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Question1 in Los Angeles, California

58 months ago

Hello, I live in the Los Angeles area. I am interested in federal career possibly as an intelligence analyst after I finish my MA. Im thinking about goin on for the Phd....would this help? even make me more competitive? Id be prob. 31 by the time I finish that......

Id like to stay home here in the LA area though if possible. There are quite a few federal agencies here like the FBI, DEA, ATF. But my thing is Middle Eastern studies/politics.

In terms of languages I was studying Arabic but here in LA there are a bunch more Farsi speakers due to the big Persian population. I just dont want to give up learning Arabic but maybe Farsi, would be better. Dont know yet. Id appreciate any advice.

Question1 in Los Angeles, California

58 months ago

PS Im looking into getting an internship with a federal agency while doing my MA but in terms of employment while in grad school would it look good/be good to get employment with a state/local agency like a police dept. in the meantime. Doing what!?!? I know Im more qualified than being an administrative assistant but I wouldnt even mind that.

BL in Denver, Colorado

49 months ago

First need to research the intelligence analyst career field. I've yet to meet a middle east intel analyst that speaks a foreign language. Most of the people that have foreign language experience are either in sigint or do linguistics for open source intel. Therefore, you don't have to know a foreign language to be an intel analyst.

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