Wanting to start a career in heavy equipt.operation

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Angi Reb in Dayton, Ohio

84 months ago

I bet u all heard it before, I wanna learn how to operate heavy equipment, yes well I do and darn it I wont be afraid to ask, I am wanting to change careers, I am a police officer in southern ohio and the money really sucks!!! I really am interested but have no backup money, my credit is less than ok, I am wanting to make more money just like anyone, but need help, I got the drive, ambition, attitude, but no money can anyone help me??

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gypsy in Jacksonville, Florida

63 months ago

you have to start from the bottom like everyone else. On a shovel for minimum wage and show the forman you have a willigness to learn and good work ethics by being dependable and doing more than what your job requires or is expected of you. You have to grab all the seat time you can such as going without lunch and jumping on the machine for thity minutes on your own time not company time.If you have a good forman than he or she probably shows up early before the crew to check out the job and make plans for the day. Be there early when the forman shows upeveryday and let them know of your desire to learn on your own time. be willing to work all overtime offered because alot of people won't and that may leave an empty seat and a chance to learn. this is something that takes years to perfect. running equipment takes years, it is not like learning to drive a car. You must start on the ground as a laborer to properly learn by watching how it is done, learning to read grade stakes and asking questions and comparing answers from qualified operators. You say you don't have money to back you up than my advice to you is to stay in your current career unless you are willing to work in the hot sun for minimum wage as a laborer in hopes to eventually with alot of hard work perserverance and determination ( and sweat ) slowwwwly work your way to the top. That my friend is how most of us H.E.O made it here. I am a female H.E.O of 14 yrs and many of us are laid off right now, and I forgot to mention when it rains you probably won't work. you probably have it better than you realize.

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