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Updated 21 hours ago

positions in retirement /nursing homes doing the residents - 425 Replies .... Has the green I'd not in stock Reggie will order for you . I prefer the blue but you can't...


Updated 2 days ago

providing salon services in retirement/nursing homes - 12 Replies

Hello all, just wondering how many of you from way back when I was posting alot on here before, are still working for yourself in nursing retirement...


Updated 2 days ago

Newly Licensed Cosmetologist wanting to throw in the towel. Help! - 40 Replies

For just $29.95 you can get all the online training you need. Hair color, hair cuts, clipper cutting, women's cuts, men's cuts. All these training...


Updated 2 days ago

how much do hairstylist get paid? - 1632 Replies

Hello it's been a very long time since I've been on here. Just wondering if anyone has found a replacement shampoo as good as Sharon's Shampoo...


Confused on if I should continue to do hair?

I just recently graduated in November 2014 from Cosmetology school and got my license Feburary 2015 I started off at a very high end salon as a...


Updated 5 days ago

apprenticeship in cosmetology - 108 Replies

Hi, is there any way you can provide me with a few more details on how to get started with an apprenticeship in Baton Rouge? I'm in Baton Rouge as...


Updated 9 days ago

Can I make a decent living being a hairstylist? - 96 Replies

This is a very interesting thread.,,.. All very different opinions of the salon industry. I'm 26 years in the business. Started when I was 20....


Other Options with Cosmetology License?

I have a young child and my husband has a job that requires monthly overnight travel and very long hours. We rely on his job for health insurance....


Updated 16 days ago

Help! I'm a licensed cosmetologist and I have some questions - 1 Reply

I need help too.....I received my cos. Licence years ago and went to work for a short time.I was having issues during that time and decided to take a...


Updated 17 days ago

sick and tired of the superficial scene - 29 Replies

I've been reading this thread for the past 30 mins and I feel so normal right now. It's near impossible to tell people you're ready to quit something...


Updated 17 days ago

Opening a salon in a assisted living facility - 39 Replies

[QUOTE who="Donna in ky in Hollywood, Florida"]I am in the same business Maybe we can discuss options Contact me at three five to four nine seven...

Sabrina Combs

Is cosmetology school the right choice?

I just graduated high school, and I've always wanted to be a cosmetologist. Ever since I was 3 I've been braiding and cutting my barbies...

Updated 1 month ago

am i making the right decision about being a hairstylist? - 195 Replies

I graduated college 3 years ago with a BS degree in Nutrition and am now applying for Paul Mitchell Institute. It took me about a year to build up...


Updated 1 month ago

Cosmetology Refresher courses - 272 Replies

[QUOTE who="tee"]Mr Rick.I graduated from Roffler Hairstyling and Barber School in June 2009. I sent in my application to take the exam January...

Barber stylist

Updated 1 month ago

Can you work as a hairstylist with a barber license? - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="zaurastar in Henderson, Nevada"]I have a master barber license! And relocated From Ga, to Ny, to NV In NYC if you only have a...


Updated 1 month ago

Quit Job to go to Cosmetology School? - 158 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lynn in Attalla, Alabama"]I am almost 53. Male. I worked in healthcare for 32 years. Sick of it and unemployed now 6 months. I am...

Sashelle McCray

Updated 1 month ago

Doing Hair in a Nursing Home - 2 Replies

My comments are to anyone that is looking for these services to allow me to provide them and take care of there family members and loved ones.

Surina Meena Pillay

Updated 1 month ago

Hair Extensions - 332 Replies

[QUOTE who="sandy in Cornwall, New York"]Lookin for good hair for my hair extentions i have micro-links and finding hair that doesnt turn to straw...


Updated 1 month ago

New cosmetologist losing hope. HELP! - 2 Replies

I gave up and ended up quitting, I'm working in a hotel now just as a make do job while I go back to school for pharmacy tech.


New Stylist, want to quit

Long story short I'm new to this industry, and I'm very young. I'm at my second salon and finally have someone trying to help me. But I hate doing...


Updated 1 month ago

Steiner Training Academy and Working on a Cruise Ship - 62 Replies

[QUOTE who="Aleksandar in Serbia"]hi everybody i am a hairdresser and am going to interview in a few weeks can somebody please tell me what to...


Updated 1 month ago

Paul Mitchell Vs. Aveda Institute - 107 Replies

[QUOTE who="si in New York, New York"]aveda will help you during and after school.they have strong relationships with salons in the city so you can...

Simon-Marie Salon

Updated 1 month ago

New stylist. What should I expect a salon to do when they first hire me. - 1 Reply

You need to communicate with the owner in what you are comfortable doing. I hope they do not "throw you to the dogs". It would be the salon owner's...


Updated 2 months ago

Looking for US Based Salon Supply Hair Products - 1 Reply

Hi! I know this is years later, but if you're still looking for good salon products, I represent a hair care company with an AMAZING product line....


New York City hair stylist wants to move to Paris

Hi I'm a hairdresser in NYC,I'm very interested in moving to Paris! I speak a little bit of French but not enough to have a really deep conversation....


Updated 2 months ago

Moving to France - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nicole in France"]Hello Alice, I am an American hairstylest with a salon in Paris 8eme! Also I an currently looking for a qualified...


Updated 2 months ago

How do I become licensed to do hair extensions? - 57 Replies


Sunnybrooke 2018

Updated 2 months ago

Too old for beauty school? - 619 Replies

Went to school 16 years ago. Kept my license up to date and have done all of my continuing Ed requirements. Did not work but about two months after...


Help!! Don't know where to go from here

I went to Paul Mitchell California when I was 20, long story short I finished school moved and had a baby...years later I finally took my boards and...


Updated 2 months ago

Cosmetology degree in California with a theft misdemeanor conviction - 3 Replies

You both do not understand how much I appreciate you both asking and answering back the question. I to have the same background. Misdemeanor theft...


Updated 2 months ago

California Hair Stylist Certification - 36 Replies

? I am a licensed hairdresser/ barber red seal journeyman from Alberta Canada 24 yrs I'm wanting to move to San fransisco area California and...


Help! I can't decide which cosmetology school to go to!

I just finished my freshman year at Northern Michigan University. Now I've decided I wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of doing cosmetology....


Updated 3 months ago

Success in Cosmetology or Nursing? - 3 Replies

I have been a Cosmetologist for 15 years and a Certified Nursing Assistant for three months. There is stability in the nursing field. Being a stylist...



I am looking to do hair part time any suggestions


Updated 3 months ago

Cosmetology Instructor - 67 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dlynne in Duarte, California"]How do you get certified? I am currently in school for teacher's training and I am seeking...


Working as a stylist

Hi, I've had my license for a couple of years now, and I worked at a salon in a different country for a year, which is the only experience I have...


Updated 4 months ago

Just got let go from my apprenticeship at a salon. - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lfitz in Albuquerque, New Mexico"]Hello everyone, Today I just got let go from an apprenticeship at a salon. It's the only salon in...

Lesley Hammonds

Updated 4 months ago

Aveda institute entrance exam/ What it's composed of. (I just took it and passed it) - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lesley Hammonds in Greenfield, Indiana"]I was reading through all the comments and I went into Aveda in Indianapolis Indiana today was my...

newwavejunkie in San Antonio, Texas

Looking for my old hair stylist in San Antonio

I recently lost touch with my hair stylist. Her name is Victoria. Until very recently she worked at Great Clips in University Square in San Antonio,...


Updated 5 months ago

Hairdresser apprenticeship question. - 19 Replies

Hey so have always wanted to do an apprenticeship, I've recently moved to Ga and I need some help as to what salons offer them, or is my best bet...


***Cosmetology Advice!?!?***

Hello to whom ever is reading this. I graduated cosmetology school in 2010. I Haven't received my license yet. I took the written exam a while ago...

Beauty Galoure in Miami, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Am I at the wrong salon to build my business - 3 Replies

I have been working at an older salon for about a year. I started there right out of school. There's not a lot of walk ins actually there's not any....

Ahyde in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 6 months ago

Cosmetology refresher course - 61 Replies

My girlfriend got her cos license 6 years ago, and never went to work. Long story. She wants a refresher course so she feels comfortable putting...

Arvejita in Billings, Montana

Updated 7 months ago

Beauty school or Nursing school? - 133 Replies

I have been toggling back between going to beauty school or becoming a nurse. Im in my thirties, and have 3 children. Nursing seems so demanding and...

Mallorie Jenks in HOLT, Michigan

Updated 8 months ago

Graduated Cosmo school in 2009 but never got my licenses.. - 2 Replies

Hello all! I graduated cosmo school in 2009 but I never attained my licenses because I was afraid. I have very low self esteem and that's what...

Brian D

Updated 8 months ago

nursing home stylist - 11 Replies

I run 3 salons for assisted living facilities. The best way to get into it is to speak with the director of the facility. Work as much or as little...

Calli in Boise, Idaho

Updated 8 months ago

Bringing in new clientele - 15 Replies

I've been looking to expand my clientele and in my area we don't get walk-in's very often. What are some ways to advertise without spending a lot of...

sidney vallon in Tennessee

Updated 9 months ago

Should I go back to doing hair? - 2 Replies

I have a dilemma. I quit doing hair and am in college. I currently have 2 years left to finish, but I have to work while attending school to support...

Sakura Richards in Dallas, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

hair stylist sew ins and more - 2 Replies

I'm a hair stylist located in Dallas tx does anyone know how I can build clientele I do sew ins braids kids braids and more does anyone know where...


RECAP on starting at 50 in Scottsdale AZ

Hi All, I'm 50, thinking Toni&Guy for school in Scottsdale because the community college is 1.5 years and I figure the extra cost of T&G would equal...

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