employers dont do call backs when they say they will

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dvsplayer in Las Vegas, Nevada

99 months ago

why do you go to apply for a job take the time to fill a app for a job have 3 mini interviews and they say they call you back for the last interview in two week and i am still wait i even went to apply for a restaurant called hash a go go ... they lost my app went for 3 interview and they even had me come to see how everything is set up i know they sound intrested right????? well they have not called back even when i try calling them to see about being employed there and there still hiring????? WHAT THE F@@k!!!!! ANYONE ELSE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM

bk in Garland, Texas

59 months ago

I left a commission job training. I am new to Texas but felt that commission only job would not be good at this time. I had an interview the past Friday for a salary job
The interview to me and the Hm seemed to went well. I sent a thank you letter and talked to him on the phone. He asked me did the HR call me that day and I said no? He said she would call later today or this week.That afternoon,I called HR to thank her for setting.up the interview and she also stated that the interview went well.She stated that she would call back in a few minutes after talking to him for final decision.Hour later no call. Does this mean no job or I need to be more patient.

ga in Las Vegas, Nevada

58 months ago

beginagainla in Los Angeles, California said: What happened charliesangel? I'm going through something similar now. The woman emailed me that she was going to call me later in the day to set up training and didn't. It's now 4 days after the fact - no email, no call. After the long process of skills and personality testing, interviewing, turning over private tax documents to prove employment history, now I get silence. Was my one sentence email thanking them for the opportunity too much? Did it cause them to change their mind? Unbelievable. WTH? And when I call the number I have on file for them? You guessed it. Voicemail.

I have been through similar situations. However, never, ever have I submitted my tax docs! That is beyond invasive -- a credit check is bad enough, even when one has high scores. I'm not sure what line of work you are in but this is over the top -- and now that they are ignoring you is a big red flag! I know people's identities can be stolen this way -- even with just your SSN.

I spent three weeks jumping through hoops and strung along. Manager kept enticing me further with other responsibilities she claimed to be adding to the position, indicating my "creativity." I was repeatedly lied to. After three weeks of this, I wrote a letter saying that if the promised offer letter from two weeks ago was not received by the end of business that day, I'm withdrawing my application.

Bottom line here is: If they are treating you like this during the "romance" phase, then things will only get worse during the "marriage." You are starting out as a "bottom feeder" and everyone in the office will know it --IF and that's a big IF you get the job at all. Right out of the gate, they don't respect you and most likely, these are people who like to play head games. This is how I dealt with my situation. Believe me, I know I did the right thing not placing myself in a position of "punching bag" and setting myself up for abuse.

beginagainla in Los Angeles, California

58 months ago

Also, this is a union job with great pay for a huge conglomerate. Since the day HR emailed promising to call me that day and didn't, I have not e-mailed or called them. I figure if/when they want to call me, they will. I am continuing to apply for jobs, but this one in particular is painful.

beginagainla in Los Angeles, California

58 months ago

Oh, and in regard to identity theft, my previous employers told me they got calls from people with thick Indian accents doing ADP background checks. I did some digging and confirmed that ADP Screening and Selection Services does in fact outsource background checks to India!!! So, yes, all that private information I turned over to the HR for a major utility company is being sent out of the country for people over there to verify back here.

Tony Yul in Atlanta, Georgia

52 months ago

Hi guys I'm faced with the same problems to. And the worst part about it, I'm a student in college and I'm not even eligible for food stamps or well fair. I hate to say this but I wish their was a LAW that states that if any future applicant isn't contacted within 30 days by the hiring business, that company should be penalized.

THEY NEED TO CHANGE HOW THEY QUALLIFY PEOPLE FOR FOOD STAMPS. I'm a College Student, with NO INCOME what so ever you would think I would qualify but nooooooooooooooo.

smart guy 1 in Elizabeth, New Jersey

46 months ago

db in Mississauga, Ontario said: yes!!! Every interview I go to they tell me, we will call you either way, They smile with you and you come out thinking you've got the job. You wait for a call...nothing. Then even when you call back they give some b**l s**t lame excuses...come on...the most cruel thing you can do to another human being is f**k with his hope...take that ability for hope away and i am not surprised about all the f****d up s**t that goes on in this world...employers need to be truthful and for once give some straight answers- isn't it what they're looking for in employees... and aren't this the same people who were in your shoes once... forgotten where you started?

I totally agree with you sir and on March 7, 2014 I applied to Dunbar and on March 14th the a white female personnel in Hackensack, New Jersey said that I failed to list traffic violations but that was an error and she didn't tell me so I went back and gave her my New jersey driver abstract to clear things and I still didn't get the job because i miss that area when filling out the application I hope Dunbar still hire me I'm a adequate person and Dunbar is still posting their ad for driver/ guard every where.

Fastbusiness in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

42 months ago

I failed the test you said you didn't have a position, now you are back with starting over with the hiring process. What is it yes or no.

Taebobut@*****.*** in Hinsdale, Illinois

33 months ago

It is what it is folks. I had a similar situation with a Telecomunication company. I sent my application via the usual BS. One hour filling this information. Received a call from a recruiter and set up a phone interview. A person called and asked some questions, pretty much role play and hypothetical questions. I was prepared and
answered the questions, the connection or where she called from was very static, it may have been her phone or on purpose to see how I would handle such calls. I asked her to repeat a question which she did, She then went on to say that I would get an e-mail detailing the next step, like I received the first one. I never received any e-mails to begin with!!! In any case I made sure she had my correct e-mail. I asked her where can I send a thank you note, she stated again at the e-mail. It is now two weeks since I have heard anything. I called the same number back that she called from only to always go to voice mail Left two messages, no calls. I have one thing to say…I may be another employee trying to find a job, but I may also be a customer…after all I may purchase that phone or service that you are trying to sell….and you would not want your customers waiting there with no answer would you, VERIZON???? Of course not….welll in this case I am the customer and you are not treating me with respect and dignity…intact you lost a potential customer….I am going elsewhere!!!!

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