dont do it,do not go to work in a petsmart salon

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SB2 in Knoxville, Tennessee

77 months ago

working for Petsmart has been the worst experience of my life.I used to love grooming dogs .Now due to a narcississtic overbearing store manager I have nightmares about going to work .he lies and cheats to make himself look great at the expense of everyone else.harrasses me on a regular basis about everything.Blames me for things I never did.Just awful .You cant complain about a manager because if you do then it make things worse.Be very very careful bout accepting a job with Petsmart make sure you know the manager and can trust him/her .Petsmart tends to hire people like this .

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jsmith2010 in Oregon

77 months ago

sounds like your manager should meet the manager in Medford Or. They sound like they have alot in common!!!!!

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Teri Kennedy in Illinois

75 months ago

I work in the salon too & we have been threatened our jobs since last year. Our DM gets a hard on from negativity I think. This a horrible company to for. They never pat you on the back, they shoot you down & give you all the bad & never the good. Sucks

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smartone in Dallas, Texas

49 months ago

I have worked at several Petsmarts and I can tell you that you should watch out. If you arent' in the little clique of the managers pets, you may get fired. It is more about whether they like you or not. I agree, our store manager is so horrible. He LOVES the power trip. The worst part is they blame EVERYTHING on the district manager. So, if they feel like they don't like you, they will be staring at the video cameras in the office at you until you break a policy. They will watch you until they get you on video (that they will save) breaking one of their GAZILLION policies. Then you will get put on an "action plan" which is even worse than just being "written up" because they figure out the steps you have to make to "improve" your work. This store is the worst I have ever been in. The female district manager has a HUGE power trip attitude and LOVES to find things wrong with everyone EXCEPT her chosen pets. She forgets that we are human and enjoys belittling your work and everything you do on a consistant basis. I have yet to see her come and without saying something negative about someone and she stands right in your way without moving like she is the QUEEN B-- YUK!

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