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nubianqueen in Bronx, New York

Updated 107 months ago


SO...... who is hiring new grads and is the pay pretty decent. OR are most of the people traveling down to Westchester or Manhattan? I have been...

Linda Troiano LPN II in Grove City, Ohio

? LPN travel positions.....

I am an LPN II with 14 years experience, 8 of them traveling in Ohio, Florida, Arizona and Hawaii! I have experience in Tele, CVICU step down, M/S,...

janosborn@*****.*** in Star City, Indiana

LPN salary in IL.

I thinking I'm being paid 2.00 an hour less than my co nurses for doing the same job? why don't companies post there pay scale any more?

wwrose in Cape Coral, Florida

Updated 107 months ago

LPN looking for part time work in Fort Myers, FL - 2 Replies

I am an LPN n the state of Florida. I have nearly two years of experience in geriatrics in both assisted living and long term care facilities as well...

Hazel in Oslo, Norway

Updated 108 months ago

Do you know Merit School of Allied Health ? - 1 Reply


andreamblackshear in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 108 months ago

Need Help Paying for LPN School in Texas - 2 Replies

Hello Does anybody know of scholarships, grant, work study,for Private LPN school. The school I plan on attending does not accept Financial Aid...

neha in Fords, New Jersey

H4 TO H1b visa

Hi am neha and i am foreign nurse.i am on H4 visa.i want to know what was the process of H1b visa in LPN.so pls.help me.my mail add.is...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 108 months ago

travel positions in Central Ohio or Gulf Coast of Florida - 1 Reply

I am an LPN II with 14 years experience, Hospital/ICU, LTC, physician office, Hospice and 8 years travel. I am looking for a travel position in...

ms.kesia in Greenwood, Mississippi

Updated 108 months ago

LPN - 5 Replies

Hi, I am just about to finish the CNA program, and I was thinking of going further and finishing the LPN program. Can anyone recommend any schools...

GQ MAN in Los Angeles, California

interim permit

anyone around los angeles knows a company or facility that would hire as interim permit lpn while waiting for my ATT ?

Lisa M. in Hallettsville, Texas

Relocation assistance.

I'm moving to Alabama soon and I am looking for a position that offers a relo package. Know of any? Thanks, Lisa

Bridget Williams in Somerset, New Jersey

Lpn would like to work in Dialysis

I am an LPN in Central New Jersey. I would like to switch from Longterm care to dialysis. Are there any dialysis centers who hire LPNs' in New...

csheffield in Houston, Texas


Is anyone aware of LVN to BSN programs in Dallas, TX or vicinity?

dotsyd in Bronx, New York


Hi, i am also a LPN with a license for Connecticut. Are there agencies in Connecticut that i could send my resume. I would like to start the LPN-RN...

Nursing LPN to BSN in Redmond, Washington

Updated 111 months ago

Online LPN to RN or LPN to BSN Options - 2 Replies

Does anyone have experience with online programs for either: LPN to RN or LPN to BSN Thanks,

Cheryl C. in New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated 111 months ago

lpn in rn position, how do i find the right salary - 2 Replies

Interviewing for don position at assisted living facility where i returned to work after being don at another facility. facility advertised for an rn...

Jeff in Arlington, Texas

School options - NEED HELP!

My wife is about to be accepted to TWU Nursing but we just found out we are pregnant. SOO...Part time will take 4 years and TWU classes are in Dallas...

ljm253 in Morristown, Tennessee

Updated 111 months ago

Interested in LPN school but not sure of what I am really getting into - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I currently work as a PC/ Homemaker for a home health agency and was thinking of getting into nursing but qwanted to research it a...

aprilclass@*****.*** in Aiken, South Carolina

LPN has been inactive since 2000, afraid of getting back into nursing

I have been an LPN in FL since 1998, worked mainly in skilled nursing/long term..some rehab and homehealth. Moved to SC in 2000, got SC licence but...

Leslie in Dublin, Virginia

Updated 111 months ago

question about having license in different states - 1 Reply

I am a lpn student in indiana , when you go take the nclex do you choose what states you want to be licensed or what do you have to do?

James in Buffalo, New York

Updated 111 months ago


Does anyone know if the nursing entrance exams NET is the same everywhere.?

benita in Cleveland, Ohio

rates in other cities

i am a lpn in cleveland ohio i would like to relocate to either orlando fl or las vegas neveda can someone tell me the pay rates and the need for...

Fallon in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 112 months ago

LPN school easier than RN school? - 4 Replies

Well, is the LPN program easier than RN

Andrea Bowen in Pensacola, Florida

Lpn, Surgery Department

I have been a surgical scrub for 18 1/2 years. I am an LPN and am looking for a job in Pensacola. I also worked in a doctors office part time for 16...

veronica in Atlanta, Georgia

how can i do lpn class on line i'm already an medical asstiant

can you help me with lpn class on line

Jennifer in Storrs Mansfield, Connecticut

Salaries in GA

Does anyone out there have any info on nursing salaries in GA. I'm thinking of moving in the next year or two from CT to GA probably Athens area....

Brook in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 113 months ago

nursing student - 3 Replies

i'm a nursing student in an lpn program and i'm trying to find a job now to get some experince before i graduate in december. the problem is i can't...

Sybil in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Higher wages for LPNs

There are listings on this website 50,000-60,000. That leads to dead ends. Is it really true the best jobs for LPNs are in other states?

Sybil in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Higher wages for LPNs

There are listings on this website 50,000-60,000. That leads to dead ends. Is it really true the best jobs for LPNs are in other states?

Rachel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

School in PA

Hello all, I am currently a MA and I wanted to goto school for LPN. I only know of one school in NJ that has a LPN program...can someone help me with...

Holly in Paducah, Kentucky

college network??? anyone doing it?????

I am looking into it.

Holly in Paducah, Kentucky

Updated 113 months ago

College Network - 2 Replies

Hello I am a new LPN. And I recently started to do my transition thru College Network. I wanted to know if there were anyone who were interested in a...

shane in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 113 months ago

Can someone tell me a step by step guide to earning my degree Lpn or Rn with Excelsior? - 3 Replies

Unfortunately, I have several credits from various colleges and Universities. For example, in Eng 101/102 Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra,...

Daniel, RN in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 113 months ago

lpn schools - 1 Reply

Hello, I just recently moved to panama city, fl from boston and am looking for a lpn school..... can anyone recomend anything? preferable a...

laura in Saint Joseph, Missouri

new job/moving

I'll be moving to Ashtabula, Ohio in a few days. Any knowledge of jobs in that area would be appreciated. Looking for day shift, 8 or 12 hours. ...

Ellen in Albany, Georgia

Been driving to Long.

I have want a job in GA but have been working in FL. For 6 mths now I need a job here.

candy smith in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 114 months ago

challenging the boards for PPN - 5 Replies

I am currently working as a nursing assistant at a local hospital.. i would like to challenge the boards for LPN. Where and when can I do this?

Katrice Thompson in Port Gibson, Mississippi


Hi I was wondering if you had any travel assignments in atlanta ga

lisa kimbrough in Darien, Illinois

Updated 115 months ago

lpn jobs - 1 Reply

I want to become a lpn and was wondering if when I'm done with school and pass the test is it easy to get hired by employers?

kukuakukua in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina

Updated 115 months ago

Any LPN schools in Killeen Tx area? - 3 Replies

i am relocating to Killeen texas and i will like to know if there are any LPN schools in Killeen and sounding areas?

sassiemama in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 115 months ago

Worth my while to take Phleb course while I'm waiting on LPN list? - 1 Reply

Hi All---this may be a dumb question, but there aren't dumb questions right? I'm on the waiting list for LPN and was wondering if it would be worth...

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 115 months ago

To be the best... - 5 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every lpn must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your lpn expertise?

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 115 months ago

New Grad - 38 Replies

My two concerns as a new employee of a nursing home are: 1.Chest pain. 2.Respiratory distress. I wonder if anyone out there would like to...

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 115 months ago

no job hits in 3 months - 1 Reply

i was dismissed from my job of 7 yrs. because i made two med errors in two years. last one because two nurses precedding me didn't do their job (one...

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 115 months ago

ex con scared..,.hitless - 4 Replies

i have a conviction and am scared ..hitless about applying for my board exam. are there any blog sites or info clearing house for poeple with prior...

lil bit in Munster, Indiana

question about having license in different states

I am a lpn student in indiana , when you go take the nclex do you choose what states you want to be licensed or what do you have to do?

lil bit in Munster, Indiana

question about having license in different states

I am a lpn student in indiana , when you go take the nclex do you choose what states you want to be licensed or what do you have to do?

azra in Okemos, Michigan

Updated 116 months ago



C.Powell in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 116 months ago

Do LPN/ RN students practice drawing each blood or IVS in class ? - 4 Replies


Lynn in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 116 months ago

years of nursing - 1 Reply

i have been an lpn for 34 years but have been out of work for a year what are my chances getting work right away

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