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Andrea Bowen in Pensacola, Florida

Lpn, Surgery Department

I have been a surgical scrub for 18 1/2 years. I am an LPN and am looking for a job in Pensacola. I also worked in a doctors office part time for 16...

veronica in Atlanta, Georgia

how can i do lpn class on line i'm already an medical asstiant

can you help me with lpn class on line

Jennifer in Storrs Mansfield, Connecticut

Salaries in GA

Does anyone out there have any info on nursing salaries in GA. I'm thinking of moving in the next year or two from CT to GA probably Athens area....

Brook in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 72 months ago

nursing student - 3 Replies

i'm a nursing student in an lpn program and i'm trying to find a job now to get some experince before i graduate in december. the problem is i can't...

Sybil in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Higher wages for LPNs

There are listings on this website 50,000-60,000. That leads to dead ends. Is it really true the best jobs for LPNs are in other states?

Sybil in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Higher wages for LPNs

There are listings on this website 50,000-60,000. That leads to dead ends. Is it really true the best jobs for LPNs are in other states?

Rachel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

School in PA

Hello all, I am currently a MA and I wanted to goto school for LPN. I only know of one school in NJ that has a LPN program...can someone help me with...

Holly in Paducah, Kentucky

college network??? anyone doing it?????

I am looking into it.

Holly in Paducah, Kentucky

Updated 72 months ago

College Network - 2 Replies

Hello I am a new LPN. And I recently started to do my transition thru College Network. I wanted to know if there were anyone who were interested in a...

shane in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 72 months ago

Can someone tell me a step by step guide to earning my degree Lpn or Rn with Excelsior? - 3 Replies

Unfortunately, I have several credits from various colleges and Universities. For example, in Eng 101/102 Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra,...

Daniel, RN in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 72 months ago

lpn schools - 1 Reply

Hello, I just recently moved to panama city, fl from boston and am looking for a lpn school..... can anyone recomend anything? preferable a...

laura in Saint Joseph, Missouri

new job/moving

I'll be moving to Ashtabula, Ohio in a few days. Any knowledge of jobs in that area would be appreciated. Looking for day shift, 8 or 12 hours. ...

Ellen in Albany, Georgia

Been driving to Long.

I have want a job in GA but have been working in FL. For 6 mths now I need a job here.

candy smith

Updated 73 months ago

challenging the boards for PPN - 5 Replies

I have been a LPN for 13 yrs, 6 of those were in the US Army. Would I be able to challenge the RN boards in any state? I have ICU, Med Surg, L&D,...

Katrice Thompson in Port Gibson, Mississippi


Hi I was wondering if you had any travel assignments in atlanta ga

lisa kimbrough in Darien, Illinois

Updated 74 months ago

lpn jobs - 1 Reply

I want to become a lpn and was wondering if when I'm done with school and pass the test is it easy to get hired by employers?

kukuakukua in CHARLOTTE, North Carolina

Updated 74 months ago

Any LPN schools in Killeen Tx area? - 3 Replies

i am relocating to Killeen texas and i will like to know if there are any LPN schools in Killeen and sounding areas?

sassiemama in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 74 months ago

Worth my while to take Phleb course while I'm waiting on LPN list? - 1 Reply

Hi All---this may be a dumb question, but there aren't dumb questions right? I'm on the waiting list for LPN and was wondering if it would be worth...

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 74 months ago

To be the best... - 5 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every lpn must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your lpn expertise?

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 74 months ago

New Grad - 38 Replies

My two concerns as a new employee of a nursing home are: 1.Chest pain. 2.Respiratory distress. I wonder if anyone out there would like to...

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 74 months ago

no job hits in 3 months - 1 Reply

i was dismissed from my job of 7 yrs. because i made two med errors in two years. last one because two nurses precedding me didn't do their job (one...

Michelle in Lafayette, Louisiana

Updated 74 months ago

ex con scared..,.hitless - 4 Replies

i have a conviction and am scared ..hitless about applying for my board exam. are there any blog sites or info clearing house for poeple with prior...

lil bit in Munster, Indiana

question about having license in different states

I am a lpn student in indiana , when you go take the nclex do you choose what states you want to be licensed or what do you have to do?

lil bit in Munster, Indiana

question about having license in different states

I am a lpn student in indiana , when you go take the nclex do you choose what states you want to be licensed or what do you have to do?

azra in Okemos, Michigan

Updated 75 months ago



C.Powell in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 75 months ago

Do LPN/ RN students practice drawing each blood or IVS in class ? - 4 Replies


Lynn in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 75 months ago

years of nursing - 1 Reply

i have been an lpn for 34 years but have been out of work for a year what are my chances getting work right away

Jesse in Yakima, Washington

Updated 75 months ago

strong desire to become lpn - 4 Replies

Can someone please help me? I have been out of school for a while and I thought all of my loans were in deferment, but when I went register for...

Fatimata in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 76 months ago

case manager - 1 Reply

does anyone know where i can find a list of RN LPN with case management experience? I need to place one CM in Ill and one in CA....

Carrie in Davenport, Iowa

Updated 76 months ago

LPN School Bound...... - 1 Reply

I have from suburb right outside chicago and am currently looking for a LPN program. Anyone know of any nearby? Please reply....Thank YOu :)

Doris Finch in Demopolis, Alabama

Updated 76 months ago



LINDA LEE in Van Buren, Arkansas



Slod in Bronx, New York

Updated 77 months ago

Looking for LPN School in NYC - 1 Reply

I am looking for a school in nyc. a lpn program that it not only givien by the board of eduction. even if its in jersey city. i would make the effort...


lpn travel

looking to travel to washington state. LPN eperience 11 years, any good companies?

kukua in Whittier, California



janet tompkin

Updated 78 months ago

cna/lpn - 1 Reply

i was wondering if anyone knows any facilities in or near port richey, fl that offer cna classes while you work for them? also wondering if anyone...

Monifa Hawthorne in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Updated 78 months ago

LPN to RN - 1 Reply

I would like to advance to RN through a home study call the College Network. Has anyone tried this course of study?

tonya jean in kenton, Tennessee

in need of a job

i quit the prison in june of 2007 it is time to go back to work any body needing a nurse also my aunt has been a nurse for 21 years she also is in...

susan osborne in Seminole, Oklahoma

looking for a job

I am certified for medication aide, and is looking for a position in CMA.

FuturePTA in Somewhere, Tennessee

Updated 79 months ago

Day in life of LPN... - 3 Replies

What is a typical day at work like? What setting are you in, hospital, office, nursing home? What was your starting pay out of college? Thanks for...

Sharon Hardiman in Florissant, Missouri

Starting My own Business

Hi I am a LPN of 17 yrs and have enjoyed it very much I have worked several areas of nursing which has given me quit a bite of experience. Now I...

teresha33@yahoo.com in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

Updated 80 months ago

NET exams - 1 Reply

Do anybody know much about the NET exams? i mean, i will like to know who set that exams, is there an examination board that set it or the individual...

rellington in Fairbanks, Alaska

Updated 80 months ago

Nursing schools - 1 Reply

I am looking to get into the nursing program. I want to go to school to become a LPN. Could you tell me which schools teach the lpn program in East...

gail in Colorado Springs, Colorado


looking for lpn in canon city area willing to work in a jail setting for a start up clinic

ivy in Cleveland, Ohio


i am a licensed nurse in the cleveland area, my pay is good, enough to survive and go and travel, and live comfortably, is there a LPN in chicago,...

CINDY in Jackson, Mississippi

Updated 81 months ago

Looking forward - 1 Reply

I am an LPN and I love nursing field and I would like to go further in this profession I know yhat there are many private school around Virginia that...

edouard nadege in East Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 82 months ago

what requirements are needed to work as an lpn in conneticut - 2 Replies

hi would like to move to conneticut and work as an lpn their but what are the requirements in doing so?

c. evans in Fair Haven, New Jersey

Updated 82 months ago

Getting ahead... - 1 Reply

What is the best training for becoming a hirable lpn? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective lpn? What do...

Wandie in Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Updated 83 months ago

Becoming a LPN - 3 Replies

Now I'm getting started on setting up some classes to become a LPN But I heard that LPN's don't learn how to draw blood in Nebraska? Is this true or...

Selene in Waynesburg, Kentucky

Old Nurse..New to the game?

I am a LPN but I quit so I could be a stay at home mom . Which I did for 7 years and loved it. I then started working at the kids schhols so I could...

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