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gem in Bristol, Connecticut

60 months ago

Sandi in New York, New York said: Tammy,
I totally agree. If you dont learn the math, you will NOT make it thru LPN school. Reason: LPNs give medications. You must know HOW MUCH to give. You dont want to kill someone. Come on now, I was out of school 30+ years. I had to learn it all over. It is not so hard. Ratio and proportion is quite easy. That is all you need to know, although you need the basics also. If you absolutely cant do the math, maybe you should look into another profession. Nursing is not easy. When I get to the nursing home, I would hope all of you know how much medication to give me. :) GOOD LUCK!

I agree you need to know math to deal with medication....I know how it feels to forget all your math....If you went through all the math classes in high school you will catch on really fast..

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Michelle in Fillmore, New York

58 months ago

Does anyone know if there is a school in the Buffalo NY area that offers a refresher course for LPNs? I've been out of nursing for a while and now I am considering returning but would not feel comfortable without a refresher course. Thanks!

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damon in Buffalo, New York

58 months ago

Trocaire has a refresher program. U should contact them

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xXxLillithxXx in Fort Smith, Arkansas

55 months ago

I will probably never get to be an LPN because I can't do math easily. I have a fifth grade education and barely passed the math on my GED the third time I took it. BUT in Oklahoma I have my MAT certification I am allowed to administer medications and let me just tell you...I have never had to do any sort of "math" to understand a dosing instruction. We all administer meds to ourselves and our kids and possibly loved ones. It is not rocket science. However the math required in LPN school is a little over the top. I simply do not know anyone who can't understand a pharmicist or dr's notes on dosage.

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sarahg in Middletown, Ohio

46 months ago

Hello, Can you tell me where this program is? You said earn degree online, do you earn the LPN online as well? Would love to know more information. Thanks

emerica74 in Atlanta, Georgia said: I am a recruiter for the Kennedy Global School of Business , Inc, and we have an LVN Nursing Program that costs around $5500 dollars. If you check out other colleges, they are 20,000 dollars or more, or have long waiting lists based on academic performance, or are in far away locations that are just not practical. This school offers a quality education - just like other private schools, but with all the advantages….

The Nursing Program Includes:
• Covered Books and Materials
• 97% Pass-rate for NCLEX-PN
• 1 year Program
• No Waiting List
• Pay Tuition in Installments
• Enrollment Test Not Required
• Earn your Degree Online

Nichole Maddox
Nursing Program Recruiter

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