Desperately trying to find something in Ohio

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Igriley in Dayton, Ohio

101 months ago

I'm a seasoned and successful Manager over IT professionals and operations who had my job "best shored" a number of months ago. I've been unsuccessfully looking since. I have over 19 years experience and am recognized as a "top performer", yet I don't even get a call. My resume' was groomed by professionals and I know it looks good. My failing, I believe, is a lack of a degree. Or perhaps the stiff competition. Maybe both. I'm looking in the Dayton, Cinci and Columbus areas. Any suggestions? Any help?

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Visitor to the zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan

79 months ago

Hey there man / woman - I don't care what people say about IT jobs being "hot" because they're not. Things were tight even before the big recession. One problem is the diversity of technology, if you look at some of the jobs out there companies are looking for a wide range of skills and more importantly industry specific. For example, Casino's use special software to track player club rewards, manufacturing facilities use any number of ERP/MRP programs, hotel and travel, they use special industry specific software. What these companies don't realize is the learning curve can be short, you don't have to know how to use JD Edwards software, you just need to know how it works and you can get the details as you go. Unfortunately they don't think like that! I'd look for some "boot camps" you could attend or conferences you could attend for more information on some industry specific software. Casino's in Ohio are a big deal now, they are letting them in right? You might want to look at a site like, then see what they're looking for, once you see what their business uses learn about it. You'll then have a slightly better chance than your competition. It's rough out there period and it certainly helps to have a degree or certifications behind you, one or the other. I think certifications are a cheaper route, MCP, MCSE, PMP are a few I'd shoot for. MCP all you need is to pass a Microsoft certification on one Windows 7 exam!

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ealdama in Phoenix, Arizona

78 months ago

Yeah, I can certainly understand your despair. But here's a couple of questions... Where do want to work? What company would you really be excited about working for? Have you met anyone who could introduce to a hiring manager at that company or similar companies? How could you make that happen? How badly do you want that job? Just thought I'd ask... ;)

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TT in Atlanta, Georgia

78 months ago

Have you looked at option of relocating or moving. How is chicago for you. Have you looked for jobs in that area or another near state

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