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Lisa in Las Vegas, Nevada

116 months ago

Hi Rony,

I read your posting and unfortunately your experience is becoming the norm. You mentioned that you live in Atlanta. Are you at all interested in venturing outside that area? I worked and lived in Atlanta for about 8 years. I'm not here to Atlanta bash, but in my experience, Atlanta is the hub of the south and when things are good there, they're good, but when it's get the picture. Like a lot of places that have found new growth as Atlanta has over the past few years, a lot of people relocate from all over the world and that creates a problem; I'm from the south and I know, Atlanta, by comparisson to other metropolitan cities, is VERY, VERY small. A few years ago, word got out that Atlanta or ATL was the place to be and people migrated to the area like the Messiah was there and being a smaller place, there are only so many high-paying jobs in the region. I'm not sure your situation or how realistic this may be for you but have you made any effort to search the market via internet in other regions of the US? I am aware that some find it difficult to pick-up-and-go, but that is far better than waiting until things get progressively worse, don't you think? My suggestion is to give yourself a reasonalbe time-line, continue going to the networking meetings, etc., but that timeline should include a beginning date of looking at other major cities. The economy, as if I had to tell you, is taking a nose-dive and when the government starts "giving away" money in the form of economic stimulation, that is truly cause for alarm. I'm no political analyst, but I have a gut feeling that we won't truly know the extent of our economic woes until AFTER Bush has vacated the white house. I feel that now is probably the best time to at least explore your options. Good luck and God Bless! -Lisa

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