Chemistry vs. Environmental Science minor with BS in Geology?

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shakennotstirred in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

62 months ago

I am halfway through getting my BSc in Geology and next semester I have to choose what my minor will be. I only need one more semester of either chemistry or environmental science in order to be done with my minor since I have got the same number of credit hours in each. What is more advantageous to graduate with? A BSc in Geology with a minor in Chemistry or a BSc in Geology with a minor in Environmental Science? Do employers even pay attention to what your minor was? I'm guessing any kind of environmental consulting or assessment jobs would naturally be better for the enviro minor while the chem minor might have better luck when it comes to petroleum industry jobs.


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James in Kansas City, Missouri

59 months ago

I would probably do chemistry. The geology degree should already teach you enough about environmental sciences there shouldnt be any need to minor in it. However more chemistry classes will certainly be helpful!

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