Top java software engineer skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every java software engineer must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your java software engineer expertise?

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sbrooks5am in Lawrenceville, Georgia

94 months ago

Being more than "certified" as a java engineer
Ability to work the entire cycle - front and back end development
Having additional tech skills - hibernate, struts, agile methodology

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Paresh in Draper, Utah

66 months ago

An Software Engineer that excels:

has the traits of:
1. a person who won't be able to come up with 3 top skills. (A Computer Programer maybe able to, they like working within an area GUI,XML processing,JSP,EDI,etc.) If your already trying to limit what you need to be good at and try to fit it 3 google search terms then you will hate becoming a Engineer that is below average, forget a one that excels.
2. a person with the ability to see structure even when it can't be placed in a list with precedence of any kind. session, context & entity states synced across a cluster placed in a list is an improper design, it will fail.
3. a person who can see (and seeks) the parts that make up the whole. of anything. the whole is a fasade created by the parts working together.

and has skills in:
1. Threading
2. Memory management, different level of memory, segmentation, leaks, virtual, buffers reuse & why 2,4,8,16,32,64 is more important to understand why it is the way it is than the sequence 010101 sequence.
3. And finally doesn't know everything listed at but can read a section over lunch and can apply the concepts to solve a problem without posting questions on stackoverflow putting 500 of your 510 points up for grabs for the correct answer.

Bet way to grasps Java or any language really is through understanding of 0s and 1s become text, images and even sound. Step-In to see what they do are doing, Java,c,c++,javascript,etc. are moving memory around at the end of the day.They all have their place. Step-Out to see that people no longer build homes from mud and straw see the big picture, the middle gray is always changing new colors,stucco,window styles,yellow dishwasher to stainless ones it's not worth tracking.
Learn more then just Java. and javascript and ruby don't count. C is the best friend of Java.

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allickscap in Delaware

49 months ago

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