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COMFORT AIR, BEAUMONT,TX in Wartrace, Tennessee

Updated 34 months ago

HVAC Looking for entry level work as an HVAC Service Techncian in Modesto Ca,,, - 5 Replies

I am looking for an entry level Service Technician can any help with some leads....I just finished my HVAC training at ITT in Modesto Ca. and I have...

david baker in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 35 months ago

Is it worth to start HVAC training for $21K and 14 months @ Kaplan School? - 2 Replies

I am 32 y/o and I was working as an AutoCAd drafter for 3 years and last year got laid off. Since then i am out off work. now I am thinking to go to...

Dane in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 36 months ago

Just got out of school in mn and looking to get in apprenticeship program - 1 Reply

I got done with the hvac/r technical program 5 months ago and I am having trouble finding an apprenticeship program. I tried to find any job right...

Inachan in York, Ontario

Getting Started in Canada

My boyfriend was educated and certified as an electrician in England and is in the process of coming to Canada on a work visa. He worked in...

Nick L in Medford, Massachusetts

Updated 38 months ago

cosidering taking the training for HVAC - 6 Replies

What is the job outlook for this field right now? My husband wants to make a career change and he is thinking about doing the HVAC training at a...

green in Baldwin, New York

Updated 38 months ago

HVAC - 5 Replies

Is HVAC worth paying $19000 for school

stefan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 39 months ago

Losing a great young tech - 2 Replies

Im losing a great young tech/installer as he's been excepted into the union. Great work ethics, attitude, he has a surprising amount of skill level...

rsalazar_2006 in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Getting back into the field

I went to a vocational school for HVAC before deciding to go to college. I had a good experience in trade school and in the work field when I worked...

Gregg Mechanical Corp. in Staten Island, New York

HVAC Technicians

I am the General Manager of an air conditioning company on Staten Island in New York City. After reading some posts on this website, there appears...

branden in Phoenix, Arizona

i just started school at rsi and reading all of these comments scare me ha.

i just started school at rsi and got into the trade because im 19 and just had a son. all of these posts are scaring me about continuing my...

yatu patel in Poland

poor field

this is a very poor field this is very non growing field can't get gud salary compare to i.t field or other field get fast grow u...

617 frm WEBSTER MA in Auburn, Massachusetts

Updated 41 months ago


Im debating on whether or not i want to get into the hvac trade in school.i took a tour around a school where thet do hvac work,and fixing AC/heaters...

chris in Orlando, Florida


Hi guys quick question. I am Universal certified HVAC technician and am also attending a tech school for electrical work My question is are there any...

kurnosui72 in Mount Prospect, Illinois

hvac tech 14 years of expirience stupid emploee tests

Is any one pass those stupid emploers test

Sam Naquin in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 43 months ago

hard to find hvac techs - 11 Replies

i have worked in this field since i was 16. i started in attics and under houses. i went to school, got out and made crap wages for several years. ...

DonnyTomball in Tyler, Texas

Updated 43 months ago

Need HVAC Technicians, Any state, does not matter. - 4 Replies

There is a new work from home MLM company that has the exclusive right to sell an energy efficiency product called PermaFrost to residential...

Beth in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 44 months ago

Opportunities in the HVAC field seem limited - 1 Reply

I have 10 years in HVAC, fairly well rounded resume. Yet at the the age of 54 I can't even get an interview. All the companies are using computer...

Nitty in New Bern, North Carolina

hvac work

Im a universal Hvac Tech out of school 3 1/2 months still lokking for an open door in the field, so tell me wheres the luck

peter wake in Roseville, California

Updated 45 months ago

Going to this "school"...help!! - 3 Replies

I live in Philly and I am planning on going to "Orleans Tech. Institute". for HVAC. It is only 6 months long and they said they help you find...

Douglas in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 46 months ago

I just started taking classes at lincoln tech for hvac two weeks ago how can i advance myself while in school? - 2 Replies

I have just recently started taking a course at lincoln tech its very slow to start and i feel im not being very challenged im sure it will progress...

D in Durham, North Carolina


I am an HVAC service tech with almost a years experience. I have my universal EPA as well as many certifications from Mainstream, but I am thinking...

paulp403 in Buffalo, New York

common venting

I have a lennox forced air furnace common vented with a natural draft hot water tank water tank is a rheem ph40s-40 i am in buffalo new york. the...

Eli in Kansas City, Missouri

what should i do Hvac skool soon should i go head n get my Associate n plc

hi i be Hvac skool soon should i go head n get my Associate n plc


Hvac Jobs in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

I wanted to know how the Hvac Industry is doing in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. And if the Pay is good for Hvac Technicians with a goog amount of...

csbwright in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Updated 50 months ago

HVAC - 1 Reply

What certifications or licenses are required to become a HVAC Technician?

Michael Claiborne in Lancaster, California

Updated 51 months ago

GO HVAC - 7 Replies

Man I love everything about hvac except of the "itch" I just finished school this april and still no job but I know things are going to get better...

suzi in Irving, Texas

Updated 51 months ago

Wanting to go into commercial - 2 Replies

I have 2 years experience working in both residential and commercial(a little more residential then commercial) and have decided that commercial...

John in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 51 months ago

Is HVAC worth it? - 1 Reply

I'm thinking about going to intellitec in Colorado Springs Colorado for HVAC. I have three questions. 1. does anyone know about intellitec like do...

srnjr in Randolph, Massachusetts

Updated 55 months ago

Are hvac technician job opportunities growing or declining? - 8 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most hvac technician...

Hollywood in Hamburg, New York

Updated 55 months ago

wat should i expt. - 3 Replies

wat should i expt. to earn starting off in the hvac feild once i finish school and become certified ??

bg in Lexington, Kentucky

Updated 56 months ago

Career Change to HVAC - 2 Replies

I am 44 years old and am considering pursuing an hvac career. What are the chances of succeeding in this endeavor at my age. I have found a one year...

Scott in North Wales, Pennsylvania

CHI Bromall PA. HVAC Program

Anyone out there who attended their HVAC program. Thinking about enrolling. What are the job prospects post graduation. Is this a good field to enter...

chevfam80 in Pooler, Georgia

Updated 56 months ago

lost cert card dont remember cert # can anyone tell me how to find this info ? - 6 Replies

nugent cant give me a new card w/o cert #

Naboo in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 56 months ago

career change to hvac-refrigeration at age 44 - 1 Reply

I currently make good money in retail-but getting burnt out. Am I too old to start a career change to hvac at the age of 44. How long would the...

Dennis Meier in Highland, Indiana

Updated 57 months ago

Future Good forHvac workers? - 8 Replies

Is there enough work on Long island New York?

srnjr in Randolph, Massachusetts

Updated 57 months ago

Newbie HVAC-R need some advice - 1 Reply

Hey Folks I been working as a oil burner tech for past 7 years I Enrolled in a HVAC-R school 6 months into it 8 months to go to get the 4k hours...

hvac student in O Fallon, Illinois

Updated 57 months ago

hvac school,vatterot - 1 Reply

ive finished all but two classes in my hvac training at vatterot college, had to drop because we got to busy at my current job.so i dropped out to...

Prohvac1 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 58 months ago

My husband needs a new job! - 1 Reply

My husband has been in the HVAC field for 13 years. He is a fully licensed journeyman, blah blah blah. Before that, he was in the Air Force for 11...

Hvac Pro in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 60 months ago

Need HVAC / Elecricians Operation Datacenter experience... - 1 Reply

Looking for technicians with HVAC datacenter experience a plus. Must now basics in HVAC or electrical experience and systems... Great pay and...

Hvac Pro in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 60 months ago

sending a resume - 5 Replies


sualways@yahoo.com in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Updated 60 months ago

HVAC Technician as a seasonal job? - 3 Replies

I'm studying to be a tax professional which would give me tons of work from January to mid April but not much afterwards. I have been trying to...

Phil in Glens Falls, New York

Updated 61 months ago

hvac - 5 Replies

how much would you think starting pay would be in four years for an hvac technician

Michael evans in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 61 months ago

New Turbine Workshop training program, solar/biomass thermal systems - 1 Reply

Get ready to succeed in a "green collar" career. Solar & biomass thermal power are on track to be the decade's hottest growth industries. The "New...

getting wilder in Bronx, New York

looking for work


debosht in Las Vegas, Nevada

looking for hvac job to start in 6 weeks

i'm currently taking the quality training course in las vegas nevada. looking for a job to start when i finish the class

mikeboniello in Wappingers Falls, New York

hvac wappingers

interested in the job opportunitys in wappingers in the HVAC Teachnician field

dm in Omaha, Nebraska

im 23, 8 months carpentry exp, entering hvac program soon. advice?

I have worked for a contractor who employed 8-10 people building/remodeling pretty nice residential homes for the past 8 months, saving money to go...

zubair khan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 63 months ago

Advice on HVAC career change - 2 Replies

I know its a killer subject thats been repeated and beat to death time and time again but here goes. My story. I worked for 15+ years at a factory....

bpb in Leavenworth, Kansas

should i get hvac certified

I want to know if hvac field is good to get into in leavenworth ks area

dosbo102@yahoo.com in Schaumburg, Illinois

Updated 63 months ago

hvac - 2 Replies

can i have a criminal record in this field

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