HR Manager Interview Questions

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TB in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

48 months ago

Hello HR forum,

I am currently pursuing an advanced degree in HR Management. I have a requirement to interview an HR Manager. The questions are as follows:

1. Please state your name.
2. How do you handle the pressures of deadlines?
3. What do you enjoy most about your position and why did you choose this field of study?
4. In terms of advancement, where do you see yourself next?
5. What were the steps/levels you had to endure to become an HR manager?
6. What do you expect of your subordinates? What type of management style do you and have and what would your employees say about you?
7. What recent training or seminars have you attended to improve your skills as a HR manager?
8. What type of contributions have you made in your current role or past role in the organization that are meaningful?
9. What are your strengths in this position?
10. How do you manage your weaknesses?
11. What skills do you possess now that you wish you knew prior to becoming a HR manager?
12. How difficult is it to manage or handle a change in policy?
13. What is your greatest method to reconcile employee and upper level management conflicts?
14. In a field like this organization seems to be imperative, what method do you use for reporting progress on your work?
15. What advice would you give to an individual who is looking to become a part of the HR field? Pros and cons of the HR field.

Thank you for input in advance!


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