Salary's don't reflect reality

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Robin K. in Grand Rapids, Michigan

65 months ago

Salarys don't come anywhere close to this where I'm at and I work in a Major Hospital in west Michigan (this quote is about 20,000 over what I make and I've been here quite a while)

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-indeedhost in Austin, Texas

65 months ago

Hello Robin K, Here is a salary search that I conducted which you may find helpful: Notice that I put the exact phrase I was searching for in double quotations and that the box labeled 'Search Job Titles Only' is checked. These tricks will help ensure that only salary data for jobs with "Health Unit Coordinator" as the title will be returned. You will also find a blue bar directly underneath the average salary number. When you move your mouse over the bar you can see the level of confidence in the salary estimate and how many data points Indeed has to reference in order to make the estimate. Obviously titles which have been posted on Indeed thousands of times will have a much higher level of confidence on salary estimates. As you can see, this salary estimate has a high confidence level because it's based on over 250 data sources. I hope this has helped you interpret the data you were seeing! Best, Indeed Host

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mojo in Duluth, Minnesota

65 months ago

I have been a HUC at my current job for 2.5 years and make just over $16 an hour at 24-32 hours a week. At full time, which is rare at this hospital, I would make just over $32,000 yearly. This is the highest paying HUC employer in this area (that I know of). 1/3 of my gross income goes to tax and insurance. Other places have union dues etc. and seem to be paid several dollars less hourly.
This is quite a bit different from the $46,000- or whatever was reported in my area to be the going rate.

I agree with whoever referred to HUCing as a thankless job. We work our butts off as a middle man and get our butts chewed by everyone who is having a ad day and no one EVER says "thank you for making my job easier." because everything we do is expected (obviously- hence the JOB)... but overlooked. Nurses are commended constantly, and doctors are gods. But the lowly Unit Coordinator makes the wheels turn.

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