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broke in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 72 months ago

Any Training Schools in South Fl. Dade, or Broward Co.? - 3 Replies

I'm looking for a training or school program in the South Fl. area! Dade, Broward, Naples, Ft. Myers. Anyone out there know of any? (Sunrise...

Caper in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Updated 72 months ago

Is the job market for heavy equipment operator good in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada? - 1 Reply

I see some job ads for them online for around here. Not a lot but some. I don't really want to have to travel that far for work in this field. I...

HEOREPORT in Edmonton, Alberta

Tell me about your job......

I'm doing a report on HEO for school. If anyone could answer some of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. -What do you like most/...

danny smith in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Updated 73 months ago

Heavyequipment operator in the london ontario area availible for 2009 - 1 Reply

HEllo i am a graduate of the O.T.D.S heavy equipment program 1998. .curently in athens greece with a fleet of 2 backhoes 1 mini excavator.i was...

Dusty Roads in Pasadena, Texas

Updated 74 months ago

Is the military an ok place to learn how to become a heavy equipment operator - 1 Reply

I'm a laborer in a road construction company, it'll be years till I can become an operator, I'm wanting to know if joining the national guard as an...

marlon weaver in Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Updated 75 months ago

Dragline Operator moving to Fl. - 7 Replies

Leaving Tx. where I have been running American Friction draglines for the last 8 yrs. Seeking employment

Bill in Baden, Pennsylvania

I am interested in becoming an HEO in the Pittsburgh area . . .

Hey guys, I am a 40 year old single father that is interested in becoming an HEO. I was interested in seeing if there were more cost effective ways...

Miriam in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 76 months ago



41ws2 in La Marque, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

Heavy equiptment Jobs in Pasadena , Deer park ,laporte TEXAS - 1 Reply

Anyone know Of companys hiring ? in this area , I'have heard some talk about things picking up but haven't seen it, I can operate just about anything...

41ws2 in La Marque, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

whats it going to be like in a year? - 18 Replies

what do you guys think is the job market going to be better or worse in a year? I hope it will be better things look really good for my employer next...

gypsy in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 80 months ago

Wanting to start a career in heavy equipt.operation - 1 Reply

I bet u all heard it before, I wanna learn how to operate heavy equipment, yes well I do and darn it I wont be afraid to ask, I am wanting to change...

paco2244@*****.*** in Austin, Texas

good schools?

i am a security guard at a water treatment plant where a lot of cats are rolling around. This really seems like something i can be really good at....

oldschooldropout in Fort Worth, Texas

Work prospects in Dallas, Texas

I Have been in the earth moving business for over 30 yrs in Texas as a Finish Blade Operator. I Have seen the wages as high as $19.00 an hour...

steve. young.machine.services in Norcross, Georgia

Updated 84 months ago

Heavy equipment operator - 28 Replies

I am a Heavy equipment operator (journyman). I have owned my own grading and hauling company in Georgia for the past 8 years , whitch I recently...

mmgcjj in Hudson, Wisconsin

Any work around Greensboro NC.?

Need to work BAD! Out of money, out of time, out of gas,out of food!

rond in Port Orange, Florida

Updated 85 months ago

Anybody know anything about KBR jobs in Iraq? - 25 Replies

My fiance is getting ready to go to Iraq as a crane operator this month and I was wondering about family insurance coverage over there? Anyone have...

Jeff in Savannah, Georgia

Early start to excavating business

I am an H.E.O. in the army and have 4 years of service left. Is there anything I can do over the next 4 years to prepare for my startup? By...

William Green in Pittsburg, Texas

heavy equipment operator for abroad

i just like to work abroad for get a higher salary for my family... thats its!

Nyle in Killeen, Texas


wheres the jobs

big cat man!


Ive been searching for months,Im willing to go in as a helper.Really need to put my lisc. to work.

smilingjack in Yucca Valley, California

Updated 87 months ago

School Graduates Listen Up! - 31 Replies

Earth Maggot you rule!!1 These dumb @ss mther f!ckers think their sh!t dont stink coming right out of school. Listen you little school boy losers I...

declan in Athlone, Ireland

tickets and saftey certificates

hi guys i'm looking for information. i thinking of going to alberta canada, and i'm an excavator driver by trade and i'm wondering what tickets do i...

Aaron in Gloversville, New York

Where did my hard earned tax dollars go?

Im still waiting to bid on these infastructre projects we were supposed to see. I can name a dozen local streets off the top of my head, that still...


Updated 88 months ago

Looking for equipment Operator Job!!! - 2 Replies

I was just wondering if anybody out there knows any where they are looking for equipment operators.I am in desperate need of work and will go just...

cUfDGlB- in Zadar, Croatia

Updated 88 months ago

D6 or larger certified dozer operator - 5 Replies

Dozer operator needed for approximately 2-3 weeks to fill in land fill. Must be trustworthy will be working independently. Must have certification...

cowboyupz712 in Alvin, Texas

Updated 88 months ago

NCCER Certifications? - 2 Replies

I have been operating for 15 plus years. Most jobs are looking for certifications now a days. Does anyone know how to get NCCER certified with out...

Dusthawk in Bethel Island, California

Looking at entering the HEO field

I am 40 years old and seriously considering a career change into Heavy Equipment. I am coming off disability within a couple of months and hopefully...

jamal sheikh in Male, Maldives

Updated 89 months ago

Need a job heavy equipment in australia - 1 Reply

I have exprience 3 years as dump truck operator.I have been working in PT.KPC of Indonesia since 2006 until now.I want to work in Australia or...

ray in Ludlow, Massachusetts

Updated 90 months ago

Looking for a job - 4 Replies

Im a heavy equipment operator,who started working at the age of 14, in a demolition company.I know how to do this job 100% good.I live in Lakeland,fl.


I'm looking for work I will travel

H.E.O. I have 1 week left of school and looking for contacts and work. I'll work for u for free for a day to prove my front and back hoe bucket...

American Guesser in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 92 months ago

HE after the usmc? - 1 Reply

My husband is a Heavy Equipment operator in the Marines right now. He getting out in April and we are trying to find out where to go from here. He...

yvonne2u2 in Gastonia, North Carolina

Updated 93 months ago

Anyone from North Carolina - how's the Operations Market? - 6 Replies

I currently live in Michigan and am looking to relocate to North Carolina (specifically the Raleigh area). Can anyone please give me some...

CBH423 in Baytown, Texas

Overseas constructon

I am a heavy equipment operator with 10 yrs experience. I am nccco certified on lattice boom crawler. I am looking for information on any companies...

Patrick in Mechelen, Belgium

Updated 96 months ago

tower crane criver 25 yrs exp looking anywere - 1 Reply

i have alot of exp with all types tower cranes i have tickets to drive all cranes any jobs out there

texback in Bridgeport, Texas

Updated 96 months ago

Looking for heavy equipment operator job in Texas - 4 Replies

I have many years experience operating dozers, backhoes, trackhoes, etc doing rough to finish grade work. Owned my own heavy contracting business...

finlaymichael@*****.*** in Tampa, Florida

i oper heavy equ

oper crame grove 30 ton 95 ton and backhoe

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

A dying breed - 1 Reply

Happy 2010 to all my hard working brothers out there,is it me or do you feel the same way?been running equipment and a trucker for most my life,move...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

heavy equipment operator - 1 Reply

I have been in const. for 29 years everything from underground mining to hotels in las vegas not much in the way of equipment I can't or haven't ran...


nccco certification

I found a school to get my NCCCO certification in Colorado called Mobile Crane and Certification Services. Has anybody heard anything about them?

pilotbob172 in Lakeland, Florida

heavy equipment operator

Im a heavy equipment over 30yr exp. I operater (motor grader) finish d.o.t limerock an subase. State roads iv have worked an finish rock on I4&98...

hcalhoun in Saginaw, Michigan

Updated 97 months ago

Federal Gov. Equipment Operators - 1 Reply

I have been applying on the usa.com website for heavy equipment operator for the federal gov. Its been 11 months and I have applied for 68 different...

Need Work in Alpena, Michigan

Heavy equipment operators

Does anyone know of any quarries looking for equipment operators in southern states? Any info would be appreciated

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 99 months ago

Heavy Equipment Operator - 1 Reply

Looking for work will go any ware, got 19 years in pipeline work and 18 years in the operators uion loc. 324 ,pulse i have done finish work on road,...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 100 months ago

Heavy equipement operator - 1 Reply

Heavy equipment operator seeking employment in Arlington area.Have 15 yrs. exp. in dirt construction.Can operate Dozer,front-end loader,compactor,roll...

Ford in Lansing, Michigan

Recent graduate of AIS HE Operator School - Michigan Employment

Does anyone know of companies looking for operators in mid-Michigan?

cowboyride33 in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Updated 100 months ago

Need a Job - 3 Replies

I am looking to relocate to the midwest with my family and am looking for a heavy equipment operator job. I'm 37 years old and have 18 years...

R Perez in Los Angeles, California

Updated 100 months ago

H.E.O. 30+ yrs - 1 Reply

Proficient on Excavator, Dozer, Loader, most all earth moveing equipment. Been on unemployment scince Sept. 08. Thought I'd try this aproach, I mean...

Karl the HeavyEquipment Guy

Looking for loaders and blades

Got a loader or blade you want to sell? Know a contractor thats selling? CAT,Kawasaki,Kamatsu,Terex,Michigan,John Deere. Contact me at...

Shapleigh Maine in Bath, Maine

Updated 101 months ago

need employment in Mass,New Hampshire, and maine!!!!! - 7 Replies

ive got 3 years experience, ma hoisting license, and a nccer certification. please email with work zerorulz21@msn.com...ready to work asap!!!

trmaggie98 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 101 months ago


Skills and Trades: I have 15 years of experience in the construction industry. With 8 years as a foreman. During this time I have gained...

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