Cert from a non accredited program?

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macgirl in Anytown, Florida

30 months ago

I already have a BA in Criminology from a University. I want to work in CSI and realized that I needed a few more classes in order to get employment (at least from the requirements I read for a few jobs). My local community college and University does not offer these courses as a certificate program. I found a new CSI Academy that is offering a 40 hr basic course, and a 300 hr CSI cert program that appears to really go into depth of CSI work, using simulated crime scenes, taking trips to actual crime scenes, etc.
This issue is it's a new school, established in Feb of this year, and it's not accredited. Also, I noticed the price is kind of high. The 40 hr course runs $1400, and the 300 hr course runs total $11,150 but they give you everything you need for the course, books, CSI kit, uniforms, etc. I have heard bad things about non accredited schools, but is it true you can't get a job with a cert from a non accredited school, but what if there are no other options? Looking for some insight and opinions.

gboomer in Upland, California

30 months ago

That surely is a lot of money for a non-accredited school. If your desire & passion is strong for the investigative field, here is your first assignment. INVESTIGATE THOROUGHLY. That means do your "due diligence" into the company, teachers, instructors, staff, principals, etc. before giving up your hard earned cash for something that will not benefit you or your career. You were insightful enough to ask the questions here, now follow-thru. Perhaps you can gain enough practical experience thru your research, continue your education & find a company willing to hiring you as an intern so you can gain "on the job" experience. Should you choose to find a certified program, again, research it by calling some CSI firms and ask them what is acceptable for employment & CE credits in this field. Contact CSI organizations with the same type of questions. You are only limited by the questions you ask, but before you do anything, use the talents & skills you already have acquired &...follow-up. It will pay off now & well into your chosen career. I hope this helps.

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