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Lanette Polak in Chicago, Illinois

48 months ago

I am a HR Intern for a corporation. When I obtain two years experience as this position will I easily find work as a HR Assistant? Most HR Assistant jobs ask for two years of experience. I also am hoping to become a HR Generalist or HR Manager. I am just starting to obtain HR experience.

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Tia in La Mirada, California

21 months ago

In CA it is hard to get a position without a BA & 5-7 years experience. Even if it is night school, GET THE DEGREE! Having 5 yrs experience as HR generalist (tons of seminars & training courses), 2 yrs in payroll, 3 yrs in benefits, 3 yrs Retail Store Manager, 4yrs Operations manager, 4 yrs project, plus, plus. FInding work has been "challenging". Reasons given: I only speak English and I don't have a degree! Several companies offered me $12 per hour "because of my lack of experience and degree".
Wish I had invested the time & money! But being a working mom doesn't leave a lot of extra time :(

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13 months ago

Yes provided you met the requirements to move forward by completing your job assignments.. Also many times depending on the company you are assigned to you may be offered a popsition other then human resources if your career objectives are not HR but somewhere else in tHe organization such as finance. Many times if you expect to be the executive or a member of senior management you must have a basic understanding of the principals which apply to HR. Good luck.

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13 months ago

To Tia in California. I hope by now you were hired somewhere if that was your goal. Many times if you accept the position when a better opportunity arises you have a chance to promote if you have successfully completed the enytry level job even if you do not have a degree. Employers want both types of applicants degreed and not degreed if they are wise and honest because they have the ability to place the applicants in the appropriate positions depending on education, work history and or other factors. For example, someone may get consideration for activities in high school that were not classroom but maybe because they were involved in student council or a mother with children may need assistance such as child care and the compant does provide the benefit. Take the job if for no other reason then it provides a source of income and it will allow for future opportunities. Small business, big business all size organizations have something to offer when you need a job and that appies all over the world not just California. You probably have just not reached the right intity yet don't give up. And by the way we have been at this that is hiring and employment for a long time so if the company or organization is in violation they will eventually be caught keep looking until you get hired just keep your options open and you might get a pleasant surprise sooner or later. HR people are really down to earth and are very estute to the organization and know what they are doing and most importantly they do not want to make bad decisions.

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