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katyh83 in Brunswick, Georgia

44 months ago

I am in school currently with AMU getting my certificate in intelligence analysis I am studying Criminal intelligence analysis and geographic information systems. I was wondering a few things 1. does anyone know where might hire with only a certificate I will go for my bachelors but wanted to get some of the important stuff first. 2. how can I get the required security clearance as a civilian? 3. why a polygraph to qualify most jobs they are inaccurate?

Kefka916 in Hinesville, Georgia

41 months ago


I've read many of your posts and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on something. I'm currently in the army, and have a B.A. in Government. Decided to go the enlisted route since I was more concerned with obtaining job training in a particular trade. I'm in the process of reclassing to intel analysis and can't help but think about my next move, despite the fact that I'm still in the early stages of making this a career. My question to you is, do you think that it would be advisable for me to get a graduate level certificate from National Intelligence University in Intelligence Studies, or just immediately begin working on my masters? I presume that based on some of your other posts that you're familiar with the school and possibly the program.

BetterHealthcare in Atlanta, Georgia

41 months ago


First let me say from one “Dog-Faced” soldier to another, thank you for your selfless service and welcome to the “Fraternity”.
You are well ahead of the “power curve” basis on the fact that you have a bachelors degree and that you are earnestly planning out your career either as a service-member or civilian, eco’s loud as too your potential and maturity. If you are looking to reclassify into INTEL, and you have a degree already, why not consider a DA 4187 to OCS with INTEL and SIGNAL as your first two choices.

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If OCS is not an option you would like to pursue, how about “loan repayment” if you have not taken advantage of that program already, as well as reclassify into INTEL or SIGINT. With regards to the certificate, I would wait, let’s see if you get reclassified into INTEL first, but a masters’ is a VERY good option no matter your decision. For one reason you will be able to apply it to other professions depending on the concentration in the event you are not reclassified into INTEL or SIGNAL Intelligence.

BetterHealthcare in Atlanta, Georgia

41 months ago

If you do decide to pursue the OCS route, and earn a 2LT commission you are only obligated to due 29 to 36 months, and you can resign your Active Duty commission for a Reserve commission via a DA 4187. That way you can have the joys and benefits of both worlds … you will still be an INTEL uniform officer and you could work as a civilian intelligence professional. I have known and worked with many individuals that have done both and shot their careers into the heavens because of it. You would just need to locate a Reserve INTEL unit near the area you plan to reside and inquire about open INTEL officer slots.

Before beginning the paper or notifying your CO, BC, & BDE CDR of your attentions, I would look at where you plan to reside in the event your request is granted, because it will minimize any chances that you would be labeled. It happens sometimes, many seniors are under pressure to retain highly qualified soldiers and unfortunately they use tactics to either bully or guilt soldiers to stay. I am only talking about if you go the OCS route and have been an officer for a little while.

You have SO many options to pursue. The earlier you start looking into them the greater your chances of getting one or all of them.

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Kefka916 in Hinesville, Georgia

41 months ago


I had considered the OCS route, but I reached the conclusion that going enlisted would give me more of a guarantee that I would be able to get into INTEL. Even if I were to get INTEL or SIGINT upon graduating from OCS, I've both seen and heard about officers being shuffled among the various shops. That is why I figured it was in my best interests to go the enlisted route, get a few years of experience, and possibly get a contracting position once I leave the army. That's the plan at least, and it's subject to change of course, based on any new information I acquire.

Concerning SIGINT, to what extent do you think that might be a viable career option for me? I know of its importance, but after doing a bit of research and talking with a few people, I had determined that I would need a degree in math or computer science to be taken seriously in the civilian world. Figured that INTEL analysis applied a bit more specifically to someone with a government/political science education.

Concerning the graduate level certification program, my rationale has been that I should get the certification while I'm in the military, since one has to be a military or federal employee with a ts clearance in order to be accepted into the program. I'm not sure how long I'll be in for, and so I thought I should get it while I have the chance. I am still planning on obtaining a Master's degree eventually. I just thought that maybe I should get this particular certificate first. By the way, all of your insight and advise has been much appreciated, and I am willing to take a closer look at further information that you may provide.

polar bear in Fairfax, Virginia

40 months ago


Are you a veteran or do you have any intelligence-related experience?

1) Obtaining a certificate is mostly for those who are already in the field or intel-related areas wanting to advance themselves. I have yet to meet anyone in this field just because one has a degree in intel w/3.0 or better GPA without any experiences.
2) Look for Fed jobs that may grant you a security clearance. The internship MAY or MAY NOT help. The private won't bother with you unless you already have TS or higher with 3-4 experiences.
3) The poly is convenient way to weed out any unwanted applicants for whatever reasons. All the 3-letter agencies are aware of this.

Like BetterHealthcare says, I don't want to discourage you from pursuing your aspirations but these are just facts.

Penguins Hat in Tacoma, Washington

39 months ago

Hi all,

i am an all source analyst for the army with a 4 year degree and TS SCI clearance. Im trying to get myself into the civilian side and could use a hand in places to start. I have gone to the career sites and USAjobs and applied for what i could find. Any suggestions or hints any of you could give would be most appreciated.

BetterHealthcare in Atlanta, Georgia

38 months ago

Penguins Hat in Tacoma, Washington said: Hi all,

i am an all source analyst for the army with a 4 year degree and TS SCI clearance. Im trying to get myself into the civilian side and could use a hand in places to start. I have gone to the career sites and USAjobs and applied for what i could find. Any suggestions or hints any of you could give would be most appreciated.


It is hard to say what your chances are; the community has been more selective in recent years than I have seen since the early-90s. Your service, clearance, and degree bold well for you, but you will be competing against former officers and warrant officers who for the most part will have more experience and relationships than you.

Most of them will have done a tour or worked closely with the very individuals that will hire them or can influence the hiring authority.

But PLEASE do not let that discourage you! If you are close to a University or college, I would see if you can attend their career fair. The CIA, NSA, and DIA are on a massive recruitment swing through the colleges and universities. Also, you may want to take a look at the CIA’s clandestine service advertisement campaign.

It will be a long and drawn out process but if selected it will be rewarding. If you can, I would coordinate my leave around a job recruitment/fair to be held in the DC area. That is one really good way to get your resume directly in the hands of an agency/organization’s recruiter. Also, you will get an opportunity to interview on the spot w/some of the big defense contractors.

Also, make sure your resume if free of spelling, grammatical and over inflated errors. You might want to have it professionally edited. It is just a suggestion.

Former Senior Intelligence Officer (SIO)

Private Privateer in Springfield, Virginia

19 months ago

Just join the military. O or E it's you easiest, quickest path.

You do NOT need a poly for most Intel jobs.

AMU is not a "degree mill", as some spoon-feds would have you believe. In fact, almost any degree from an accredited college/university will result in higher pay. People throughout the IC have any number of degree majors.

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