Seniors committing home health fraud

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Queenbee75 in Chicago, Illinois

52 months ago

This is a hot topic that I wanted to touch down on because it's getting to the point that seniors are misusing and abusing the services they're getting. I had to drop a client after nearly 5 years because she can do her own cooking, bathing, washing, ironing, and making up her own bed. Then she had the audacity to start talking to me any kind of way when in fact I could have said to her that you are committing fraud with services you clearly do not need. This client should have had her services terminated when she recovered from her car accident she doesnt need someone in there three days a week she should only have someone there to do the light stuff not driving her all over the place and doing stuff that's beyond the scope of the job. It's a travesty that this kind of nonsense cost insurance companies a lot of money that could be utilized in helping those who actually need the services. There needs to be a better screening and redetermination system to stop a lot of these seniors from taking advantage of services and resources that they clearly do not have a true need for and to make their family members step up. These seniors will run the hell out of you if you allow them and they don't like it when some aspects of the service is restricted meaning you are following all rules, policies, protocol, and all information listed in the POC(plan of care. Most home health aides are treated like garbage and many people see the facade of this field when in fact it's not all peaches and cream in fact many home health aides are often put into dangerous situations with mentally unstable and violent family members who want to assault workers when they are not providing service to them as well. This happened to me when a client's two grown grandkids threatened me because I refused to clean up after them and told them it wasnt my job. You have to really stand your ground many agencies are not looking out for their workers.

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Mary in Norristown, Pennsylvania

23 months ago

Sounds about right!

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