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Miss nelly

Updated 5 days ago

sick and tired of the superficial scene - 22 Replies

I have been a hair stylist for over 15 years I started ou in cosmetology school which happened to be my high school... In the beginning I did a lot...

Mallorie Jenks

Updated 5 days ago

Graduated Cosmo school in 2009 but never got my licenses.. - 2 Replies

Ok so my story is kinda like this but I've been trying to figure out if it's to late to go take the state boards because I've heard that you can only...

Brian D

Updated 8 days ago

nursing home stylist - 11 Replies

I run 3 salons for assisted living facilities. The best way to get into it is to speak with the director of the facility. Work as much or as little...


Updated 11 days ago

Steiner Training Academy and Working on a Cruise Ship - 61 Replies

Hi everybody, only one thing about personal trainer on ship: the daily hours. As I got, the gym was open since 7.30 `till 9.30 pm; there were 2/3 pt...


Updated 18 days ago

Too old for beauty school? - 615 Replies

Im 27 with no experiance due to life and health problems, and thought i was doomed! Glad ive seen this post. Gave me a sign of hope :) just need to...


Updated 20 days ago

How do I become licensed to do hair extensions? - 55 Replies

Maria Mejia in New Rochelle, your response to the question is NOT accurate, it is very misleading and FALSE. A Natural Hair stylist can apply heat,...


Updated 25 days ago

Bringing in new clientele - 15 Replies

[QUOTE who="April in Sacramento, California"]I've been looking to expand my clientele and in my area we don't get walk-in's very often. What are some...


Updated 25 days ago

Hairdresser apprenticeship question. - 18 Replies

I am looking for a salon in which to complete a cosmetology apprenticeship, my preferred area is Anaheim, CA and the surrounding communities. I speak...

Sakura Richards

Updated 1 month ago

Newly Licensed Cosmetologist wanting to throw in the towel. Help! - 29 Replies

Currently Whip It Weave Salon Is Accepting Applications For Make-Up Artist And Hair Stylist For Upcoming Salon. Apply Online

sidney vallon

Updated 1 month ago

Should I go back to doing hair? - 2 Replies

Hi! I actually didn't go back to working in the field of cosmetology, but I will keep my license updated. I got my bachelor's degree last summer and...

Sakura Richards

Updated 1 month ago

hair stylist sew ins and more - 2 Replies

Hair Stylz Network is hiring Hair Stylist And Make-Up Artist For Upcoming Weddings. Submit Application To:

Sakura Richards

Updated 1 month ago

Paul Mitchell Vs. Aveda Institute - 102 Replies

Hair Stylz Network Is Seeking Travel Hair Stylist And Make-Up Artist That Can Do Brides Hair And Make-Up On Location. Talented Makeup Artist &...


Updated 2 months ago

Beauty school or Nursing school? - 132 Replies

Sorry, I was 16 when I began working as a CNA. I Amy typing from my phone so I apologize for the errors.


RECAP on starting at 50 in Scottsdale AZ

Hi All, I'm 50, thinking Toni&Guy for school in Scottsdale because the community college is 1.5 years and I figure the extra cost of T&G would equal...


Updated 2 months ago

Opening a salon in a assisted living facility - 34 Replies

[QUOTE who=" in Minneapolis, Minnesota"]Hi, Im new to this but very passionate about starting my own business in the senior living...

wendy harper

apprenticeship for hair

Where can i find an apprenticeship in rochester ny or new york state ... ?

Angelica O.

Updated 2 months ago

Moving to France - 17 Replies

I'm a hairstylist in Malibu,California. Looking to move to Paris and work here,have some of the most demeaning clients and I deliver quality hair...

Hair Stylz Network

Updated 2 months ago

Quit Job to go to Cosmetology School? - 159 Replies

Hair Stylz Network Currently Seeking Hair Stylist And that Can Do Sew-In Hair Weave For Upcoming Salon Coming Soon To Arlington,TX Also seeming...

in the same boat

Updated 3 months ago

Cosmetology school question - 1 Reply

I understand how frustrating it can be having pursed higher education,but still unable to find employment. I have a bachelors degree in Human...

Steven Milit

Updated 3 months ago

what are a good pair of shears - 31 Replies

I have ten pairs of unused Japanese shears; various sizes. Washi brand. Some titanium. Two are thinning shears. I would like to sell them,...


Cosmetology/hair/aesthetics programs in Canada

Did you do your training at a college in Canada? If so, this survey of graduates and students of career colleges might be for you: http://surveys.conf...


Relocating to CA

Hello! I'm a licensed cosmetologist in MD and relocating to Pasadena, CA in December 2015 if not sooner. I'm looking for info on salons in or...


Job for Comotologist

Hi, I really want to get a job for cosmetologist in Concord NC. Can I get a job and do they training for me? I got the license 2014 even though I...

Oscar Pina

Updated 3 months ago

how much do hairstylist get paid? - 1631 Replies

[QUOTE who="sidney vallon in Chicago, Illinois"]Overall, hair stylists have VERY unstable jobs. You don't know what to expect to make week to week...


need to buy a professional haircut machine for men

Hi, I would like to buy a professional haircut machine for men, I would like to have some good recommendation and/or advice to buy one.


Returning to cosmetology school?

I attended school about 4 years ago and unfortunately had to stop going. I believe i got to about 800 hours in before I had to stop. I'm in nj and...

Transferring "Hairstyling License" from Colorado to Texas

Hello! I received my "Hairstylist" in 2009 in colorado. my fiancé and i have to transfer to texas. I have taken multiple extension, color, and...


Updated 4 months ago

Hairstylist schools in Ottawa - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kaleigh in Dublin, Ireland"]Hi Kimberly, Did you ever get any feedback about which program is best? I'm in the same boat - considering...


Updated 5 months ago

Can I make a decent living being a hairstylist? - 94 Replies

nope u cant, u not gonna get clients on ur chair everyday cause they basically on the budget cause the economy is bad and they have to look out for...


Barber or cosmetology school?

Where I live, I have the option of either going to a cosmetology school or possibly a barber school, and I can't seem to figure out which would be...


Updated 5 months ago

Help on building a clientele - 64 Replies

How do you get a job on a cruise line

Posh Salon Studios

Available: For Rent | Own your hairstyling, make-up or esthetician business!!

Nestled just off of I-95 between the Baltimore and DC beltways, Posh Salon Studios is Columbia's first Salon Studio complex ever. And we are ready...

For Rent: Posh Salon Studios

Looking to REnt a studio space all your own? No more Booth rent, no more commission, Advertise for yourself and Keep your money! Posh Salon Studios in Columbia, MD is now open! Call toll free today and view our brand new lavish studios! 866-695-POS...


Updated 5 months ago

How do I become aoart of an upscale salon? - 1 Reply

Hi, The Boardroom Salon for Men is an upscale men's salon located all over Texas! We would love to speak with you and help reach your dreams. Please...

Scissor Slinger

Updated 6 months ago

Cosmetology refresher course - 60 Replies

Scissor Slinger in Santa Monica, California 0 minutes ago Are you looking for refreshing skills or state board? If skills there are many options,...

Scissor Slinger in Santa Monica, California

Hairdresser on Fire

I have posted twice. Just want help. I suppose no one has any to offer here. I'm missing the most essential part of me. What I was raised to do, hair...

SRSWSUE in Midlothian, Virginia

Updated 6 months ago

positions in retirement /nursing homes doing the residents - 426 Replies

Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a nursing /retirement village in the columbus ohio area that needs a hairstylist. I have lots...

misslioness in Kansas City, Missouri

Cosmetologist OR Esthetician?

Hey guys, I'm a licensed esthetician and I want to go back to school to obtain a cosmetologist license as well. I have always had a passion for...

Scissor Slinger in Santa Monica, California

Updated 7 months ago

Anyone Agree that Beauty schools are out their GOD-DDDam minds?? - 13 Replies

I cannot believe what these people have the nerve to charge for Basics! 20,000?! Are they nuts? Now, it's not only Paul Mitchell or Aveda charging...

anonymous in Noblesville, Indiana

Updated 7 months ago

Cosmetology Refresher courses - 268 Replies

Does anyone know of any place or persons in Massachusetts that offer cometology refresher class for someone that graduated from beauty school back in...

JA Selil in Olive Branch, Mississippi

Updated 7 months ago

Beauty School vs. Community College? - 1 Reply

I'm interested in becoming a hairdresser, and I want to get the best training that I can. I've heard that going to a Community College for...

Angie in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

apprenticeship in cosmetology - 105 Replies

Does anyone know of anyone in the Henry/Clayton county GA area that does apprenticing for Cosmetology?

deamongirl in Bromma, Sweden

Help - Hair Dresser in Bromma City

Anyone who knows a good hair dresser who can do home service in Bromma? I’ve found a couple of Salons like this [] but there is not...

Dondante in Mountain View, California

do i need a cosmetology license to open a salon?

I need to buy out my girlfriends shop for financial reasons. Will I be able to obtain a license even though I do not have a license? She will be the...

rosales23 in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 9 months ago

Nursing school vs. Cosmotology school - 1 Reply

As a senior in high school, I am facing one of the most important decisions of my life: what to do with my future. Growing up in a family struggling...

elliemorrison in Dallas, Texas

Updated 10 months ago

styling african-american hair doing weaves, natural, locks, and braiding - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm going to attend cosmetology school and I would like to learn to style african-american hair. Is this hard to learn? I want to be able to...

Mikhan in Falls Church, Virginia

Updated 10 months ago

Need advice on which beauty school to go to please!!!!!! (Aveda or local beauty school) - 3 Replies

Hey everyone,I'm 24 years old. I'm a stay at home mom who REALLY wants to go to beauty school. I have several options in my area i'm in between two...

Mikhan in Falls Church, Virginia

Updated 10 months ago

Cosmetology Schools in DC: Aveda Institute or Grahram Webb? Please share your thoughts and experiences. - 18 Replies

I am thinking of attending cosmetology school. I attended a vocational program at one of my local high schools after work in the evenings. However,...

cuteemoshannon in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 10 months ago

Cosmetology degree in California with a theft misdemeanor conviction - 2 Replies

Has anyone gotten a cosmo degree in california with a misdemeanor theft conviction? I'm set to start school next week, and I have been researching...

Lkim802 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 10 months ago

Help with Cali state board - 12 Replies

I was just wondering if anyone has rented a state board cosmetology kit and if it was worth it and where did you rent it from?

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