Lookng for a job with a BA in Geology

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Senor Citason

126 months ago

Reza Khaladj esmaily in Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of said: Now I'll immigrated to USA as a permanent resident on 4th. of October.

So sorry, Senor. No more room here. Try Syria maybe?

hesalm in Mumbai, India

60 months ago

Hi Guys,

Need some advice.

I completed my BSc in Geology in 2004. However, I did not pursue a career in geology and instead, took up a job in communications and PR. I have been working for over 8 years now and am not quite satisfied with the prospects of this career.

This brings me to the question. Is it advisable to pursue a career in Geology(Petroleum) today? Is there a demand for Geologists in the market?

I am willing to do a MSc in Geology if it is necessary, but just need to gauge the prospects before i make the decision.

Really appreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance.


BN Guy in Yaoundé, Cameroon

42 months ago

Hi guys.

Our company is currently recruiting Petroluem Geologist to work in oil Fields in West Africa.

Recent Grads and experience Gologist with degrees in Geology should email me with your resume and diplmas.

Email. eostulatecruss@freenet.de

FutureGeologist in Rocklin, California

35 months ago

I am currently a senior undergraduate geology student, who is deciding between a BA and BS. The only difference is the summer field camp to get a BS, instead of a BA. How important is the summer field camp to an employer? If I have a couple years of professional field experience and engineering experience, would employers consider me equivalent to a graduate with a BS with less work experience than me?

Eric in Green Bay, Wisconsin

33 months ago

FutureGeologist, I hope you chose the BS, i've recently graduated with a BS in geoscience/geophysics and it's been slightly annoying when it comes to the job search. In all honesty, I haven't tried very hard but about your question, a few years of professional field experience, and definitely the engineering experience, should give you a decent advantage while finding a job. As for whether they would consider you an equal to a BS I cannot say, but I would have to say that your prior experience will have a profound effect in your consideration in jobs, perhaps more so than holding a BS. Pick the BS if this isn't too late

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