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margaret in TN

Updated 22 hours ago

Anyone doing Excelsior College's LPN-RN program? - 1525 Replies

I failed in Atlanta a few weeks, 6 people went and 5 failed. I heard after going that this site failed a lot of people. Wished I had known prior to...

betty nurse

revocation of lpn.

if my license is revoked in my home state, ms, will my lpn be good in another state?

betty nurse

revocation of lpn.

1. can I go to rn school and have this dropped. 2. how much will an attoeney charge to get this straightened ou.

Rut A.

Updated 17 days ago

Achieve Test Prep - 227 Replies

I once had to face the same decisions you are now facing and what you mentioned in your comment at times it seems too good to be true, if you allow...


Updated 24 days ago


Has anyone found work??? Anyone??? I am a recovered nurse,license is reinstated with restrictions. I live in the Cleveland Ohio area and I am...


Updated 26 days ago

hedis/cota - 53 Replies

Hello, I'm a LPN in the Tampa area looking for online Hedis training. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!


Updated 1 month ago

Where to go to take a LPN exam? I am a MA and want to challenge the test. - 568 Replies

Would be nice to challenge the nclex lpn exams here in DC. There should be better accommodations for anyone with a Bachelors Degree with some...


Updated 1 month ago

PICC line flush - 94 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nikki in Chula Vista, California"]No we are not allowed to mess with a PICC line in Cali[/QUOTE] If you have been trained by your...


Updated 1 month ago

free refresher courses? - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="mcmrob54@*****.*** in Birmingham, Alabama"]I graduated from an LPN program in 2008. At the time I was living in Maryland. I took my...


Updated 1 month ago


[QUOTE who="AMOLAR in Bethesda, Maryland"]DOES ANYONE KNOW WAYS TO TAKE TO PASS ALL THE NURSING EXAMS[/QUOTE] I know this is very old, but use the...


Updated 1 month ago

RN board challenge - 97 Replies

[QUOTE who="distressedlpn in Atlanta, Georgia"]I totally agree I've been an LPN for 16 yrs. I have 8yrs army nursing experience and 8 yrs civilian....


Updated 1 month ago


NAPNES online LPN refresher course requires you to find your own place to do your clinicals. i live in illinois & unless u live in the rockford area,...

Trying to start LPN school 2017 in Fairfax, Virginia

Updated 2 months ago

School - 105 Replies

Hi everyone I Live in NY and I will like to know if anybody have any idea of a LPN or RN school. That doesn't require to take the admission test...

MargaritaI in Kissimmee, Florida

Updated 2 months ago

Background - 149 Replies

I live in Tampa and was interested in becoming a LPN. My problem is that I had a felony conviction 10 years ago that was non violent/non drug...

J. Griffin in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Updated 2 months ago

How much is the starting pay for LPN's in Atlanta? - 404 Replies

Hi All, I am considering going to school to become a LPN, but was wondering what the starting pay was. I'm actually torn between MA and LPN. ...

Tami in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 2 months ago

Starting out as a LPN - 467 Replies

Hello everyone, I just graduated nursing school in March and am awaiting to take my boards but my concern is that there are not as many LPN positions...

Dspa82763 in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 3 months ago

Where can you get IV certification or training? - 59 Replies

I live in new jersey and I have had a few people ask if I have had IV certification or training. If I get it, my pay doubles, yes DOUBLES. so I...

L-brook in Akron, Ohio

Updated 5 months ago

I have an inactive LPN license and would like to get back into nursing - 48 Replies

Now that I'm finished being a Mom I would like to get back into nursing. Unfortunately I haven't worked in this field for 25 years. Does anyone...

SCamille in Mount Rainier, Maryland

Updated 5 months ago

LPN to RN study group NJ excelsior college - 1478 Replies

I'm a 32yo male nurse looking to form a study group. Would like to enroll in excelsior college with a group of 3-4 LPN's. I just dont think ill be...

Jessica in Merchantville, New Jersey

Help please!

I graduated from a practical nursing program through Lincoln Technical Institute in Moorestown, NJ in 2010, they did not let me sit for my boards...

LEE_LEE in Eureka, California

Updated 6 months ago

LPN same as LVN? Vocational Certificate vs. Associates Degree? - 15 Replies

Hi everyone, I am currently very seriously considering (applying) to enroll in a local community college's Post-Secondary Vocational program for...

Kathy in Warwick, Rhode Island

Updated 6 months ago

CNA or LPN - 3 Replies

Hi guys , if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it... I have no college background but I'm considering becoming an LPN .. Do I have to...

salinasp in Copperas Cove, Texas

Excelsior college

If you are reading this because your trying to decide to go to this college for nursing degree, DO NOT GO HERE!!!! By the time your done with the...

momto1son in Indiana

Any LPN's that work in addiction or Psyche?- Please respond

Hello to all of you! I'm starting Nursing school in about a month. I have a strong interest in Psyche and Addictions. As of now, I am not interested...

Kimberly in Owings Mills, Maryland

The best LPN classes in Baltimore

Trying to enroll in a good LPN class. Please someone help me

Pat Churaman in Ruther Glen, Virginia

Updated 10 months ago

Travel LPN companies - 99 Replies

I am currently trying to come up with a list of the five top travel agencies for LPNs and would appreciate any info all you nurses good and bad about...

chicana_mama in Sun City, California

Updated 10 months ago

Really tossed about LPN program - 1 Reply

I am considering being a nurse and eventually work my way up to a MSN. I am 27 have a bachelor's degree and only making $12 an hour right now in the...


Updated 13 months ago

working in the US - 11 Replies

I am a licensed practical nurse working and living in canada but want to work in the states, perferably in the state of Georgia. How do I begin with...

DEBRA DOBBINS in Bradenton, Florida



Lori6763 in Beckley, West Virginia

Updated 19 months ago

Lapsed License - 1 Reply

I allowed my LPN license to lapse. I am eligible to receive a limited license. Does anyone know a place that is willing to hire a nurse with a...

Wanda Henderson in DANVILLE, Virginia

Updated 20 months ago

lpn travel assignment - 119 Replies

I would like an assignment in dallas fort worth area. I graduated lpn school in 1986. i have experience in corrections and long term care and hospice...

cindyfromunion in Union, New Jersey

Blood draws

I forgot to add that I live in New Jersey. Thanks again!

cindyfromunion in Union, New Jersey

Looking for a place that will teach blood draws to LPN's

I just finished a nurse refresher course, and I'm looking to learn how to draw blood. I hope someone knows where I can find one.

Barb in Schenectady, New York

Back to school for RN or coding.

I have been LPN for 30 years. Want to go back to school. Just don't know what would be better, coding or RN or something else. Any suggestions would...

Running1987 in Waterbury, Connecticut

LPN or Paramedic

So I am waitlisted from getting into a nursing program. I have a previous bachelor's degree non science related with a GPA of 2.7. I completed...

Elizabeth Yancey in Elizabeth, Alabama

Updated 20 months ago

Salaries on indeed - 1 Reply

The salaries on indeed are so bogus, they change on a daily basis, for instance yesterday it was posted that LPNs make $61,000.00 annually but today...

shebafry in Jackson, Tennessee

Updated 20 months ago

Worth it going for LPN? - 1 Reply

Hi, looking to return back to school to become an RN. I just started taking perquisites this year. Been taking one perquisite a semester. Going to...

old kaw in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 23 months ago

LPN VS RN - 4 Replies

I am looking into entering into the LPN program at my local hospital. I am curious to know what is the difference between what LPN's and RN's do on a...

old kaw in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 23 months ago

kicked out of nursing school - 6 Replies

I was told over the phone today that I am dropped from the nursing program at Lincoln college of technology because my juvenile record. I have been...

rhonda in Manchester, New Hampshire

Updated 23 months ago

Where do LPNs work? - 1 Reply

I am thinking of going to school to become a LPN. I have one child and I am a single parent. I am being told the only jobs I will find will be in a...

manofadventure in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I was charged not too long ago with "offering or an act to engage in lewdness." I am also a nursing student.

Now, I am afraid my instructors will find out and I even signed a waiver form of self-disclosure. I have about 3 months to graduate. Should I...

Monica in Richland Center, Wisconsin

Updated 24 months ago

no job as lpn without experience - 83 Replies

how can i get a job if they don't give oportunities to new grad to work, I passed my nclex on september 2009 and no luck. Please any suggestion

C.C in Tampa, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

I need to find a LPN refresher course - 31 Replies

I graduated from LPN school 2 years ago and I did not take my boards. I would like to take them and I am trying to find a refresher that I could take...


willing to move out of state lvn-adn

I'm based in Southern California and very eager to start my goal of becoming a RN. I just recently been accepted into a 12 month LVN program at an...

kas1206 in Natick, Massachusetts

any agencies out there fot travel

time for a change

kas1206 in Natick, Massachusetts

any agencies out there fot travel

time for a change

Miranda in Orlando, Florida

Updated 29 months ago

Moving from TN to FL - 2 Replies

Hello everyone. I'm new to this, but I am currently an LPN student, and have my Associate's Degree in Applied Science. I plan on bridging to RN later...

Chu in Yonkers, New York

Updated 29 months ago

I am a CMA in Georgia and I'm trying to find a fast-track LPN program here. I just completed two years of an accredited MA progr - 2 Replies

I'm a CMA in Georgia. I'm wondering if anyone knows about an LPN fast-track program here. I live in Albany, GEORGIA To be exact. I completed a...

Gullah in Sherwood, Arkansas

Updated 29 months ago

Contract work, Brightstar - 1 Reply

I've been a LPN for 21yrs- have worked in Hospitals, Nursing Homes , even a methadone clinic. Have been thinking of contract work - going to homes...

basher in High Bridge, New Jersey

Updated 30 months ago

Job market in new york city for lpn - 9 Replies

How is the job market for lpns in new york city, especially, new graduates

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