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Queenbee75 in Chicago, Illinois

Knowing when its time to walk away

As I come into the 5th year of being a home health aide I have begun to mentally prepare myself to walk away from the job because the verbal and...

Susan in Middletown, Delaware

Updated 25 months ago

CNA - 1 Reply


Queenbee75 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

Tips and advice for new CNAs and HHAs - 2 Replies

My client's daughter had a conversation with me today just to get an understanding about things and just where she stood. I want to share this with...

Miss Lizzie in Somewhere

Updated 28 months ago

Agencies paying $7.50 hr SLAVE WAGES!! - 22 Replies

I am currently a 27 year old HHA/PCA living in the BRONX NY. I've been a HHA for the past 3yrs ALL of the AGENCIES PAY the SAME, STARTING @ 7.50 and...

Salcare Home Health Care Services Inc in New York, New York

Updated 28 months ago

Home care workers bill of rights - 1 Reply

Hi all, I just saw this article: http://socialistworker.org/2013/10/17/much-more-than-companions It describes the recent passing of the domestic...

Tammie in Sacramento, California

Updated 29 months ago

searching for free training - 28 Replies

Hey everyone, i need some help .I'm looking fro somewhere that offers free HHA classes in the evenings and on weekends.

Michael Gowan in Bakersfield, California

Updated 31 months ago

free hha classes in springfield ma please reply - 1 Reply

Cannot find a place locally where i can take free home health aide classes ?

Jocelyn in New York, New York

Concepts of Independence doesn't pay their workers--anyone else had this??

Hi! I worked as an assistant for Concepts of Independence at 120 Wall Street and have been having a really hard time getting paid. It took hours...

Jewish Home Lifecare in New York, New York

Updated 31 months ago

Please help HHA's. Where is your company recruitment office, the telephone, number, pay rate and benefits if you remember? - 9 Replies

If your a HHA can you post how much your company pays. Lets make a list. Theres no shame...it jus helps other ppl get out the agencies they feel...

naelie25 in Berwyn, Illinois

HHA rates and hours in chicago (and surroundung areas)

I am trying to be my grandmothers HHA it will be my first time doing this . I know i have to get trained and get a certificate. But in not Sure how...

brendag538 in Springfield, Massachusetts

need help finding free hha classes

Not many places that i know of offer free classes in springfield ma , but if anyone knows of any please reply , thanx

Wise Fiagbor in Bronx, New York

Updated 33 months ago

home health aid position - 90 Replies

Im looking for a job with the elderly.i have done this kind of work for 20 years.Iwill work hourly,daily, or overnight.light housework,doctors...

Salcare Home Health Care Services Inc in New York, New York

Updated 37 months ago

how to work as an HHA privately - 2 Replies

I just finished training as an HHA and I start soon. I know I am going to need some experience but I was wondering are there any HHA 's that work or...

MarciaW in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Updated 37 months ago

As a CNA or HHA have any of you ever worked on your own instead of with an agency? - 1 Reply

I am a CNA and am thinking of doing something like putting an ad in the paper or on CL and finding my own jobs there. Has anyone ever done this?

MarciaW in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Updated 37 months ago

Hiring HHA to care for grand parents, what is a fair wage? - 2 Replies

Grand parents are in their mid 80's, both active but grandma has Alzheimer's. Looking for an HHA to assist with care of grandma. Grandpa has...

Taustin10030 in New York, New York

Home Health Aide

How much is Best Choice home care. minimum wages is?Did anybody attend here and received a job position?

Charles Zimmerk in Los Angeles, California

What are the requirements to work as an HHA in California?

I live in California and want to work as an HHA. I was hoping for a convenient and affordable course. Thanks in advance.

Bette Parker in Winter Park, Florida

Problems,pains concerns as a HHA

Hello, my name is Bette, and I am about to start my HHA training in Orlando. I love helping and taking care of others and i love working hard. I am...


Updated 40 months ago

pay increase - 14 Replies

Good new's starting March 31st 2012 the base rate of pay for all agencies will be 9.00 per hour and will increase until 2014 the base rate will then...

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

Updated 43 months ago

Partners and care - 3 Replies

HI, i will be starting training at Partners and care in may. I would like to know how long does it take for them to give you your certificate after...

tanis in Elizabeth, New Jersey

free hha classes

can someone tell me where can i find free classes in eastorange or newark, because i have been looking and found none.

Sayyad99 in South Richmond Hill, New York

Does anyone knows of any agency recruiting HHA coordinators?

Hi guys, I recently graduated from college with my Bachelors Degree and I have 2 1/2 years experience working as a home health aide. I was looking to...

Kimme in Bayonne, New Jersey

Updated 43 months ago

home health aid training - 31 Replies

hi iam currently looking for a free home health aid training in jersey city nj i would appreciate it if they also gave classes on the weekends. thank...

mr.tomellis in Pompano Beach, Florida

Are you interested in becoming a HHA, because my wife just did and it was a great choice.

Just wanted to share my experience because my wife used this company and I used them as well but for a different service. Americanrecruitinggroup.co...

Enra in Somerset, New Jersey

Updated 45 months ago

I'm looking for free Home Heath Aide Classes in Union County, NJ - 4 Replies

Im currently looking to take a class in HHA. If anyone knows where there will be any free classes being offered in the surrounding area Union,Essex...

abby in Buffalo, New York

Updated 45 months ago

Paid HHA Training and a Question - 8 Replies

Hi all Was wondering if there is any place in the Bronx or Westchester where I can pay to get a HHA certificate? Or a course that offer's a HHA...

Chacore Brown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 45 months ago

Home Health Training Certificate - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm looking for a program in Philadelphia that offers Home Health Training Certificates. Please email me

hanifiah pettigrew in trenton, New Jersey

Updated 46 months ago

Home health aide training in Mercer county - 9 Replies

I have recently lost my employment, for a long time i have been interested cna or chha jobs but never was put in the postion to have time to make the...

nena33 in Brooklyn, New York

whant to know how much agency pays an hour thank you

hi can somebody tell me how much edison homecare pays for a four hour case thank you


Updated 46 months ago

Best care inc Rates in New yourk - 3 Replies

do anybody know how much do best care inc pay and if the have 12 hour cases

jasmine in Trenton, New Jersey

Updated 46 months ago

free home health aid classes in newark - 21 Replies

i need to know if there are any free home health aid classes in newark

Yahira in White Plains, New York

Updated 46 months ago

Home Health Aid TRAINING - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm new in Richmond and I'm looking for a hone health aid job and training.

Dan in Edison, New Jersey

New Jersey HHA using own car and pay question

My mom is an Home Health Aide and she drives to her client's home to do her job. However, she have some clients that wants to spend a day at her kids...

nene in San Diego, California

Updated 48 months ago



hha in Cleveland, Ohio

HHA pay & agencies in Cleveland, ohio

I am currently working for an agency that is paying me 9.25/hr. I have been with them for almost two years. They do not pay overtime nor give raises....


i need to be enrolled in a HHA classes

I love caring for the elderly.....its my passion

MsReal in Bronx, New York

What are Utopia Rates in the bronx

What are Utopia Rates in the bronx and do they have live in or 12hour cases

In this ISLAND in Staten Island, New York

To find out your HHA status

To find out your status go to: https://apps.nyhealth.gov/professionals/home_care/registry/home.action and enter your six digit registry number.

MsReal in Bronx, New York

Do Anybody If Hebrew Health Home In CO OP any good??

Do they have alot of cases and live in and how is they pay

Joseph vil in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Updated 49 months ago

I need to renewal my homehealth aide license! - 1 Reply

I Need to renewal my license without taking the class again. I need to be hire inorder to receive certificate.Can someone give me advice. I would...

Charles61 in Longview, Texas

Updated 49 months ago

want towork , can work , but dont have a car - 7 Replies

want to work with disability, people that dont need heavy lifting .. like a compainion three times a week to assited with home or shopping needs , I...

Sacha10461 in Bronx, New York

Any Independant HHA/PCA companies to for with?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me of agencies in NYS that a HHA/PCA works as a Indepent contractor, meaning the HHA/PCA aide is responsible for...

Sacha10461 in Bronx, New York

Can a HHA/PCA accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Hi All, Was wondering that I see sometimes LPN and RN's take for private care Medicare and Medicaid. How can a HHA accept these's assurances? Can...


Updated 49 months ago

Free Home Health Aide Classes in Suffolk County, NY - 2 Replies

Does anyone know of any free home health aide training that is starting in the next month or so near Patchogue or anywhere else in Suffolk county?

ericaLM32 in Cleveland, Ohio

medical assistant

question....if I have gone through a medical assistant program here in cleveland Ohio and want to move to SC do i have to take a medical assistant...

Renee in california in Ripon, California

Updated 49 months ago

seeking employment - 2 Replies

Looking for childcare worker,laundry aide,caregiver position or all together.I am dependable about my work.Have hotel supervisory skills in the...

anneb15@*****.*** in Steubenville, Ohio

Updated 49 months ago

cna - 4 Replies

I think thus is crazy that people that work in grocery stores get paid more than CNA'S in the Health Care field!

Roseline in Beltsville, Maryland

Pls where can i get free taining for cna or home health aid in waldorf or the one not more than 300

Pls its urgent

Teshcc in Rosedale, New York

HHA Agencies

What are good HHA Agencies in the Queens/Manhattan that offer free training? Please let me know

fnel21 in Brooklyn, New York

Prime Home Health services

I was looking at the carribbean paper and I saw ad on Prime Home Health Services can someone tell me how this agency is?

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