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Debbie in Western mass

Looking for help with job ideas!! 32/Female, Have experience & love excavators & dozers!!!!

Hi everyone! So I just moved back to Springfield Mass area....been up in VT, just got seasonally laid off from the ski mt I work at. Happens every...

Gatoca68 in Newbury park, California

Updated 1 month ago



David Pressler in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Dragline operator - 233 Replies

Experienced stripping coal or mining under water,Have ran manitowoc,american,northwest,bucyrus-erie,page and so on.Looking to relocate to the...

Needs a heavy equipment job in Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Heavy Equipment Operator

I went to school for heavy equipment. I learned how to run 6 different types of machines and I am having trouble finding a place that is willing to...

Muhamamd Nasir Khan in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Updated 2 months ago

Heavy Equipment Training - 8 Week Course in Alberta - 4 Replies

Hello: There is a new company run by experienced operators and trainers getting a lot of attention in Alberta: High Velocity Equipment...

Muhamamd Nasir Khan in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Updated 2 months ago

To be the best... - 49 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every heavy equipment operator must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your heavy...

Nasir Khan in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Updated 2 months ago

Heavy Equipment Operator wants relocation - 1 Reply

Looking for a job that relocates, just about anywhere at this point, I am a heavy equipment operator I have plenty of experince I have been doing it...

danrebongcawil@yahoo.com in Papua New Guinea

Updated 5 months ago

Pros/cons about KBR jobs in Iraq - 170 Replies

I need all the info I can get about KBR in Iraq. My fiance is getting ready to go over there this month to be a crane operator and I have stumbled...

mikebeecher00@gmail.com in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 10 months ago

Experienced Heavy Equipment Operator in Southern California - 3 Replies

I am a heavy equipment operator located in southern california who is currently looking for a position withing the Los Angeles County area. I have...

mark24 in Kingstree, South Carolina


I'm 24 from a small town in florence county south carolina. I no constuction experience but wanna get into heavy equipment operating. How would I go...

Chris in Carol Stream, Illinois

Updated 13 months ago

Gettin in local 150 in illinois H.e.o - 26 Replies

I am trying to get training in Heavy equipment operator in illinois i dont work in construction right now how can i get training

johannes namuhuja in Oshakati, Namibia

Updated 14 months ago

Heavy Equipment School - 170 Replies

Hi I am new here. I am 19 and I have intentions on going to school to be a HEO. I have a few questions for you more experienced operators. I live...

johannes namuhuja in Oshakati, Namibia

Updated 14 months ago

Heavy Equipment Operators School - 1 Reply

To the skeptics, I am one of at least ten Heavy Equipment Operators in my family. I was born into the underground construction industry. I was very...

JD850K 3DMC in Plainwell, Michigan

Updated 16 months ago

heavy equipment operator - 96 Replies

doesnt look good for construction,Ive been watching the stock market since may-08 to now. states are pulling there money back for the big jobs-all...

msotudeh in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 16 months ago

Starting a small excavating business - 57 Replies

I am wanting to start my own small excavating business have some experience but not a whole lot any information on doing this would be helpful thank...

Eugene in Los Angeles, California

Updated 17 months ago

heavy equipment operators jobs in alberta - 18 Replies

am just looking to see if there is anyone who knows the best spot to apply for heavy equipment jobs in alberta where we would be living in camps...

Eugene in Los Angeles, California

Updated 17 months ago

Heavy Equipment Operator **new job** - 35 Replies

Looking to move to Montana, Wyoming or Washington to run Heavy Equipment..I can run a dozer and loader the best but have been on just about...

dozer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 18 months ago

Heavy Equipment Operator - 572 Replies

I am a Certified H E O, I II III. I obtained my certs on Nov of 06. I have been looking for work in Las Vegas and Arizona. Calif. What does it take...

DenyerOFfate in Somerset, Kentucky

Updated 20 months ago

NCCER Certified. Experience required even though your certified and just got out of school. - 1 Reply

I don't understand why everytime a find a job posting in my town they want experience in the field. It took me 9 months straight of training,...

DenyerOFfate in Somerset, Kentucky

Updated 20 months ago

best way to start your career as a HEO - 1 Reply

i want to work as a HEO but i can't seem to figure where to start. i'm 18 and currently live near baltimore, MD. I know there are many HEO...

DRL in AUSTIN, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

HEO training/Apprenticeship 450 in SOUTHEAST TEXAS - 13 Replies

I would like to get some OJT training with a company out of southeast texas area beaumont port arthur area... or would like to try and get into the...

military@operator-academy.com in Exeter, New Hampshire

Updated 22 months ago

looking to get certified to be a Heavy Eguipment operator - 10 Replies

I am very interested in starting a career as a heavy equipment operator but am having trouble finding places in pa that certify if you can help please

Gothtec in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Updated 22 months ago

Bulldozer driver - 50 Replies

How can a I learn to drive a bulldozer or backhoe.

James Moseley in San Gabriel, California

Updated 22 months ago

I want to set up the biggest welding industry in the western region of Ghana. - 8 Replies

Oil have been discovered in the western region of Ghana, i have made research and there is no welding industry in the region. so i want to set up...

beas62 in Alton, Illinois

Updated 24 months ago

HEO Jobs - 80 Replies

I am a NCCER Certified Heavy Equipment Operator... I am having troubles finding a decenct job. My specialty is in excavation... Can anyone help...

E Leep in Coos Bay, Oregon

Updated 24 months ago

heavy equipment school - 5 Replies

i went to a school for heavy equipment an it was a joke they where suppose to give you job placement an the week after i got out of school the school...

Matthew in Seattle, Washington

Updated 26 months ago

Heavy Equipment Operator - 590 Replies

I graduated from a Construction School in Las Vegas, NV. on Nov 10 2006. I am a H E O I II & III, NCCER Certified. Did hands on Training on all the...

broke in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 26 months ago

Any Training Schools in South Fl. Dade, or Broward Co.? - 4 Replies

I'm looking for a training or school program in the South Fl. area! Dade, Broward, Naples, Ft. Myers. Anyone out there know of any? (Sunrise...

broke in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 26 months ago

how do you get into it? - 29 Replies

i am 22 years old. im a female. and i want to work as an operator. my only set back is.... i have no experience! im from a small town, and when i...

Caper in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Updated 27 months ago

Is the job market for heavy equipment operator good in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada? - 1 Reply

I see some job ads for them online for around here. Not a lot but some. I don't really want to have to travel that far for work in this field. I...

HEOREPORT in Edmonton, Alberta

Tell me about your job......

I'm doing a report on HEO for school. If anyone could answer some of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. -What do you like most/...

danny smith in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 27 months ago

Heavyequipment operator in the london ontario area availible for 2009 - 1 Reply

HEllo i am a graduate of the O.T.D.S heavy equipment program 1998. .curently in athens greece with a fleet of 2 backhoes 1 mini excavator.i was...

Dusty Roads in Pasadena, Texas

Updated 28 months ago

Is the military an ok place to learn how to become a heavy equipment operator - 1 Reply

I'm a laborer in a road construction company, it'll be years till I can become an operator, I'm wanting to know if joining the national guard as an...

excavatorman in Fishers, Indiana

Updated 28 months ago

Show me the money... - 28 Replies

What are typical heavy equipment operator salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in...

marlon weaver in Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Updated 29 months ago

Dragline Operator moving to Fl. - 7 Replies

Leaving Tx. where I have been running American Friction draglines for the last 8 yrs. Seeking employment

Bill in Baden, Pennsylvania

I am interested in becoming an HEO in the Pittsburgh area . . .

Hey guys, I am a 40 year old single father that is interested in becoming an HEO. I was interested in seeing if there were more cost effective ways...

Miriam in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 30 months ago



richard conie in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 30 months ago

Lock level - 1 Reply

I am looking for a good lock level for my rough grades. Every time I ask the other guys at the shop I get no answer. I have a level from home depot...

Dennis in Dallas, Georgia

Updated 30 months ago

finish blade opperator - 4 Replies

Hi my name is Chris I've been a heavy equipment operator for 13 years I'm currently seeking employment in the Yakima area I'm universal on all...

miamatteo92@gmail.com in Yuma, Arizona

Updated 31 months ago

Overseas Operator jobs? - 55 Replies

Anyone have experience working overseas as an operator? Just wondering how you found the job and any advice. Thanks.


Looking to relocate to Texas

I am looking to relocate my family and I to Texas, I have a very board level of experience, Ranch Manger, Caterpillar Field Service...

41ws2 in La Marque, Texas

Updated 33 months ago

Heavy equiptment Jobs in Pasadena , Deer park ,laporte TEXAS - 1 Reply

Anyone know Of companys hiring ? in this area , I'have heard some talk about things picking up but haven't seen it, I can operate just about anything...

41ws2 in La Marque, Texas

Updated 33 months ago

whats it going to be like in a year? - 18 Replies

what do you guys think is the job market going to be better or worse in a year? I hope it will be better things look really good for my employer next...

gypsy in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 34 months ago

Wanting to start a career in heavy equipt.operation - 1 Reply

I bet u all heard it before, I wanna learn how to operate heavy equipment, yes well I do and darn it I wont be afraid to ask, I am wanting to change...

agoldman in Benson, Arizona

Updated 36 months ago

NCCER Certifications? - 3 Replies

I have been operating for 15 plus years. Most jobs are looking for certifications now a days. Does anyone know how to get NCCER certified with out...

paco2244@yahoo.com in Austin, Texas

good schools?

i am a security guard at a water treatment plant where a lot of cats are rolling around. This really seems like something i can be really good at....

oldschooldropout in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 38 months ago

Work prospects in Dallas, Texas - 1 Reply

I Have been in the earth moving business for over 30 yrs in Texas as a Finish Blade Operator. I Have seen the wages as high as $19.00 an hour...

mannymartinez1964@yahoo.com in Chula Vista, California

Updated 38 months ago

Equipment Operator(looking for work socal) - 3 Replies

Any one got any leads on Heavy equipment operator jobs in Socal? My boss laid me off because i had to take time off to recover from a car accident...

steve. young.machine.services in Norcross, Georgia

Updated 38 months ago

Heavy equipment operator - 31 Replies

I am a Heavy equipment operator (journyman). I have owned my own grading and hauling company in Georgia for the past 8 years , whitch I recently...

mmgcjj in Hudson, Wisconsin

Any work around Greensboro NC.?

Need to work BAD! Out of money, out of time, out of gas,out of food!

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