Question on Background checks

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James in Alexandria, Virginia

70 months ago

On the job application they only ask if I was ever arrested for a felony. I didn't, but I have a couple of misdemeanors. When they do their criminal background search, do they look for those misdemeanors or just felonies? Thank you.

Rich in Palmdale, California

70 months ago

It probably says "convicted" and not arrested. Any background check depends on the position, the company and the background service used. Is this a position requiring a secret clearance? Is this a banking position? Answer any interview or application question honestly.

Ruben in San Antonio, Texas

69 months ago

The background check is based on the hiring policy for convictions. It usually isn't written but a case by case decision. The conviction or arrest has to directly have a chance of affecting the performance of duties to consider a factor in the selection process. In short if the app asked about felonies just include felonies. When asking for both misdemeanor and felony answer accordingly.

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