Which is faster in informatica? Flat file to database or database to database

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kiran in Cincinnati, Ohio

117 months ago

Which load is faster in informatica? loading data from flat file to oracle schema.
Or oracle table to another oracle table.

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hari in Naperville, Illinois

116 months ago

flat file to oracle would be faster

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Rajeshkumar in Stamford, Connecticut

108 months ago

In addition to above answer , some more scenarios as well support..

loading data directly from DB Tables and TGT desgined without key or constraint..perform bulk load u will get result faster.

as well as both src and tgt flat file load on local server example trying to load both on local server directory instead off ftp will also bring result faster.

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94 months ago

how to load a flat file data into another flat file using informatica tool..??
plz help me out from this as soon as possible...???

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Anil in Overland Park, Kansas

87 months ago

@kiran: It all depends on the scenario....If you have a well tuned DB and a partitioned table structure, then you can load from one table to other table wayyyyy quicker than a flat file sitting on the network. You can use push-down optimization in that scenario which helps to quicken the load. On the contrary, if the flat file is sitting on the Informatica box then it would load faster than the table. You can use BULK loading and finish the task quicker. So in the end you have to see the scenario and go for a trial and error method. Hope it helps.

@shiva: It is simple....You will have the source and target defined as a Flat file !!!

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