best way to start your career as a HEO

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sloppy in Severna Park, Maryland

68 months ago

i want to work as a HEO but i can't seem to figure where to start. i'm 18 and currently live near baltimore, MD. I know there are many HEO opportunities here, I just need to be pointed in the right direction. any info would be much appreciated!

also, i have an additional question.. does anyone have any idea if it matters if my earlobes are stretched? my earlobes are almost 2"
would my ears be a problem? (for safety issues/trouble finding employment)

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DenyerOFfate in Somerset, Kentucky

68 months ago

I went to ATS in Wisconsin, but realize that was the wrong way to go about it...

If you decide to go to ATS or some school, make sure you don't just take level1 of the program, make sure you take level 2.. So that two months of school counts as "two years experience"... I made the mistake of just going for 1 month. which only counts as one year. And everyone wants 2+years if nothing.. But since that was a big trip for me, and 12 months ago, when I had a job and income.. I can't just go back like it was a piece of cake.

Anyways, the better way to do it would just pay your time if that option exist. Get on with a road crew, or some company that deals with heavy equipment and work your way up from their. That way you'd make money.. and advance at the same time, even if it took awhile. That would be the better way to do it than think like I foolishly did that going to school would just instantly network you with a bunch of companies or whatever looking for entry level operators. In this economy that doesn't seem to be the case.

Also keep in mind, their are going to be hoops and gate keepers you have to deal with...

And yes your ears may affect things. But if you show your serious you'd probably get respect. Good luck!

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