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deltadreamer in Seattle, Washington

Updated 15 days ago

DELTA AIRLINES "After the TBNT" 2014 - 11 Replies

What date/time was your F2F interview? How was your F2F experience? How many were chosen at your session? How soon after interview did you receive...

alex in Alexandria, Virginia

Updated 16 days ago

Silver Airways - 1030 Replies

Have any of you all applied to this company? They are based out of FLL and fly for United Express. They are new to flight attendants. The are...


Updated 19 days ago

PSA airline - 2011 Replies

I was invited to training for the Febuary class, I recieved a phone call from them a couple of days ago saying that they needed to move me to the...

headinclouds in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 20 days ago

United Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2014 - 2714 Replies

United is finally accepting applications for new Flight Attendants! This is awesome! I just submitted my application a few minutes ago. Has anyone...

Steve in Houston, Texas

Part time hours required

Does anyone know the minimal hours a part time ramp agent at southwest has to work?

Brittany in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 21 days ago


Ok so I applied for the Spanish Bi-Lingual FA October 8th, 2014 On 11/7 I was invited for a Video Interview with HireVue I completed it on 11/18...

looking AC in laval, Quebec

Updated 21 days ago

Jazz Aviation/Air Canada Express Hiring 2015 - 1 Reply

hey! i would love to hear the hiring progress of everyone because I'm getting super nervous over here!

snowgurrl73 in Nashville, Tennessee

Mesa Airlines FA Interview Session 1/19/2016 DFW

If someone attending the Flight Attendant interview session in Dallas 1/19/2016 and would like to share the cost of the hotel room, please email me...

Zach in Riverview, Florida

Bilingual Flight Attendant Salary

I applied for a German speaking flight attendant position on the Dec 23, 2015, and a few days later I completed the video interview. I'll admit that...

FlyKid2009 in Los Angels, California

Updated 1 month ago

air wisconsin trainging school - 2224 Replies

hello out there, i was just hired as a flight attdendant for awac airlines.i was wondering if anyone can suggest anything i can study in advance for...

UnitedToBE in New York City, New York

2016 Flight attendant recruitment American Airlines

Hey guys, American Airlines has (re)opened the recruitment for regular and language speaker flight attendant positions will remain open into early...

RW Fly Guy in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Updated 1 month ago

United flight attendant training 2016 - 4 Replies

Are you guys ready and excited for starting classes in January 2016 ?

Flyhost in San Diego, California

Updated 1 month ago

Delta Flight Attendant F2F Interview (DETAILS?) - 24 Replies

Hey! I recently read a ton of threads on the hiring process to become a Delta Flight Attendant. I can honesty say the threads are about 88%-90%...

Thriving in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 1 month ago

Size of FA - 55 Replies

My dream is to become a flight attendant. I am heavyset right now and am working on losing weight. I understand that I must be weight/height...

Thara in London, United Kingdom

Updated 1 month ago

Would like to hear from mothers who are flight attendants. - 201 Replies

Hi I would like to hear from mothers who are also flight attendants. How do you balance your career with children/family?

Chocolatelady14 in Augusta, Georgia

Updated 1 month ago

express jet - 10541 Replies

does anyone have any info on express jet?


Updated 1 month ago

National Airlines Job Fair - 245 Replies

FLIGHT ATTENDANTS JOB FAIR National Airlines now hiring Flight Attendants for their new B757 0peration; preference to experienced in-flight,...

papaya in null

Updated 1 month ago



Froglet in Henderson, North Carolina

Updated 1 month ago

Trans States Airlines - 1170 Replies

Can anyone give me any information on Trans States Airlines. I went on an interview and was hired. I had not heard that much about them before. ...

Wanderlust in Louisville, Kentucky

Delta Hiring Non-LOD FA's?

Will Delta be hiring Non-LOD FA's anytime in 2016? Does anyone know? Their current openings are for Italian, Dutch, German, Greek, and Danish. I...

kiaralaurent in Bhopal, India

Updated 2 months ago

Mobile - 1 Reply

Hey guys! So when I log in on my phone it says that I need to go to a desktop to complete the assessment. But when I log on my computer it doesn't...


Updated 2 months ago


need your experience people! I would like you to post me you knowledge about different Airlines Salary (US). Talking about Flight Pay and per...

bbabyivoire in Brooklyn, New York

EMIRATES Airline- invitation only NYC in Dec 2015

I'm looking forward to going to this open house. I have not received any invitation but i feel like i must try my luck.... there's two ways to i...

Buzzard in Los Angeles, California

Updated 2 months ago

wanted to purchase buddy pass - 2 Replies

Hello I am looking to purchase a buddy pass from any Flight attendants who have some available PLEASE. I can't afford to keep paying to go to open...


hiring ad Reappying ?!Advice PLEASE!

Hello could someone WITH some kind of knowledge or experience as about the x human resources flight attendant hiring and decision making process...

Joanna in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 2 months ago

Republic Airlines, Chautauqua, Shuttle America, Frontier Airlines - 2099 Replies

To those of you who had and have interviews with Republic Airways Good luck to you all. I"m sure you will have no problems getting on...

papaya in null

Updated 2 months ago

GoJet OH and Republic OH this month, would like opinion - 11 Replies

Hello! I have both of these scheduled this month and curious to hear from those who have had experience with either or both. I worked for a major...


Updated 2 months ago

DELTA LOD Application Process 2013 - 286 Replies

Let's share the steps of the process here. My timeline: Applied 01/5 1st and 2nd Interviews 01/07 => received the "Congratulations! You passed...

usarmytrue in Radcliff, Kentucky

Updated 2 months ago

The Travel Academy in Minnesota? - 117 Replies

Has anyone graduated from the Travel Academy in Minnesota? I'm about to graduate from high school this june, and have recently been thinking about...

hawaii888 in Provo, Utah

Updated 2 months ago

Delta flight attendant interviews - 43689 Replies

I am intrested in knowing if anyone took the delta FA interview and what the process is.

Shara in Lakeland, Florida

Delta interview

I have a f2f interview with delta but I do have something on my record do to a fight with my boyfriend it was my first time ever getting in trouble...

dLitt in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 2 months ago

2 months "under review" for Delta flight attendant. Is this normal? - 13 Replies

I applied for a flight attendant position with Delta in September & did the first phone interview in October. The interview was about my passport &...

ryaneggold in Glendale, California

Updated 2 months ago

**US Airways Hiring 2013** - 12004 Replies

Hello Everyone! **We are starting out initial hiring process this weekend --- online you should be able to apply flight attendants --east and...

ricky in Hollywood, Florida

jet blue flight attendant new classs in jan 2015

is anyone here goin for the jan fa class in orlando.

Rose Gill1 in North Hills, California

Updated 2 months ago

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview - 962 Replies

HORIZON AIRLINES BENEFITS -100% paid benefits for the flight attendant (medical, dental, etc.), inexpensive benefits for the family if you wish...

SnubStub Pet Travel

Updated 2 months ago

Delta Training Graduates? - 66 Replies

Hey Everyone! I am a recent graduate from the Delta FA Training Academy (YAY). I just wanted to see if anyone else that graduated was on this...

B in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Updated 2 months ago

Sunwing Airlines Flight Attendant 2014 - 2352 Replies

Hi everyone, There's a new posting on Sunwing for seasonal flight attendants (closing July 20th). Has anyone applied?! :)

wannaflynow in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Is a relationship possible as a new flight attendant? - 16 Replies

I am getting ready to start my training and am currently in a long term committed relationship. My partner fears that we will not work out once I...

DELTAChiOmega in La Puente, California

Updated 2 months ago

Delta Bilingual late Oct-Nov applicants - 1 Reply

So I finished my application the 31st or 1st and then did my assessment test the next day,got my HireVue invite on the 7th and then did that on the...

wgeorge in orlando, Florida

Updated 3 months ago


Tis' the season to start making your 2016 new year's resolution and change your dreary life existence. Do you feel like you're in a dead end career?...

Maxvalentinb in Genest, France

Updated 3 months ago

Anyone apply to Etihad Airways? - 340 Replies

I hear they are interviewing in June in various cities across the US. Maybe it's better these days to go with a non US airline as the US ones seem to...

jellybean in Greeneville, Tennessee

Updated 3 months ago

Crash Pads! - 5 Replies

Hi all! I have been trying for the past 8 months for a flight attendant position (no prior experience) and have been just plugging along going...

Kevinkal001 in New york, New York


Are you a wondering generality or a meaningful Specific? Folks yall are wasting time looking for a job. Have yall ever thought just how many...

pinkbird in Houston, Texas

medical exams/test for being a flight attendant

Hello does anyone know what is involved in the medical part of qualifying to be a flight attendant? What I mean is once you are offered the Cu J&A...

SammyBanks in Columbus, Ohio


I'm still in college and don't graduate until May. I know that a lot of airlines are hiring right now and I don't want to miss my opportunity but I...

lifesuxthenufly in lexington, Kentucky

Updated 3 months ago

How are you contacted for second video interview etc. - 1 Reply

Okay, that wasn't my last comment from Lovelaughlive! I wanted to know if anyone knows if they contact you by phone, email or some other way for a...

Roxanne in Duluth, Minnesota

Updated 3 months ago

DELTA Flight Attendant Video interview - 86 Replies

Ok so. about one week ago i filed the application on line for a Spanish speaking flight attendant position. I was a little baffled when i had to...

Lovelaughlive2323 in Little Rock, Arkansas

process to get hired

I'm waiting by my phone and check emails everyday. I'm so nervous b/c I want this so badly like everyone else. I would appreciate any advise.

Capri in Troy, Michigan

Updated 3 months ago

Piedmont Airlines / US Airways Express - 800 Replies

Hey Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any information on Piedmont Airlines? I was invited to an interview and I'm curious to know what to...

author in Florida

Updated 3 months ago

Flight attendend to tall? - 1 Reply

As the topic states, I am interested to hear from people in the field on if there is a flight attended height limitations. I am currently a 6'5" male...

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