What are the best food service director qualifications and training to get ahead?

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What is the best training for becoming a food service director? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective food service director?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Jima (Jlyn) Dempsey in Atchison, Kansas

110 months ago

To become a food service director in a school environment you would need just food service background and they would like a 4 year bachlors in Food Nutritional training such as, safety and saniation and some experience in leadership and in the administration field. Some small towns such as Atchison, take experience in Food Serivce and years in the field over the 4 years in school. I only had the two years but had the accounting and financial with supervisory skills. So check with your district I am sure all areas are different for this line of work? The state training helped me for the ten years I was employed and my reviews and audits were wonderful.

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Bill in Seattle, Washington

101 months ago

Obviously, experience is the best training, but a good, liberal education to at least level of Bachelors Degree is going to be very usefull in making evaluative decisions, relating with other department heads, community leaders, degreed professionals - like inspectors, auditors, brokers, bankers. That education gives one more insight in dealing with others who who could either rip you off, or make you the once-in-a-lifetime deal that catapults your career and marks you as a highly successful and qualified professional. In a health care facility or retirement home, course work in dietary management is of utmost importance to gain initial comprehension of effects of diet on physical and mental conditions as one ages, not to mention a clear understanding of dietary restrictions, allergies, substitutions, and balanced intake values - - just so you can keep one eye on those preparing and serving those meals and insure they are done correctly for the well-being of protected residents.

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Lee in Erie, Pennsylvania

43 months ago

Many positions I find do not require a degree but some do. A CDM certification is required for some positions, looked upon favorably by others, and not required at all by even others.

The best training I find is actual experience working in the setting you are applying to.

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