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John O

Updated 4 days ago

Which insurance company is good to work for?? - 533 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ggonz in San Antonio, Texas"]I am leaving my salary job paying decent money, insurance and 401k. Enough to maintain my myself and kids. I...


Updated 9 days ago

new york life insurance company - 49 Replies

I have also had m third interview with NYL. I have heard that it is a good company to work for, but I am concerned about when I get paid since I have...


What is the worst part of your day as an agent?

What causes you the most pain each day? The high maintenance clients? Insurance companies horrible websites? What is your top 5 list?

H. Ellsworth

Updated 25 days ago

what does 120% term commission mean? How do residuals work and what are draws? - 10 Replies

Nick, I would like to talk w You... I have been chatting w every IMO from central to western U.S. and am trying to find the right one to park my...

Mia P

Updated 25 days ago

P&C License Exam - 3 Replies

Hi, my name is Mia. I am recruiting insurance agents to work with me at liveops. It's an online community that works with customers over the phone at...

Mia P

Updated 25 days ago

Is this a good time to become an insurance agent??? - 3 Replies

Hi, my name is Mia. I am recruiting insurance agents to work with me at liveops. It's an online community that works with customers over the phone at...

Matt Williams

Updated 1 month ago

test question - 13 Replies

LATITUDE Insurance and Securities Test Prep just put a new course out there, it is AWESOME! It is called the TESTivity Virtual Learning Experience. ...


Updated 2 months ago

P&C sales - 1 Reply

Good Morning, My name is Jorge and I work for an Insurance Pre-Licensing school. You actually must be licensed in NY in order to do business in...

Abelardo Espinoza

Life Agent looking for a non commission based employment.

I have done commission and it was fun but now I am looking for a more financially secure job that I can make either a salary or hour pay check....



Hi, I am wrapping up my P&C training and preparing to sit for the state exam. I am pumped and really looking forward to making my way through a new...

Monica guillen

Updated 6 months ago

Insurance Companies to work for??? - 174 Replies

[QUOTE who="Simon in Brooklyn, New York"]Check out northwestern mutual. They are AAA rated from every rating agency , give super training, an office...

John O

Updated 6 months ago

I am a new Life Insurance Agent. I need to make $100,000 this year and I am already 3 months behind. Please help! - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who=" in New Orleans, Louisiana"]Can anyone help me?[/QUOTE] Which company are you working for? Email me at...

John O

Updated 6 months ago

Questions about getting my Property and Casualty license - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kim in Phoenix, Arizona"]Hello I'm a 40 year old female looking for a possible career change. I have been in I.T. sales for about 12...

Holly James in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 11 months ago

Considering taking prelicense course for my Insurance need some advice/info - 5 Replies

I am considering getting into insurance but not sure which I want to do first. I have been researching things the past few days but am still up in...

Holly James in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 12 months ago

insurance sales again? - 36 Replies

I have my license. My training has been subpar in the agencies so far. I might try united american. I have tried insurance sales before with no...

John O. in Corona, California

Updated 12 months ago

Liberty National Insurance Career - 1 Reply

I have been in sales for 15+ years but only making in the 65k range. Liberty Mutural is recruting me with the potential to hit 100K plus after 3-4...

John O. in Corona, California

Updated 12 months ago

working for more the one company - 1 Reply

hello to all i have a question here i am currently working for one life company and was wondering if i may work for a second company my current one...

Jaye in Spring, Texas

Prejudice in Agent's Offices

I have been looking for a job in insurance. I have a license in P & C and have found and was told of the prejudice that the agent's offices have with...

Ann in Palm Bay, Florida

Updated 23 months ago

New York Life or Bankers Life - 33 Replies

I have a oppurtunity to join either company. Does anyone out in the insurance world have a opinon. On which company in the long run would be the...

Berry in Sacramento, California

Updated 26 months ago

Salary/ Commision - 3 Replies

I am a current independent agent with a med size house. I get paid 45% new and renewal on all lines. I am a 1099 contractor and own my book with...

lele30 in Stockbridge, Georgia

Updated 27 months ago

A felon trying to get a life insurance license in GA! - 3 Replies

I have a felony on my background it is over 8 yrs old. I am waiting to hear back from the state. I want to know if there are any felons or anybody...

Baker in Dallas, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Joing Apex-Elite Insurance Marketing Firm - 69 Replies

I am looking on getting feedback on Apex-Elite Insurance. If anyone has good or bad info please reply. Also, If anyone is experienced in insurance...

bboyd in Bridgeport, Texas

Looking for P&C Opportunity

Hello All, I am looking for an opportunity to sell insurance from home. I am licensed in the State of Texas for P&C and plan on getting Health...

Kent in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 28 months ago

Felony and past bankruptcy history....Licensure? Appointments? - 5 Replies

Studying for the license exam for health and life. Need to know if a singular law related incident from 1969 (less than $100.00)could prevent getting...

quoteme in Hesperia, California

Updated 30 months ago

Liberty Mutual jobs? - 2 Replies

I see Libert Mutual looking for Sales Reps a lot...are these salaried jobs or commission based? Also, do you need an insurance license upon starting...

mathew2012 in Passaic, New Jersey

Updated 30 months ago

convicted of felony 20 plus years ago want to become licensed to sell ins in va whats my chances - 1 Reply

am i wasting my time trying to get a career in ins sales with a felony thats over 20 years old

mike in Loris, South Carolina

Updated 30 months ago

How to Start an Independent Insurance Agency - 3 Replies

I have my P&C and my life, health, and work comp license. I am considering starting my own independent agency but I have no idea what it would...

Tearmann in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 31 months ago

A Day In The Life Of An Insurance Agent Starting Out - 1 Reply

Hi there, I was wondering if any experienced insurance agents could let me know how "a day in the life of" was for you starting out. For...

suzyq in Maryville, Tennessee

carlson insurance service

anyone worked for carlson insurance services in Knoxville TN?

Andy in Burbank, California

Is insurance agent a good job?

I've recently graduated high school and I was looking to become a paralegal but it turns out that it isn't a good job to try to get, so I am thinking...

ZBarney in Orem, Utah

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Commissions

Just wondering how a PMI agent gets paid. Is it a recurring premium percentage or a one time commission? What is the percentage they make?

Wiley in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Updated 33 months ago

Currently tele-sales ... working from home ... better options out there? - 2 Replies

Hi folks, I'm currently an agent with a large insurance carrier selling life insurance, tele-sales over the phone. Obviously, this arrangement...

Domaindirectory11 in Davao, Philippines

Updated 36 months ago

How to find the best insurance lead service - 1 Reply

I recently wrote an article on the benefits of insurance leads and insurance directories. Please take a minute to read this article at this link,...

AnMarieB in Mckinney, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Insurance Tools and Leads Online - 5 Replies

I run a blog which reviews popular insurance lead sites,, and I have just posted a new tool you can put on your website: It's a life insurance...

Shaw1 in Romeoville, Illinois

Updated 39 months ago

Apex-Elite - 2 Replies

Go up to the Find Forums search on this site and type in "apex-elite insurance" (be sure and after you type it in to click on Find Forums and not...

Jericks12 in Enterprise, Alabama

the real deal on insurance companies?

I used to be in direct sales (kirby vacuums), did extremely well when i wanted to (key note when i wanted too). I didnt like working 90 hours a week...

Mach351Q in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I need help deciding if I should accept offer from Banker's to become an agent.

I'm looking for a new job/career because I'm laid off. I own my own house and I have bills to pay. I have an offer from Banker's Insurance and I want...

don hankin in Naperville, Illinois

agency fees

Is it legal to charge agency fees on top of company policy fees in the state of illinois P and C lines(personal and commercial)?

david in Dothan, Alabama

Updated 43 months ago

insurance and experience - 3 Replies

I'm wondering how difficult it will be to get a job in the insurance industry (p&c) without experience ? I'm not licensed but I have completed the 40... in Bronx, New York

Becoming a Health/life Insurance Agent

Hi all I am interested in a new career as a Health/life insurance agent and was hoping that someone can tell me more about how to become one? Can...

Rhonda in Biloxi, Mississippi

Updated 44 months ago

want a job in east central alabama? - 3 Replies

im hiring. doing interviews for jobs paying 60-125 k. interested email me.

amy nokeo in Amarillo, Texas

Updated 45 months ago

Earn up to $500. Per Appointment - No License Required - Nationwide - 3 Replies

Help your clients with Arthritis, Diabetes and Mobility Problems at NO COST to your client. Effortless way to supplement your income. 5...

EAGiL PRO in Mahwah, New Jersey

Updated 45 months ago

Age Factor - 18 Replies

I am an experienced insurance, claim & risk management "pro". I am very frustrated and discouraged that nobody (agency or company) will hire me and...

agent0317 in Keyser, West Virginia

Updated 45 months ago

Sexual Harrasement - 2 Replies

My wife started selling life insurance several months ago with one of the large companies here in the US. She has done very good so far and...

Daryl in Gadsden, Alabama

Research ~ Marketing ~ Leads

Hi everyone, I am currently doing some research on the challenges that individual business professionals are having in this “new economy” in...

MelBuf in Magnolia, Texas

Does Sponsoring a Life & Health Agent put me in jeopardy?

I've got a friend that has recently passed his L&H exam by the state. He has asked me to sponsor him. If he makes an error or mistakes, can this...

bunkai in Villa Park, Illinois

Updated 47 months ago

Is passing out final expense insurance or critical illness insurance flyers to a residential area worth the effort? - 1 Reply

Being new to insurance and very short on money, I was wondering If passing out final expense or critical illness flyers to a residential area worth...

Janely in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 47 months ago

Series 6 License. - 1 Reply

I am currently thinking of taking this exam but don’t have a sponsor. Any ideas on how to get a sponsor for the exam? Thanks

Greatguy in Detroit, Michigan

How can I become a successful insurance agent?

Hello All, I am an MBA graduate and am thinking of making a successful career for myself in the financial services/ insurance industry. I would...

JD Webb in Boise, Idaho

Insurance Marketing

I would just like to kick around some ideas about insurance marketing. We are an independent firm and so I don't need to discuss the captive vs....

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