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Linda in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

LPN out of work.

I am an LPN for close to 32 yrs. Have experience in telemetry, ICU/CCU, open heart, resp. ICU and virtually all phases of nursing. Have also worked...

ginou in Haiti

Updated 70 months ago

PSB entrance exam for LPN - 6 Replies

please help. I'm taking my entrance exam next month. However I have been out of school now going on 20 years so I'm very nervous. I have been...

JOBLESS in Taunton, Massachusetts

Updated 70 months ago

termination - 7 Replies

Have anybody every been terminated and did not put it on your new employer application.

littledaddyj37 in Green City, Missouri

Updated 70 months ago

LPN Questions - 16 Replies

Hi I am tking my LPN in September and need to ask a LPN some questions any one willing to answer 6 qiuck questions for me.

Jobless in Taunton, Massachusetts


I am an LPN seeking a job. Experience of 21 years and a patient advocate. I am a hard worker. I was terminated from my job in July 2011 because I...

Jerri in Marion, North Carolina

How VN number from CA if expired

I am trying to get back into nursing and the only verification I can find are from current lvns. I emailed them about my situation and they stated...

AgnesW.Britt in Tallahassee, Florida

Updated 71 months ago

Are there jobs for new LPNs? - 6 Replies

I'm an RT, but the field is overflowing with therapists thanks to all the trade schools. I have applied at about 100 different places, and can't get...

khalikalpn in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 71 months ago

Just Graduated From LPN Program - 1 Reply

...........Just Graduated From LPN Program but have not taken my NCLEX Board exam and i want to work a little ....... I learnt there are Hospitals or...

benb@*****.*** in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 72 months ago

LPN, Paramedic, Respiratory Therapist to RN Online and Independent Study Programs - 31 Replies

Dear LPN's, Paramedic's, and Respiratory Thereapists: If you are interested in earning your RN in a short period of time via an online classroom...

Meka241 in Henderson, North Carolina

Updated 73 months ago

Travel LPN - 20 Replies

I have a lot of needs for traveling LPN's right now and was wondering if anyone would be interested in going over the details of the assignments I...

Hopeful in Oswego, Illinois

Updated 73 months ago

Nurses in Recovery - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of places in Anderson, sc that hire LPN nurses in recovery?

terrywinkle in Angat, Philippines

Updated 73 months ago

Just passed LPN Nclex onthe 7/17/07 - 6 Replies

Since the 17th of july I started looking for an LPN job. However, the employers continued to encourage me to come back in 3months to one year's time....

Jamila in Cleveland, Ohio

Does being an LPN first make RN school easier?

I want to be an RN but since the waiting list is so long I am going to do LPN first. And work has an LPN while I wait. But I was wondering if this...

curious in Lagrange, Georgia


I am a pln in georgia; how can i obtain alabama liscense

shina1 in Beckley, West Virginia

Updated 74 months ago

lapsed license - 1 Reply

I allowed my LPN license to lapse. I am eligible to receive a limited license. Does anyone know a place that is willing to hire a nurse with a...

shina1 in Beckley, West Virginia

Updated 74 months ago

IL LPN on line refresher course - 4 Replies

I've kept my license up to date. I've been out of the field for over 10 years, and need to know where I can take a refresher course on line. It is so...

Claudia in Fort Campbell, Tennessee

Updated 74 months ago

LPN to RN programs near Fort Campbell, KY. - 40 Replies

I am originally from Chicago where I was making $25/ hr. I am not exactly sure what the pay is in this area. I contacted Maxim Healthcare Agency that...

Hilda Kimani in Dallas, Texas

Study guide

I have been enrolled with excelsior college for my RN program. Am using the college network study material. I studying the first class of...

dadenurse in Miami, Florida

LPN in miami. fl

i graduatred nursing school in december of 2010 and passed boards in april of 2011. i really need a job and i have no luck out there. experience of...

MC in Manteca, California

Updated 75 months ago

Will my arrest record show when a background check is performed? - 2 Replies

I was offered a LVN position at a nursing home, but they are waiting on my background. I had my misdemeanor expunged a year ago. Will it matter? I...

F.Sparks in Haines City, Florida

Updated 76 months ago



Toya D. in Chandler, Arizona

LPN to BSN with University of Phoenix

Hi I am a new graduate LPN considering going to UoP for my BSN, has anyone else attended? If so what has been your experience?

Toya D. in Chandler, Arizona

LPN to BSN with University of Phoenix

Hi I am a new graduate LPN considering going to UoP for my BSN, has anyone else attended? If so what has been your experience?

Amy in Valley, Alabama

How long is the waiting to get into lpn?

I am after reading more and more leaning towards LPN instead of MA. My school requires scores and interviews for both but I have heard with good...

Amy in Valley, Alabama

Could I handle being an LPN?

Later this month I am starting a medical office assistant program. It will take me 2 terms and at the end of those 2 terms I was planning to apply to...

jmart201 in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 77 months ago

LPN - 1 Reply

As new LPN u gonna have hard time to find jobs.Everywhere u go.it's the same song:do u have experience?Where do u think I'm gonna get it ,if I don't...

longbeachLVN in Santa Ana, California

Updated 77 months ago

College Network Study Groups, Southern California - 10 Replies

Are there any LVN's to RN study groups in Southern California? Would be nice to exchange ideas with someone else about study habits, etc. I am...

Henry Cook in Madison, Alabama

Updated 77 months ago

English Comp - 2 Replies

Hi.. I am wondering if anyone has taken the Excelsior College English Comp w/written essay? Is it difficult to pass? I am wondering how...

Dominique M. Ducles in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 77 months ago

Newly Graduated From LPN Program - 3 Replies

...........Just Graduated From LPN Program but have not taken my NCLEX Board exam and i want to work a little in the medical field ....... I learnt...

JBrack06 in Placentia, California

where are the good lpn school in oc

what are the good lpn schools in orange county? thanks

HpyLPN in Huntsville, Alabama

Updated 78 months ago

LPN with little experience - 130 Replies

I graduated from the Practical Nursing Program in 2005. I worked for 5 months at an assisted living facility in 2006. The administrator told me...

Cindy Bennett in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 78 months ago

LPN or RN - 76 Replies

I am comtemplated going to school to be a nurse. I am not sure if I should go for LPN or RN. I know that I will come out making more money as a RN....

Unknown in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 78 months ago

Where is this salary??? - 1 Reply

I have been a LPN for 15 years and still gross less than in 32, 000.00. Could it be I live in Alabama or am I just settling for less?

shirleyjt in Southaven, Mississippi

LPN in Southaven, MS/Memphis, TN

What is the salary/hourly rate for a LPN in Southaven, MS or Memphis, TN?

Ashlan23 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana LPN's

Im looking into going to school for lpn and i would like to know are there any good colleges that offers this in louisiana? Also can anybody tell me...

florence nightinjail in Hicksville, New York

Updated 82 months ago

New lpn grad. - 1 Reply

does anyone know of anywheres hiring round greenwich NY ??? i dont really want to be in a nursing home, so im trying to find a health center or...

cin65 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 82 months ago

What is LPN I, LPN II, LPN III??? - 6 Replies

I see alot of jobs that the pay rate is different for LPN II AND III. I was wondering what does the #'s mean.

Angelika22 in New York


I'm in school and wondering which path I should take. I either want to get my lpn then,my rn, then bsn then become a psychiatric nurse practitioner...

sl33pnBeauT in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 83 months ago

NCLEX-PN - 2 Replies

I just graduated the LPN program at OC Tech in Orangeburg SC. Does anyone have any tips on NCLEX-PN?

351 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 83 months ago

lpn - 7 Replies

I have been an LPn 20 years in Indianapolis.I moved to Illinois over a mnth ago.I have applied or sent 30 resumes.No responses I am very frustrated.I...

HELP..LVN in San Leandro, California

Updated 83 months ago

new LVN job - 1 Reply

I received my LVN license two month ago I am IV and blood withdrawal certified. I've been searching for a job ever since. turned in more than 30...

Determinedlpn in miami, Florida


Please someone help me!!! I'm a recent grad and I'm desperate for a job... Does anyone know a company that's hiring.... I'm a hard worker and willing...

LMarie in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

LPN Career with Criminal Background PA

SO I basicly realized I ruined my life! I really would like to become an LPN after having a steady career as a Office Manager of a small business for...

lorain Greenwood in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 83 months ago

nursing - 3 Replies

nursing is a cruel occupation especially if your an lpn minnesota has been especially cruel peolpe are very picky about who they hire need to have...

nurseandi in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Updated 83 months ago

certification vs associates - 7 Replies

What is the difference between a lpn with certification and a lpn with an assoc degree? The obvious is the degree I know, but with a certification...

tlpn in Warner Robins, Georgia

Updated 84 months ago

education - 10 Replies

are there any LPN schools in tha atlanta ga area?

muriel in Sandusky, Ohio

Updated 85 months ago

relocating - 2 Replies

an lpn of 17 yrs looking to relocate to georgia from nj, any tips who's hiring, best cities to live. long hx in ltc and about 5 yrs in acute care,...

tyrone warren in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 85 months ago

LPN - 11 Replies

pls can you give the of school for LPN both private and colleges,in chicagop

ToddLPN in Mableton, Georgia

Updated 85 months ago

RELOCATING - 2 Replies


JW in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 86 months ago

How do I get a job as an LPN in Atlanta when I didn't keep my license up in NJ for 5 yrs? - 1 Reply

Can anyone help me. I don't get any answers from the state of GA. I had been an LPN in the state of NJ since 1990 till probably 2000. Both in the...

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