info! - 2162 Replies

Hey everyone, For those people who were interested in working as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, here is a place to get your information...

Missyred in Orlando, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

GoJet OH and Republic OH this month, would like opinion - 8 Replies

Hello! I have both of these scheduled this month and curious to hear from those who have had experience with either or both. I worked for a major...

STEVE QANTAS in Pennant Hills, Australia

Updated 5 months ago

How To Change Careers After Being A Flight Attendant - Need Ideas?? - 32 Replies

I have been flying for over 10 years (most of my adult career-life) and am looking to get out of the industry. Do any ex-flight attendants have any...

Holly in Louisville, Kentucky

Delta Flight Attendant

I had my Phone interview on 10/11 and was told the next step would be that a Senior Recruiter would be calling me. I have yet to hear anything. ...

Bouzy in Napa, California

Updated 5 months ago

Delta Non-LOD F/A Forum - 457 Replies

Hello Fellow Applicants, Let's see if we can share info's about our application- DL/FA - Non-LOD. I submitted my application Aug 27, finished...

JW in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Enerjet is hiring (Alberta)

I just received a callback from Enerjet today. I applied yesterday and already got a call today! I was invited to a short phone interview but...

JW in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sunwing hiring seasonal flight attendants

Did anyone hear back from Sunwing for closing date Oct.15,2013? It's my 1st time every applying for a FA job and I am not sure what to expect......

eagertofly in Belfast, United Kingdom

Updated 5 months ago

Age - 12 Replies

So hey everyone. When I was in high school I wanted to be a flight attendant. As you can guess I did not do it. My dream has been tucked away. I am...


Phone interview

What is the phone interview like? Do I need to have any passport or id with me during the call. I am super excited and studying. I am external non...

shirleybb@aol.com in Niceville, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

New FREE Flight Attendant Forum with LIVE Chat! - 3 Replies

This is a Free Forum with Live Chat...Check It Out! http://faworld.proboards99.com/

safebet in New London, Connecticut

Updated 6 months ago

Has anyone ever failed a Flight Attendant training? Tried again and Successfully passed? - 3 Replies

Hi! I recently went through a flight attendant training program for US Airways. I was there for 4 weeks out of the 6. I got an 87% on the Airbus...

Deamer FA in Florida

Updated 6 months ago

Hindi speaking flight attendant - 2 Replies

I apply to continental airline. i got laid off as a hindi speaker flight attendant from delta when they got rid of BOM flight. I really want to join...

Chad in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Updated 6 months ago

CVG Crash Pad AVAILABLE immediately! - 1 Reply

$250/month, utilities included - 15 minutes from CVG. Designer-furnished room with Queen bed and double dresser in downtown Covington,...

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