No one willing to hire New Grad LVNS

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Roni in San Antonio, Texas

41 months ago

I recently passed my NCLEX and have been applying everywhere with no luck! I have applied to over 70 places and I have background as a medical assistant so I have had some experience in the medical field although not as a nurse. Does anyone know anywhere that is willing to hire new grad LVN's in San Antonio??? Why is this so challenging when there are so many people need them.

bee in Garden Grove, California

37 months ago

im having the same problem:(

Roni in San Antonio, Texas

37 months ago

bee in Garden Grove, California said: im having the same problem:(

Well I finally got a job... It took 3 months.and then I got multiple offers at once. Keep trying you will get in somewhere.

YQ in Los Angeles, California

29 months ago

same here, so frustrated. I don't what else to do?

JOBLESS in Taunton, Massachusetts

28 months ago

I know how you feel. I have been a LPN for 22 years and I cannot find a job. It's like unless your an RN jobs are minimal. I to am scared and don't know what to do. It's very frustrating to be on the computer daily with no results and here sits an LPN wanting and willing to work. I feel like I wasted time going to school and 22 years later JOBLESS!!!!

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