Can graduate school/internships help my chances of getting a gis job?

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dmoore228 in Midlothian, Virginia

49 months ago

I know the topic can be answered with a straightforward yes, but I am looking at what I can do to bolster my GIS profile.

Right now, I only have a GIS Certificate, a history major, and six weeks of professional GIS experience(laid off during probationary period due to contracts dying). I am looking at a few schools for masters of science(or arts that include gis classes) in geography of masters in GIS(mgis).

All I really know heading down this track is that I need to retake the GRE and find thesis topics that interest professors to the point they want to advise me on that topic.

As far as internships go, are they pretty easy to get once in graduate school? If so, which school did you attend? How did your program fare in job placement?

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pvteng in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

6 months ago

I really wish that I can give you answers but I can't

I have finished my MS in natural resources and environmental management with the emphasis of geospatial analysis, with a capstone project, and the GIS internship for a year. Now I am still job-hunting and applying for GIS technician positions. I think that you need to look it up. Wish you the best.

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