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JW in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 88 months ago

How do I get a job as an LPN in Atlanta when I didn't keep my license up in NJ for 5 yrs? - 1 Reply

Can anyone help me. I don't get any answers from the state of GA. I had been an LPN in the state of NJ since 1990 till probably 2000. Both in the...

elaine in Astoria, New York

Updated 88 months ago

LPN Wages in and/or around Crofton, MD? - 1 Reply

I'm relocating to this area in about 6/8 wks and was wondering what the approx hourly rates/salaries are for LPNs? 8yrs as an LPN and currently work...

S. Robinson in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 88 months ago

need a honest answer - 2 Replies

hi im a student at a school in ohio i have a criminal record from when i was younger shoplifting quite a few the school accepted me in but im really...


Updated 88 months ago

Excelsior Graduates/Students That Had Success With Initial Licensure Or By Endorsement - 1 Reply

I'm looking for Excelsior gradutes/students who had success in endorsing their license into CA or were able to pull off initial licensure. I'm not...

skimbrel in Jesup, Georgia

Updated 89 months ago

Georgia Perimeter STINKS! - 1 Reply

I have been going to GPC for 2 years now trying to move from LPN to RN. In the middle of pursuing the degree, GPC changed the criteria! Not only...

Jack Simpson in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Updated 89 months ago

LPN distance learning course - 7 Replies

I am a certified nursing assistant looking for a online lpn/lvn course. I think there's one in California but I don't if it requires residency or...

Debbie in Vero Beach, Florida

where can I go to school to become a LPN Fast!!!!!

Changing Careers I want to become an LPN and or CNA as soom as poosible. I have finally decided to persue a job rhat I will enjoy!

Donnie in Rutland, Vermont

Updated 91 months ago

Excelsior CPNE Question - 1 Reply

I am an LPN for the past 3 years working in a Correctional Facility. I have lost many of the skills they taught me in school. I am interested in...

Theresa Vanden Heuvel in brooksville, Florida

HELP How to find accredited LPN schools in my AREA???

Not sure what I'm doing wrong! I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and can't seem to find a link on internet to accredited LPN Nursing programs...

Lori in Boonville, New York

Updated 91 months ago

Rn who can't pass Nclex - 3 Replies

I graduated in 2005 it was like bootcamp going to school raising 2 kids as an adult student. I made it through and graduated however I can not pass...

Jessica Brown in Dallas, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

LPN Specialty Certifications - 2 Replies

I am an LPN (since 1977). Was considering a bridge program to RN, but would rather get some specialty certs under my belt instead to make myself...

Amanda88 in Schenectady, New York

Do nursing education hours expire?

I graduated from the LPN program through a vocational school in NY in 2006. I never worked as a graduate or took the licensing exam. Would i need to...

Shannon Miller in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 91 months ago

New LPN in indianapolis indiana wanting to know where to look for work and good place to go for Rn - 2 Replies

I just passed my boards on friday, and I was wondering if anyone could help me decide where to go for my RN. I have heard so much about Ivy tech...

zemoras in Smithfield, North Carolina

No NC jobs for LPNs

I am graduating in a few weeks with a LPN diploma. There are no jobs out there in NC. There are a few jobs but they all require at least 1 to 2 years...

zemoras@*****.*** in Smithfield, North Carolina

No NC jobs for LPNs

I am graduating in a few weeks with a LPN diploma. There are no jobs out there in NC. There are a few jobs but they all require at least 1 to 2 years...

strux in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 92 months ago

How do I get employed as an LPN... with just my school training??? - 1 Reply

Hello.. I am a recent graduate, and have My LPN license... I would like to know how can I get employed period... No one here in my area is willing to...

ladigirl in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 92 months ago

Moving to Phoenix next year - 4 Replies

I plan on moving to Phoenix, Arizona next year.I'm a LPN and wanted to know how the employment opportunities are out there and what are some of the...

KAT in Arlington, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

MA Challenge Test - 1 Reply

My mom is in an LVN prog but might not be able to finish at this time. Is it poss for her to take a MA challenge test and go back to another LVN prog...

Elaine Farley in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Updated 93 months ago

relocations - 1 Reply

Does anyone have any knowledge of the norfolk va area? I am planning to relocate and am trying to do some research. I am an LPN of almost 3 years...

Crystylema in Atlanta, Georgia

Kaylim Career Institute

Anyone completed the lpn -rn program??? This school is small and I heard the teachers are worthless...HELP

renallpn2010 in Severn, Maryland

Start Pay in MD

Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew of how much an lpn can make an hour in dialysis. I have 5 years experience as a dialysis tech, a...

erica mcgee in bellwood, Illinois

Lpn Schools in IL

Hi I'm currently a CNA and I'm interested in attending school for the LPN program but I need some advice on which are some good schools in IL. I'm...

lindas_99 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Updated 93 months ago

newly grad LPN 2006 - 39 Replies

i just graduated 5/2006 i can not find a job everyone want 6mos of experience. how can i get experience if no one will hire me. i have 16year of...

former RN student in Urbana, Illinois

Anyone taken the California nclex-pn by using your RN courses from another state?

Hi guys - need some advice... I started off at a bachelor's program in Illinois and transferred out to an associate's program (sigh) because of...

former RN student in Urbana, Illinois

Anyone taken the California nclex-pn by using your RN courses from another state?

Hi guys, I need some advice. Here is my situation: I started off at a bachelor's program in Illinois and transferred out to an associate's...

missionaryforch@*****.*** in Southfield, Michigan

Updated 93 months ago

How do I get back into the field - 1 Reply

my last jubs over the last year were all with agency, all part time and now I have been out of work nearly a year, been an lpn over 10 years, how do...

JLD in Muskegon, Michigan


Economy here is just terrible! LTC/Rehab/Assisted Living...cenus goes down...there go your hours and/or your job. Anyone experiencing the same? Is...

punix0583 in Horseheads, New York

distance learning programs

is anyone studying for the cpne , and doing any workshops, etc., want a study buddy in the new york area

kris a in Wayne, New Jersey

Updated 93 months ago



KAT in Arlington, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

lpn exam - 1 Reply

can anyone tell me if the lpn boards in arizona was hard

justme in Dallas, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

Criminal Background Checks/DUI - 3 Replies

Hello, I am very interested in begining school to become a LPN. I have a past DUI that is haunting my record (it was 4 years ago-I know terrible, i...

jobhunter4545 in Pembroke, Georgia

Medical Office Assistant Tips

What are the best classes to take to become certified?

susanmcknight in Gainesville, Florida


I have been a LPN for 30 years,started out in a well,critical newborn nursery,workrd in long term care,different areas of the hospital,MDS...


Updated 95 months ago

M.D.S. Certification - 5 Replies

I'm a L.P.N having problems finding a job.

mogan2006 in Cape Coral, Florida


Can any LPNs please tell me what LPNs are being paid in Florida? SWFL is my location.

jjustice34 in Burleson, Texas

Updated 95 months ago

Misdemeanor charges - 2 Replies

I have been a liscensed nurse for 16 years. I am a kind compassionate and caring person. Unfortunately abuse,on many levels led me to drug s and...

jarymo in Purcellville, Virginia

magnet hospital

in my local hospital they do not hire lpn's, they hire care technicians train them to do what we do minis the understanding of when why and outcome...


Clinicals in Denver, CO

Am investigating LPN refresher couse through AHEC. They do not provide clinical's. Does anyone know where you can do clinical's? Has anyone had any...

princetta in Wyoming, Michigan

Updated 97 months ago

LPN to RN Using Rue Learning System - 8 Replies

Has anyone utilized the Rue Learning System to complete LPN to RN? Received their information packet, still rather vague about many things...Are all...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

Moving to Virginia Area - 1 Reply

I am a LPN with three years experience and Mds certified moving to VA anyone know of Facility thats hiring? for areas of Stafford, Alexandria,...

MIDGE in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 97 months ago

employment - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of a facility hiring by Belleville,Illinois?I have sent out over 40 resumes.I just recently moved to Illinois from Indiana.I have...

blondemerlot in Inverness, Florida

Updated 97 months ago

Nursing or Teaching? - 1 Reply

I am sooo undecided about which field to go into. I have my associates in Paralegal, but never found a gig in the field, so I basically lost interest...

Erny in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 98 months ago

lpn school - 1 Reply

in 2010 march lookin to start lpn program any suggestions

mary in Tampa, Florida

Updated 98 months ago

no lpn job - 3 Replies

hi i graduated lpn school in june 2008. i took my nclex and passed in november 2008. i cannot find a job anywhere. i want to stay within 40 miles of...

felicia in orangeburg in Orangeburg, South Carolina

excelsior college

hi all i am interested in attending the excelsior program online, but i wanted to know if anyone have taken their state boards and pass yet.

Mary 1Nurse in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 99 months ago

Where are the LPN jobs in Denver??? - 1 Reply

I moved here from VA, passed my exam 1 month ago, applied online via email/company sites and NOTHING! not one call. My cover letter/resume is...

Gmack in Millville, New Jersey

Work-at-home employment

I spoke with an LPN who worked from home via computer but I wasn't able to speak with her again. Has anyone had experience with this type of job?

GOODNURSE/BADBREAKS in Jeffersonville, Indiana



nikki in Piscataway, New Jersey

LPN to RN through excelsior .

Hello everyone, has anyone used the distance learning sys.to pass excelsoir's nsg exams? the tutorial service meet in class once a week for lec. I'm...

KAT in Arlington, Texas

Updated 99 months ago

changing license from washington state to louisian - 1 Reply

How do I go about changing my license from washington state to louisiana. anyone know the procedure and the cost? Thanks so much!!!

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