convicted of felony 20 plus years ago want to become licensed to sell ins in va whats my chances

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cash,m in Charlottesville, Virginia

61 months ago

am i wasting my time trying to get a career in ins sales with a felony thats over 20 years old

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mathew2012 in Passaic, New Jersey

61 months ago

First if you do not mind what was the nature of your crime. If you are not comfortable in sharing I totally understand. I am trying to get an idea of the crime that was commited to give you sound advice.First if you are looking to become a stock broker or trader,commodities broker or trader and job in the financial sector I think your going to have an uphill battle. If you are looking at becoming an insurance broker besides murder, rape, kidnapping, or the harm to a child then forget it and that is the same in finance. If you were charged with arson with insurance no shot. If you were charged with insurance fraud no shot.White collar crimes, drug offenses and simple assault usually will be reviewed for a second chance. The same with real estate and mortgages. Car salesman usually does not matter cause there is not a state license that is required. Being a used a car salesman actually pays pretty good. What I personally think you should do is look on the web and goodle expundge felony in VA. There are organizations and lawyers who can do that depending on nature of crime and as long as it is not within 3 years. I also advice you to reach out to the State Insurance, Banking and Real Estate dept and explain the situation and see what they say. If you have not joined volunteer groups, or started informing the youth of today on how to always do good that could be very helpful in your request for a second chance. Look everyone depending on nature of crime deserves second chances.. People make mistakes and depending on crime they should not be living life without the opportunity of redemption..Best of luck

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shrcjns@*****.*** in Chula Vista, California

20 months ago

21 yrs ago, at the age of 17. I was convicted of theft in Ohio. I did not serve time in Jail. It was considered a Felony because the amount or value of the items was $5,000. I let someone purchase items on a credit card that did not belong to them. I received probation 4 months. Now I live in California and I was hired by a Insurance company to be a sales agent. Will I be able to receive a license?

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